The Hidden History Of The Twentieth Century About To Break

WASP writes

This is The Big One & The Jesuits Are Right in The Centre, The EU, IMF, Committee 300, CFR, PILGRIMS, IMF, NATO, Top Bankers, Financial Institutions & Corporations, ROYALS, & ‘UNCLE TOM COBLEY & ALL:

There is much happening on The Fulford Front, I am on record as being one who Considers Fulford is a Reliable Source,of Information, in fact very often he appears to be a PARTICIPANT. it is very Difficult to miss out any of this as it is all essential to the background of events.

I Introduced you to THE SECRET GOLD TREATY, back at the beginning of last year, It was only later when Arnhem & later ‘Old Blood & Guts’ George Patton Articles came about that it was taken Seriously, I have also consistently said that Their Jesuits were Deeply Implicated in all the wars, & Revolutions that have ever taken place throughout History since their Foundation in 1147.

This was slowly taken on Board, & I believe many have now seen the wood from the trees, & realise the JEWS are always used as their Front Men, but they are generally in the form of ‘JESUIT JEWS’ or at least JEWS who have converted to Catholicism.

eg HITLER, STALIN, LENIN TROTSKY, CHURCHILL, more recently BLAIR, & CAMERON, our History is littered with them, doing the bidding of the Vatican. Only this week I sent in a Comment Regarding the EU as having been setup by the Catholics.
viz I sent it but it appears that it didn’t arrive, but is easily confirmed.

If you look back you will see I mentioned that CAMERON’S FAMILY,were part of the Victorian Drug Syndicate, which is how they became so WEALTHY, & were given the sole concession of being allowed to PRINT NOTES FOR HONG KONG. (TAP – Standard Bank)

QUEEN VICTORIA WAS OF COURSE THE BIGGEST DRUG DEALER THE WORLD HAS KNOWN & WAS A REGULAR USER, WHEN IN THE HIGHLANDS. This was Documented in a local Highland News Paper, Comment her local Pharmacist always kept enough for her use – His comment ENOUGH TO KEEP THE High Landers HIGH!

It is Mentioned that Lord James Of Blackheath, asked Lord Strathclyde his opinion who said “Give it to Lord Sassoon. He is the Treasury” Sassoon looked at it and said immediately “This is rubbish. It is far too much money. It would stick out like a sore thumb and you cannot see it in the Royal Bank of Scotland accounts”.

He went on to say, “The gold backing it is ridiculous. Only 1,507 tonnes of gold has been mined in the history of the world, so you cannot have 750,000 tonnes”. That is true.

(Are you sure, Wasp? Gold reserves in Switzerland alone are said to be of that order.)

Would he have said anything else, as Ben Fulford points out:-

The Sassoons are one of the families that profited from both the Opium wars and the colonization of Japan and it is interesting to see their name finally appear in the spotlight. Lord Sassoon has, as the testimony makes clear, already committed perjury in relation to the $15 trillion case. He is expected to be arrested and questioned soon.

I will just mention this, The fact that Hans Kollvenbach suddenly resigned, from a position that lasts for life, and wanted to give information for immunity of prosecution that first lead me onto this, I then sent you copies of the Documentation Relating to THE KEENAN CASE, with THE DEFENDANTS Listed THESE THIEVING PARASITES, better known as Top States Men, will soon have the ‘RUG WHIPPED FROM UNDER THEIR FEET’ THE IMPLICATIONS WILL BE STAGGERING, THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY THING LIKE THIS IN HISTORY BEFORE. & it is all backed up with DOCUMENTATION.


The Takedown of Financial Tyranny Grows More Intense

A March 31st deadline has been delivered to the committee of 300 by the gnostic “illuminati” faction

Posted by Benjamin Fulford

The group that claims to have started the American, French and Russian revolutions state they have issued a March 31st deadline to the committee of 300, according to their spokesman “Alexander Romanoff.”

In addition, Prince Harry has been in touch with the group and has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth. There are signs, such as the resignation of over a dozen senior bankers and the announcement of a $15 trillion fraud in the UK and a $6 trillion fraud in Italy, that these warnings have been taken seriously.

The Italian case is especially noticeable because one of the people arrested was former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconni. In addition a meeting is scheduled this week between a White Dragon Society representative and a representatives of the dragon family in mainland Asia to discuss the creation of a meritocratically staffed economic planning agency.

