Gregory Pitchford Gets Offer Of Interview On Coast To Coast AM

The story about Gregory Pitchford being frozen out by the Alex Jones Show, and then hounded out of his house, and committed to hospital was posted two days ago on The Tap. Since then, the blog has been very hard for readers to access, with many saying they couldn’t get past one or two posts, and unable to comment. Thanks Google. That’s my reward for breaking an important story.

Gregory’s story has travelled far and wide anyway. He’s had lots of coverage on various websites, and has been offered an interview on Coast To Coast AM next Friday.

He’s also a musician, as well as a soldier with a conscience and a story to tell. He’s very good. ‘If Tomorrow Were A Dream”s the title of the song he wrote in Abu Ghraib Prison. But the words ringing in my ears at the end of the song are ‘Freedom Isn’t Free‘. That’s the message in your story, Gregory. You are so right to sing those words. Please change the title.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Look’s like you have done Gregory Pitchford a bit of good.
    Myself I am more concerned about the torture that is going on in these camps, in our name.
    The Jesuits perfected the art of torture, they were concerned with finding Witches in the community.
    The Americans have just carried it on, even though it was against God’s Law.
    These everlasting war’s will only stop when opium production stops.

    • GP says:

      This has done nothing good for me at all. Friends and family have turned on me, I’m embarrassed to even be a part of this. I wish Alex Jones people just called me back and said they were not interested in the story so I could return back to my life. My life will never be the same and this is the most painful thing I have ever gone through. I don’t wish this on anyone but when it happens to you the only thing you can do is tell someone. I feel alone and isolated and often wish I can just go back and turn the clock. This has been a nightmare. I’m only left with anger that some in our government resort to such tactics. If William Cooper was wrong about Alex I do blame his suspicions. When you go through this you become suspicious of everyone. To suggest I’m doing this for fame or fortune is disgusting. My moms health is deteriorating over this, my sisters who speak to me, my brother hates me…. Please I’d rather you say I’m insane. You have to be insane to do this for some pointless embarrasing recognition. How dare you……

    • GP says:

      Looks like our emails are getting blocked again or they are moving by pony express. Call me for a status check. The intelligence agent quitly mentions I could tell my story and here we our again with what’s left of the First Amendment. These people are disgusting Alex. They hack, jam, destroy, deceive, slander and the psychological warfare is the spookiest of all. If William Cooper went through this, I understand him being suspicious of everyone. It brings you to a total state of suspicions on EVERYONE. No ones right about everything. Henry and I are finding it hard to communicate again. Call me if you can Henry. Alex, I’m patiently waiting on your call like your Program Director John said you would today after our conversation. How does some stupid story about Porn bring this much intense attacks from Intelligence. Henry I sent the docs bill over a half a dozen times to both your addresses. If you didn’t receive it then they simply won’t let you get it. TMobile said it affected many other people too so we can prove much with that anyway but TMobile was standing there scratching their heads wondering how it happened.

  2. Anonymous says:

    //My interpretation in simple logic regarding ALEX JONES & DAVID ICKE is that they Exercise a high degree of Selectivity when discussing Conspiracies, & JESUITS & CATHOLICS are Verboten. William Milton Cooper said this on Many occassions.//

    Alex Jones and David Icke in the same sentence? That’s impressive! This guy is just making random stuff up.

    Here is Alex Jones addressing the Jesuit question ( youtube address: v=VVznhQnaGPU )

    – He agrees the Jesuits are pushing the EU
    – Catholic Church is right up there part of the pyramid
    – Says people obsess over “who really runs the planet” – Jews, Aliens, Catholics, Illuminati… it’s none of these conspiracies. It’s a scientific dictatorship.

    You people who think Alex Jones is a “shill” – do you actually watch his broadcasts?

    You think the following coverage (listed below) is being a shill? I call YOU a disinformation agent.

    Alex Jones informs his listeners of the dangers of

    * Globalist depopulation agenda
    * Scientific dictatorship
    * Aspartame
    * Fluoride
    * MSG
    * Genetically modified organisms
    * those “Enviro” lightbulbs
    * Bisphinenl-A
    * Radiation levels
    * Vaccines
    * Police state/TSA
    * Globalist warmongering
    * False flag terrorist attacks
    * Sociopathic elite

    There’s much more. No, he doesn’t cover aliens, ufos and new age. So what?

