HPV Vaccine Makes Girls Disintegrate

In NOvember 2011 the Daily Mail featured an article stating –

‘Girl, 13, left in ‘waking coma’ and sleeps 23 hours a day after severe reaction to cervical cancer jabs.’

Also in November 2011, the Telegraph reported that the Head Of Hornsey School For Girls in North London, stopped nurses from delivering a range of vaccines, including Cervarix, , because it was found that the girls’ behaviour after the vaccinations affected their concentration and caused them to become emotional, which disrupted classroom time.

In October 2011, the Daily mail’s headline read,’NHS Trust suspends cervical cancer vaccinations after girl, 14, dies within hours of jab.’

TAP– Did you see Country File at the weekend – all about vaccinating pregnant sheep as if vaccination was the only sure path to health. The whole programme was a non-stop advert for vaccination. Propaganda sent over friendly style to unsuspecting viewers. It made me rage watching it, of course, but mother insisted we watch it.

Today again we see lots of chemtrails overhead. I try to explain to people what they are seeing unfolding above their heads. They just go quiet, unable to reconcile the facts before their eyes with the worldview created by their years of ‘education’, further reinforced by years of watching TV and Hollywood movies.

Water is poisoned. The air. Food is affected. Vaccinations sterilise and kill. Yet no one wants to even start to take it all in. They reach for a newspaper or a TV screen, to reinforce the happy road to their own destruction.

From Zheng Yong

Hi Tap,

Perhaps, we all should watch the movie Contagion.

After all, it is a movie about killer virus spreading across the globe.

Maybe there are some clues.

Thank You.

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  1. Julia says:

    The movie Contagion also tells us not to trust the blogger. Watch it but be aware it is government propaganda. Pregnant women are also being injected now. If you are negative blood and your baby is positive, you are now offered 2 injections in pregnancy supposedly to safeguard YOUR NEXT BABY. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. Which means it isnt for your own good at all. This is called an anti D injection and it injects antibodies into the mothers blood that are designed to destroy your current baby’s blood. You used to get one shot immediately after birth, now it is a total of 3. The good news therefore, is that one shot was not enough. My own children are testament to this, though obviously we had some damage to overcome. If you are offered this jab, refuse it.

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