It can also now be disclosed that Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain have all told the banks they are not going to pay back any of their loans because the loans were made illegally. This is one of the reasons why Moody’s downgraded 114 financial institutions including Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Deutschebank etc. These are the institutions that own the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Board is going to be shut down soon, according to Pentagon sources. In other words these countries are going to “default,” and for a change it will be the bankers and not the average citizens, who will pay the price.

The resignation of the heads of the World Bank, Credit Suisse, the Bank of India and “planned resignation” of the head of Goldman Sachs is just the beginning of a complete dismantling of the Khazarian banking monopoly. All money created through fraud is now going to be deleted from the global financial computer systems, according to officials involved in the take-down.

The $6 trillion fraud case in Italy is noteworthy because it is the one of the first such cases major corporate propaganda media outlets have reported worldwide. Italian newspapers have also now started reporting on the Neil Keenan lawsuit against the Davos World Forum, Berlusconi, the UN etc. accusing them of a $1 trillion theft. The arrest of 8 people is a further concrete sign of action being taken against the P2 Freemason lodge. ………

The announcement in the UK Upper House by Lord Blackheath that $15 trillion had been stolen from a member of the “Indian-Chinese” royal family by Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, US Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner and “Yusuke Horiguchi”(we are making enquiries about this individual), is a another sign of big change.

The most interesting aspect of the Upper House testimony was the reference to a “Lord Sassoon.” The Sassoons are one of the families that profited from both the Opium wars and the colonization of Japan and it is interesting to see their name finally appear in the spotlight. Lord Sassoon has, as the testimony makes clear, already committed perjury in relation to the $15 trillion case. He is expected to be arrested and questioned soon.

In the US as well, change continues under the surface. The Pentagon has already decided that a major purge of Khazarian Satanist influence and control of corporations, banks and professional organizations will take place. Among the organizations expected to experience high profile arrests are the American Medical Association, ………..

Particular attention is going to be directed at the Pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as satanic corporations like Microsoft and Monsanto, according to the Pentagon sources.

Rahm Emmanuel, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, J. Rockefeller, the Bushes and the various “Neocons,” are also due for arrest, according to multiple sources. The proof of these claims of course, can only be made if these promised arrests actually take place. Until then skepticism remains the order of the day. ………………

In Japan there is more credible evidence of change. The top power brokers in Japan have decided that a revolution will take place. They are pushing for Osaka Major Toru Hashimoto to be the leader of the new regime in this country. It is particularly noteworthy that two bitter, but extremely influential, rivals among the power-brokers both support Hashimoto. The Zionist flunkies are also trying to co-opt Hashimoto and make him one of their tools. This will not be allowed to happen.

The Controlled Implosion of the Federal Reserve Board and ECB Continuing as Planned.

The controlled implosion of the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank is continuing and must be completed before a new financial system can go online, according to Pentagon and other sources.

In addition, action is soon expected against criminals like Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu murdered his psychiatrist Moshe Yatom after Yatom began revealing Netanyahu’s insane plans to work with Mossad agent and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmajinedad to start World War 3. Netanyahu also phoned Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan after the 311 tsunami and nuclear disaster and threatened to blow up all of Japan’s nuclear plants unless Japan handed vast sums of money to his criminal cabal. Other individuals expected to be “dealt with” include Henry Kissinger, J. Rockefeller, Carl Rove, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Rahm Emmanuel, the Bush family and Yasuhiro Nakasone.

If any of these individuals feel they are wrongly included on this list, they must contact this writer directly and explain why. The Luciferian cabalists have been arrogant and believe the White Dragon Society, the Red and the Blue, the triads and the yakuza are cowards. The cabalists will be “neutralized” when and where they least expect it. ………..

Another piece of evidence is the fact that the stock price of Higashi Nihon House, a maker of discount housing in Northern Japan, rose 40% on March 10th, one day before the attack. An insider trading investigation has begun and the investors are being tracked down. ……….

Here was a 15-man team of Japan Self-Defense Force technicians who were involved in placing nuclear devices into the drill holes. These technicians were told it was for “tests.” After the nukes were set off to trigger the tsunami, 14 of these technicians were murdered.