    No, he doesn’t cover 9/11 false flag how I would like. However he’s right it’s a false flag and a secret group did it.

    It’s difficult enough as it is to wake people up without trying to convince people of ball-UFOs and directed energy weapons.

    Alex Jones has a methodology and his own interests. That is, he only covers what is already covered in the official news. On the positive side this strategy gives his work a wide reach. On the negative side he is limited in what he can cover. The only corporation I believe he is shilling for is himself.

    I wonder if Tap will publish something like I have written for balance against the disinformation surely being put out here against Alex Jones?

    On this William Milton Cooper –

    //Mark Potok, spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, writes that Cooper was well known within the militia movement for his book, Behold a Pale Horse and his anti-government shortwave radio program that reportedly included Oklahoma City bomber Timothy J. McVeigh as a fan.[1]//

    McVeigh worked for the globalists. This is 100% proved*, and he is linked to William Milton Cooper? Perhaps Cooper is the CIA agent.

    *Watch the film “A Noble Lie”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great to see all angles from adults as always here. great forum.

    just hope Gregory Pitchford is not simply offered up on a plate to suddenly vanish?

    if adults can’t shake the tree then what’s the point?

    in such a complex world we need to open review and then move together to our mutual benefit.

    My hats off to tap for this forum.


    • GP says:

      When are you guys going to realize that the greatest deception and conspiracy of all is the one that Jesus Christ eluded to by saying don’t be deceived. A Grand Decption of all Deceptions. The Return of the Nephillim. These beings will return with great powers and wonders. They will crush all religions and currencies. They will arrive in massive unbelievable objects that will bring out greatest Carriers to shame and shift the balance of power on the planet. The muslim world will unite under them and Babylon will rise again. These UFOs and Interdimensional objects is the conspiracy. The Deception is the Conspiracy and the Conspiracy is the UFO’s. Isreal will fall under there rule and accept them as their Christ. Alex never speaks of these things and he never will without ending the sentence with crazy and nuts. William Cooper died for his brief encounter of them. All these other topics that Alex Jones speaks of Pales in comparison and will all be insignificant when they arrive. The return of the Madi is near. The return of the Nephillim is close. I urge you all to focus on the significant and ignore these other insignifant topics of Alex Jones.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, get some sleep GP. Who would possibly be interested in some share-ware porn? No one!

  5. Anonymous says:

    // The Return of the Nephillim. These beings will return with great powers and wonders. They will crush all religions and currencies. They will arrive in massive unbelievable objects that will bring out greatest Carriers to shame and shift the balance of power on the planet. The muslim world will unite under them and Babylon will rise again. These UFOs and Interdimensional objects is the conspiracy. The Deception is the Conspiracy and the Conspiracy is the UFO’s. Isreal will fall under there rule and accept them as their Christ. Alex never speaks of these things and he never will without ending the sentence with crazy and nuts. //

    Asking us to believe something on assertion only IS crazy. This is disinformation.

    Alex Jones’ information directly helps peoples’ lives in many small ways – such as encouraging people not to use fluoridated toothpaste and vaccines. That is how Alex Jones uses his freedom of speech. If that is not good enough for you you are welcome to use yours in your own way. However, by putting down Alex Jones and his information you are working for them.

  6. GP says:

    I assure you that these objects and beings will have a solution and answers for all these problems and things that keep you up at night and what Alex Jones discusses in rants and raves. Don’t drink the fluoride in the water, don’t use the plastic in the bottle, Don’t eat the GMO Food, Don’t breath the Barium in the air, Buy nothing but Gold and Silver, Your Retirement Is Worthless, Don’t use the airport, TSA molests your kids, Don’t use vaccines, they have cancer causing agents, Don’t trust your government, don’t trust the currency…..Guys do you see where this is leading…..While some of this advice is good………I assure you all these problems will all be solved and seem like petty insignificant problems when they arrive. Babylon Rising will shadow the earth and their powers and wonders will leave us Speechless, even Alex Jones and that my friend will be a Miracle In Itself when that happens. A New World Order will unite under them and their Grand Solutions will solve all these things you worry of. Nothing that Alex Jones speaks of today will be on your minds tomorrow. The Return of the Nephillim is near……….

