Harry Potter’s Teaching Kids A New Worldview

Scotty sent this in. This lady is the world’s leading authority on spiritual analysis. She says we are all being conditioned in our thinking, to deceive us – in our schools, in medicine even in our churches. The leftist gospel is seducing the faithful, collapsing traditional belief. The belief in absolute moral truth is going. Anything can be justified with the new way of thinking, to the point where the Pope can make a speech saying that even paedophilia cannot be called a total evil, as he did in his Christmas Address in 2010.

People no longer think there is one god. Moral relativism is taking over, where nearly anything can be justified.

The new world religion being brought, however, is the Anti-Christ. Christians are lumped together with Moslems, as potential evil doers. The OWG has to dismantle all traditional beliefs to be able to claim they are the best source of power and belief in the world.

Young people are left floundering, and they turn to Harry Potter and the Occult, without there being any idea that the occult is not purely about entertainment, but also is capable of great evil. The battle between good and evil is being lost. The wisdom of Christian teaching is being thrown out. This is not the usual Tap Blog fare, but where else can we find a way to stop people being drawn into believing all kinds of things which we know are wrong – such as paedophilia being taught as not all that bad a crime, and gradually being made legal.

Evil is taking control. What is it exactly that is being taken away from us, and how? Caryl Metriciana explains. It’s a bit long for me, but it’s got a lot of information which gives you a picture of how a Christian sees the changes taking place in the world, child-friendly witchcraft being taught in schools, with online witches teaching a pagan world view to kids at school. The agenda is to change the world view of our kids. Belief in shape-shifting, zombies, Satanism. Belief in all the pagan ideas. Lies and theft are not taught as wrong. Harry Potter can use any ‘techniques’ he likes, as long as he wins against his competition. Moral absolutes are gone. The end justifies the means. Moral relativism, taught in all schools.

Warner Brothers owns the movies, and school book publishing, conditioning kids for the new world order belief system, abandoning Christian ideals. They elevate nature, environmentalism and feature Halloween death and horror. Both Harry Potter’s parents are witches. The Matriarchal is presented as more important than the Patriarchal, with his mother giving her life for her son. It’s interesting. I’ll keep listening.

HP is in 63 languages, in 200+ countries, with kids in all these countries putting mark of the beast? on their foreheads when a new HP movie comes out. It’s an exercise in worldwide brainwashing to persuade kids that the world is chaos, and witchcraft and the occult are the only spiritual option available. There’s lots more. Yoga. Environmentalism. Whales need to be saved, while a baby in the womb is expendable. (Anyone trying to stop hospitals putting flu vaccine into a pregnant woman will know how determined they are to cull human beings).

There is a battle between faith and faith. Is God our creator with absolute rights and wrongs? Or are we living in morally relative chaos, as the churches and schools now teach? Yoga is not the same thing as communing with god, yet it is being introduced as the equivalent of religion. Yoga as taught in the post-modern way, has no moral element. It empties the mind and hypnotises, making way for fresh indoctrination. In the East, yoga was taught in a spiritual, not purely physical egocentric way.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s usualy only a smell eminating when there’s a source.

    But out-there there’s such a STENCH everywhere you dont have to dig far to find answers.

    Thanks to TAP for providing this easy Blog helping to expose them.


  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG is it coming to this,


    Camden Council Robocop


    wakeup world, can you hear the drum?


  3. Tapestry says:

    Thanks for the link, HETT. By the way give Scotty the credit. I’m only the post boy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    TAP Credit where’s credit due.

    So many valuable articles TAP so difficult to thank every one by name.

    “Scotty & all thanks, keep up the hard task of helping exposing the truth”

    hope babies fine?


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