The one surviving team member was sheltered by Pastor Paulo Izumi of the Tachikawa Christian Church in Tokyo. Based on details provided by this SDF technician, Paulo wrote up the details of how the tsunami was artificially created in two books published by Hikaruland Press. The latest, entitled “The Shocking Truth of Why Japan was Attacked with an Artificial Earthquake on 311,” was published in February, 2012……….

The weapons used in the attack were created with fuel taken from a nuclear warhead stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk. Paul Laine from Pentagon Military intelligence confirmed that four nuclear warheads were stolen from the Kursk when it “sank” …………

Chaos prevails at the highest levels of government in the West as the financial fraud unravels

November 28, 2011

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and that certainly fits the situation now seen at the highest levels of power in Western civilization. In essence, the story is that the true source of power in the West, control of the financial system, fell into the hands of fanatical religious cultists who wanted to artificially make the prophecies in an ancient religious text (the Torah or Old Testament), come true.

This fraud-based enterprise is now falling apart.

The result is unprecedented chaos at the highest levels of power in the sect-controlled governments of the United States, England, France, Italy, Germany and their slave states.

One of the immediate triggers is a lawsuit that was filed in New York on November 23rd, claiming the assets of the global financial system belong to the people of the planet and not a powerful religious cult that uses the United Nations as a façade.

The immediate story behind this lawsuit is the hidden history of the 20th and early 21st centuries. It goes back the 1930’s when the world’s gold was confiscated from private citizens and placed into centralized storage areas by the families that controlled the Western financial system. Since neither most Jews nor many Asian wealthy families wished to hand over their gold, the cult staged World War 2 in order to confiscate it. ………………..

At the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, control of the post war financial system was given to England, France and the United States for a 50-year period in exchange for promises to develop the planet.

These promises were broken when a subtle cultist coup d’etat began with the assassination of President Roosevelt.

Instead of global development, the religious cultists started the cold war.

Their aim was to stage an end-times war between “Gog and Magog” that would result in the death of 90% of humanity and leave the remaining 10% of humanity as slaves of the cultists.

A group of 77 nations, known as the non-aligned group, disagreed with these plans and signed an international agreement known as the Hilton Green memorial that placed their gold and assets (equivalent to 85% of the world’s known supply) under the signatory power of President Soekarno of Indonesia. ……………

When President Kennedy realized he was nearly fooled by the cultists into starting a nuclear holocaust with the Soviet Union, he agreed to work with the non-aligned nations on a Marshall Plan to develop Asia and Africa. Soekarno signed over some gold to the US government and Kennedy began issuing dollars controlled by the US government and not the sect-controlled Federal Reserve Board. Kennedy was subsequently assassinated and Soekarno was driven from power.

At this point the cultists forged the rights to create money based on the non-aligned assets using arcane financial instruments devised by Henry Kissinger, financial adviser to the Pope. The non-aligned nations, lacking the military power, were helpless to stop this theft. ………..

The cultists created a false organization known as the OITC headed by a Cambodian by the name of R.C. Dam, to claim legitimate ownership of the assets that backed the global financial system …………..

According to this plan (as reported by Israeli newspapers among others) the new Gog would be the G5 Nations (England, France, Germany, Italy and the United States) while the Magog would be Russia, China and Iran. The immediate trigger to this new Armageddon was to be a limited nuclear war between Israel and Iran (this is what is behind all those hysterical headlines about the “Iranian nuclear threat.”).

Fortunately for us, the Pentagon, the Russian Military and the Chinese government were all refusing to go along with this insane cult scenario.

Instead, an elaborate sting operation was set up by the combined intelligence and police organizations of many nations to end cult control of the Western financial system.

This involved first trying to cash $1 trillion worth of bonds issued by the cult-controlled Federal Reserve Board in exchange for Asian gold. One of the cult’s main organizations, the P2 Freemason lodge (members of the P2 lodge told this writer they controlled both the Mafia and the Vatican), offered to cash these bonds. Instead they absconded with the bonds and tried to cash them.

The investigative trail, illustrated in detail in the legal complaint

led, among others, to the fraudulent OITC and the United Nations as well as UN chief Ban Ki Moon.

Moon, by the way, is associated with the Unification Church, a cult that has been linked to drug smuggling, arms dealing and professional assassins (we have the testimony of a moonie killer). The Unification Church has a large ranch next to the Bush ranch in Paraguay. The cultists were planning to flee either to underground bases or the Southern Hemisphere when their fake Armageddon started. ……………

Moon, of course, is a lackey of high level cultists like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Henry Kissinger, the Warburgs, the Morgans, the Rothschilds and the Bush/Clinton crime syndicate. They exercised their power through unelected, non-representative organizations like the committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, the IMF and the World Bank.