  7. Anonymous says:

    //While some of this advice is good………//

    That’s very good of you to finally admit that Alex Jones has some good advice. I think so too.

    This stuff about Nephillim needs some evidence. There is none. You are distracting us from the present problems with what sounds like a cult belief.

    • GP says:

      I love Alex Jones. I’ve been listening to him since YouTube started. If I’m wrong and this was the government simply attacking soldiers who contact him then I can admit I was wrong. However, Alex Jones as nearly a dozen writers working for him. Someone there surely has the time to address the circumstances of this case. Alex Jones silence on this matter only adds a cloud over this whole case. What happened to me is straight out embarrasing. I would be pretty foolish to make something up like this for some buck some of you think I might or can make. My family has been devastated by this. I’ve lost friends. My mothers health has taken a turn for the worst. Its disgusting to suggest I would make this up for any reason. Please, I’d rather you say I’m insane or being mind controlled like some have claimed then to say I’m doing this for fame or fortune. This is embarrasing but I am fighting back for what they did and nothing more than that I assure you. I know I can’t be the only one this has happened to, I can’t be.

  8. Anonymous says:

    In regards to the Bullshit “If Tomorrow Were A Dream” Video, I have to say I have zero Sympathy for the Aggressor soldiers of, stupid,expensive,pointless,unjust,horrific WARS!

  9. Tapestry says:

    It would be interesting to hear if Gregory’s awakening includes an admission that the Iraq War was a brutal error, and that he doesn’t support any new aggressions. Otherwise I agree his own plea for more human treatment is weak. But if he acted in the past based on a previous set of beliefs, and a lack of knowledge about how the world works, that would be forgivable. It is not clear how he sees the role of the US military in his freshly awakened state of mind.

    His music is very good, though, you have to admit.

  10. Anonymous says:

    60 kilometres of tunnels

    Europe’s Underground City [Watch it to Believe it]

    Makes the USA miles of tunnels & underground cities so plausable.


  11. Anonymous says:

    HETT that video is by wellaware1, the ridiculous disinfo merchant who also claims everyone in the news are actors based on pseudo-analysis of their ears.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Hett, the video’s that Wellaware produce are at least 80% correct even with my old eyes.
    Pima County Auxilliary Police are all actors, they even produce an annual magazine with them all in. it could not happen by chance.
    Even our Police use earprints. it’s not rocket science.
    It has recently become obvious that RT, Russia Today. is full of actors.

  13. Tapestry says:

    Wellaware’s ‘correct’ info is still disinformation/deception. Its incorrect is simply laughable. Such as David Icke is Richard Branson.

    HETT – you’ve got your videos all muddled up, dear. Great comments otherwise. Thanks.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Some 60 kilometres of tunnels

    Europe’s Underground City [Watch it to Believe it]
    Makes the USA miles of tunnels & underground cities so plausable.


    ps Thankyou everyone for the correction notices, Sorry for the mixup.

  15. Tapestry says:

    I think most people who move on in life, have problems with their original families, who like things to stay just as they were.

    I wouldn’t worry about them.

    As for the rest, no one wants the boat to be rocked. But you know something’s wrong about what happened to you. If you don’t speak out, you’re accepting it all as OK. It’s then more likely to happen to others. Give it two weeks and then assess where you are.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dear Gregory thankyou for sharing your circumstances with us all.
    after reading all your notes i feel your pain & understand it is very difficult.
    I have had many troubles in my life also. my sister died at 25 but she left me a small poem i vaguely remember part:-
    Dont give up, keep going on, keep going on, many fall by & give up at the brow of the hill/mountain just when your so close to your goal. so dont give up.

    Yep i screwed up but you get the gist.

    please be strong stick with it things will pan out especially when you’ve come so far.

    Go listen to relaxing music or music from your past utubes good for that.

    Your brain may be going 24/7 but you have to have a break or distraction & rest.