As the cult control grid in the G5 countries falls apart over the coming weeks and months, humanity will be presented with mind-boggling information about their hidden history. New ways of running the planet will be openly debated.

In the West, it will mean that people will choose their own destinies instead of being brainwashed by cultists into irrational, non-scientific for-profit cult schemes like the “War on Terror.” Technology, like free energy, that has been suppressed and monopolized by cultists will be made available to the public at large. There will be a lot of confusion initially as the sheeple are set free and told to do what they wish, according to their desires so long as they do not harm others.

I havesent you this Information before but here it is again


The End of Tyranny

A lawsuit was filed today (November 23rd US time) that could end the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at least the past 300 years. The lawsuit claims that close to $1 trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners of the US Federal Reserve Board. The lawsuit was filed in New York by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian families. This filing is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA, the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services and has the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces of Russia and China.

The ultimate defendants in this legal action are believed to be the same cabal behind the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy and many other major international crimes.

This particular lawsuit was triggered by the illegal detainment of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, as well as the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they were holding in Italy on June 3, 2009. After the bonds were stolen, self-described 33rd degree Freemason Leo Zagami contacted this writer and said the Montecarlo P2 masonic lodge could cash the bonds with the help of Vatican banker Daniel Dal Bosco. This writer forwarded the information, via a member of the UK Royal family, to the dragon family who entrusted a further $1 trillion worth of similar bonds to the plaintiff Neil Keenan. Keenan then, after much negotiation, entrusted the bonds to Dal Bosco. ……………..

According to Keenan “The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals.”

Many of the bonds seized by Dal Bosco are backed with the Chinese gold taken by the Federal Reserve Board during those years and never returned to its legal owners.

Other bonds seized were Kennedy bonds. These bonds were backed by gold held in trust for the people of the planet and were supposed to be used to finance the economic development of the world. Instead they have mostly been stolen and misused by members of the cabal that has seized control of the Western financial system on behalf of private interests.

The original signatory to the Kennedy bonds was former Indonesian President Soekarno. Soekarno’s heir Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto has given Keenan power of attorney to return to their rightful owners the Kennedy bonds and other property allocated to the people of the world via something known as the global collateral accounts.

The lawsuit is only the first salvo in a legal battle to restore control of the global financial system to the people and governments of the world as well as the rightful owners of historical assets that have been seized by members of the banking cartel.

The lawsuit has been filed as Civil Action #8500 at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on November 23, 2011. ………….

The United States is a private corporation owned by the British Crown (Rothchilds), the Bank of England (Rothchilds) and the Vatican (Rothchilds again). It was previously called the Virginia Company until 3/9/33 when it was dissolved by Roosevelt under the Emergency Banking Act. On 5/5/33 Congress elected to dissolve the Gold Standard and Sovereign Authority of the U.S. and all of its official capacities including government offices, departments and officers. The U.S. is a corporation, not a nation. The Federal Reserve is neither Federal, nor a Reserve. It is a private counterfeiting organization run by Jewish bankers who lend the money they print out of thin air at interest while we keep on paying these criminals to fleece the People. …………………

At the end of the World War II, with Communist and Kuomintang factions at war in China, the International Community and the Chinese assented to the Gold being placed under the overt control of Indonesian President Soekarno. Soekarno then, on August 17, 1945, came to be known as M1 under United Nations Approval No. MISA 81704 “Operation Heavy Freedom. This was because much of the world’s gold had been delivered into Indonesia and the Philippines. Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India and other British Colonies sent their gold to the so called “impregnable Singapore”.

The Japanese, as per the arrangements agreed to by Hirohito in the 1921 Pact Between Nations made in London, delivered much of this gold to Indonesia (Then a Dutch Colony) and to Philippines (Then a US Colony) into secret bunkers that had been mostly constructed by the Japanese between 1924 and 1945. This is why the Allied troops in Malaya had no air cover or sufficient supplies to that would have allowed them to resist the Japanese. Singapore had to fall so most of the global wealth could be “lost” into a secret system that made the gold standard redundant and fiat currencies a reality. ………..

Later President Marcos of the Philippines was appointed and held the position of M1 until 1987 and then the position was transferred to Dr. Ray C. Dam, in October of 1987, under Legal Decadency to Heir RCD1087 Far East Entire with formal Power of Attorney and Assignment of Indonesian Assets signed by Sarinah Soetiwi (holder of the assets on behalf of the Nation of Indonesia as assigned by President Soekarno) in 1992, Dam’s authority later promulgated January 20, 1995. Dam proved to be impossible for the entire system to work with, (either because he refused to allow those who placed him in authority to steal, or because of his personal arrogance…

In 1963, President John F. Kennedy entered into an Agreement with President Soekarno to provide the funds to allow the United States Treasury to print its own currency, thus subverting the “right” to print the currency held by the Federal Reserve. The Agreement would have transferred some 59,000 tons of gold to underpin this currency. The problem with this was that the US domestic currency would have then been backed by gold which would have been a violation of international agreements meant to stabilize currencies. 11 days after signing this agreement, President Kennedy was assassinated.

President Johnson the suspended EO11110 as issued by Kennedy and transferred the bullion to the Federal Reserve. The Green Hilton Agreement was not implemented until 1968 when Soekarno fell from office and when Global Trade made it imperative that the world have a Global Currency. As the Gold had been transferred to the US Treasury in 1968, a series of Bonds known as Kennedy Bonds were issued in order to honor the terms of the Green Hilton Agreement made between Kennedy and Soekarno, the 1968 terms of the gold delivery to the United States being different than made in 1934. When after 30 years, interest had not been paid as promised, a reissue of the bonds in an increased number were issued as commemorative notes and were accepted by the owners of the Gold, the Dragon Family. …………

Gold and Platinum Deposits ran into millions of tons.

b) 1934 series Federal Reserve System Bonds, Notes issued in 1928 , Kennedy Bonds ran into Quadrillions of US Dollars, Dragon Bonds are all recorded and acknowledged within the Green Hilton and Memorial Hilton Collective Agreements.

Both Assets in the form of Bullion surrendered to the Global Accounts through the United States Government and then entrusted to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve System.

viz Follow up e-Mail TRIBUTE TO A VERY BRAVE MAN.



While hardly discussed broadly in the mainstream media, the top news of the past 24 hours without doubt is that in addition to losing its fiscal sovereignty, and numerous other things, the Greek population is about to lose its gold in a perfectly legitimate fashion, following amendments to the country’s constitution by unelected banker technocrats, who will make it legal for Greek creditors – read insolvent European banks – to plunder the Greek gold which at last check amounts to 111.6 tonnes according to the WGC. And so we come full circle to what the ultimate goal of banker intervention in the European periphery is – nothing short of full gold confiscation. So just how much gold will be pillaged by the banker oligarchy (it is amusing how many websites believe said gold is sacrosanct by regional national banks, and thus the EUR is such a stronger currency as it has all this ‘gold backing’ – hint: it doesn’t, as all the gold is about to be transferred to non-extradition countries)?

As the World Gold Council shows in its latest update, between all the PIIGS, who will with 100% certainty suffer the same fate as Greece (which has shown that unlike during World War 2, it is perfectly willing to turn over and do nothing) there is 3234 tonnes of gold to be plundered. And likely more as further constitutional amendments will likely make the confiscation of private gold the next big step. how much does this amount to? At today’s prices this is just shy of $185 billion. Of course by the time the market grasps what is going on the spot price of the yellow metal will be far, far higher. Or, potentially far, far lower and totally fixed as the open gold market is eventually done away with entirely in a reversion to FDR gold confiscation and price fixing days.

GILLIAN replies

Wow, Wasp has ‘done us proud’ with his latest offering: The Hidden History ……….about to be revealed.

If only approx. 10% of it is accurate or comes to pass, we are in for some very interesting/exciting times.

I’m not saying I don’t believe all of the info. and possible ramifications, I’m simply trying not to get too excited!

One (of many) things that struck me as I was reading it was, why Prince Harry and not William to take over at Buck House. Perhaps it is because Harry is not a Windsor or more accurately a Saxe Cobourg Whatsit ? Or, even more to the point, do we really need any of them?

I have felt for some time that things are coming to a point where there is no hiding the truth from people any longer, but the possibility of such an occurrence actually happening when the whole system is so intertwined and stitched up by TPTB it seemed an impossibility that the whole house of cards would come down. But it is only a house of ‘cards’ so it is quite possible. Time of course will tell. But, here’s hoping.

TAP – Humans do need some kind of reassurance from somewhere, don’t we. William’s a play-it-safe merchant. Harry’s been out doing the landmine stuff, like his Mum. If we want human values, Harry’s more likely to break with the past. As gold is such a central part of what WASP is writing about, his numbers of tons of gold ever mined seem to be way out. Other than that, the White Hats must be more real than we first thought, when Fulford first spoke of them.

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

5 Responses to “The Hidden History Of The Twentieth Century About To Break”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Here is the blog of all blogs, this will test your nerves.
    If the Freemasons are involved in this fraud, I expect it to be Quietly swept back under the carpet.
    Are we being told that our Government stood by, whilst the Elite carried out this fraud.
    Is this the real reason the computer expert was found wrapped up in a suitcase, naked.
    Was this the warning for them to keep quiet.
    Where were the wives of the top politicians, whilst this was going on.

  2. Julia says:

    Gillian, you might like an interview with Inelia Benz on Project Avalon website. I have a list of signs that things are going the right way, and this is one of them!

  3. Wish13 says:

    @ Annonymous – Politicians in any position of power are already bought. They are already puppets to the real powers that be … in fact many top politicians are even groomed years in advance for these positions. Churchill was a Rothschils, The Bush’s are related to Brit Royalty, Cameron’s Family tree (and money) goes back to the Opium war days and drug dealing (which has never ceased).

    @ Gillian

    Quote “One (of many) things that struck me as I was reading it was, why Prince Harry and not William to take over at Buck House. Perhaps it is because Harry is not a Windsor or more accurately a Saxe Cobourg Whatsit ? Or, even more to the point, do we really need any of them?”

    Firstly – No we don’t need a Monarchy.

    William has been groomed for the top spot for years – to replace QE II – if Charles dies or steps aside. He is already corrupted, programmed. If a Monarchy persists, then Harry is by far the better candidate for the people.

    I have been tracking and researching this for quite a long time, and have previously seen/read everything in this article, but it’s good to see this info being passed on. Yes, it is true.

    The good thing is – the rats are already leaving the sinking ship (to avoid prosecution?). Main stream media is covering little or none of this, but a good indicator can be found on this page of Politician/Banker arrests and resignations (below). Scan down this list. Fullford/white hats and others have promised arrests for a long time. The elite and their cronies and minions know this, so many are bailing in droves.

    Their arrests will still occur, mark my words, the same as many others, such as Cameron, QE II, Blair, G.Brown, the Bush’s, Cheney, Kissinger, and hundreds of others. The link:

    There are other significant arrests/resignations that arn’t included there who are minions of the dark cabal’s Control System – a good example would be the 5 Sun reporters, a Police Officer, and Ministry of Defence employee.

    Rupert Murdoch is in it up to ears. He is one of the reasons the media is so tightly controlled and a major force in media globalisation. He has also attended the Bilderberg Group and meetings of the CFR (Council on Foriegn Relations). So his links to the elite are indisputable. Until people like this are removed, then there will still be insufficient media coverage.

    We are in exciting times – and all for the best in the long term – wait and see

    Love the blog Tap by the way!

    Peace Wish13

  4. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for the link and thoughts, Wish 13.

  5. wasp says:

    Personally I look forward to the day, when all the confiscated, Lands & Possessions THE MONARCHY HAS PURLOINED, since its Inception, GRAVITATE BACK to the Country for the Benefit of all & the Ruling Monarch & Acolytes Revert Back to Ordinary Citizens, with even the possibility of them having to DRAW STATE BENEFIT.

    As Feynman said ” The Only Difference Between People Is The ‘HATS THEY WEAR’, Since All Humans
    Possess The Same Biological Functions” I think it was in ‘Surly You Are Joking Mr Feynman’
    You can apply this to most Circumstances, when Pompas Asses like a BANKSTERS, or other PARASITES consider themselves better than the rest of us.


    I posted this same Quote to The Daily Mail, they said they had a large number of readers complain about it, so it wasn’t up very long. The reason I mention this is it UNFORTUNATELY EXEMPLIFIES the STUPIDITY of THE BRITISH ELECTORATE.


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