    (i did obtain a relaxation machine)

    Get a simple pen & paper & make notes, always keep it by your side.
    helps keep you on track.

    Be strong & as they say:- some will, some wont, so what!!

    I’m sure you have more friends here than you realise so dont loose sight of your key goals.

    We’re all routing for you mate.

    the best

    ps maybe a daily swim, run or work out at the gym will clear your head & improve your focus.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Look’s like you are taking sides about Wellaware1. What Chiarini is saying is that the people are acting the same part.
    Just like GP is saying the Nephillim are coming back, because they have been here before.
    It says so in the Bible.
    You have to look at all the evidence, not just part of it.

  18. otter says:

    Many things to digest… Tap…, This is a test to check out your Google censorship issues. 1st “MSM” doesn’t deserve to be titled! Selling out with no comprehension of the damage even to themselves. Helping to dismantle this Republic. Just minion among the players on stage telling you the Truth!?. Oh and don’t forget the subliminal psy-op’ that flow piggy back on any and all information systems as well as energies in any form that can be harnessed. The puppets on the audio/video feed are less than lamprey living life at some ones expense and for what? The hearty U.S. Frog Skin… “T.V.”s veiled freedom, the 1st Amendment is in line with the entire “Bill of Rights” demise. What “Constitution”? The directors are way beyond the alphabets compartmentalized Intelligence systems. Allowing the belief in an Executive Head of The Fascist States of America continues a blindside misdirection blueprint. The Awakening is accelerating and by any relevant dialogue the power of the elitist is weakened. So even if A.J. was/is a minion playing a part, the money powers are giving him to much freedom and I see him as one of their think tank overviews. ( That is if He is in fact a disinformation plant. ) I called in on the infowar daily show and asked why the Murrah bombing had no false flag play? As A.J. says of over drive, I was the tail gunner. That segment doesn’t get replay as it’s past the 3 hour show loop. I have mulled over both his rapid response, paraphrasing, I’ll tell you why, it’s because it was before 911 and the Globalist move to war. Less than 1 week later A.J. was all over OK. City’s bombing with guests, film makers, specialists from many fields, and witness and forensic documentation. If you have been listening you know this has been a talking point since the release of “A Nobel Lie”. I had no knowledge that a release was coming, and in hind sight A.J. must have as He is in the DVD and it had to had been prior to my Question. So I have odd feelings about many of A.J.’s statements both in general and directly at me. That’s how it works, if you aren’t an enlightened being, you have doubts. Duality gives self through the ego a perpetual doubt path opposite logic to any thought or feeling the “I Am”/”Being”-( Be to Be ) latches on to. Sure I’ve had my doubts about A.J. but, for one thing what’s said isn’t heard the same way by everyone and secondly it’s easy to say disinformationist about anyone. ( Continued )

  19. Julia says:

    I would agree with GP that stuff like fluoride toothpaste seems a bit insignificant compared with the scale of things to come. I still think it is of value as it is first steps towards changing people’s world view, and alerting them to the possibility that governments do not act in our best interests a all. I also agree we don’t have much time.
    I disagree that the powers that be are going to win, possibly because I have come from a different path than GP. Going out and getting some fresh air and exercise helps calm the fear. Standing on earth energy points, preferably posed like the vetruvian Man is enormously restoring to you and the earth. This is not New Age, it is scientific. It is all electromagnetics. We must not be afraid because we each have the power within us to heal ourselves, resist attacks, and heal the earth. Fear is their biggest weapon. The negative energy created by our fear is what they feed of the most. Don’t let them.

  20. Julia says:

    Interesting the bit about the Muslim world uniting under the returned leaders. Someone mentioned to me today how all the pappy music blasted at you digitally everywhere you go and in your home keeps repeating the sound “Allah” embedded in it. Some sort of subliminal mind programming.

  21. Julia says:

    Scotty had something on the Vatican buying up part of Jerusalem, the Israel one, I think. That kinda fits too.

  22. otter walks says:

    Here is the 2nd part… attempt number 6 to submit… Now Feb 15 2012… We have “Big Sis” spouting “See something, Say something… Anyone will be able to attack anyone through this. You don’t like your neighbor and with an anonymous call they are black holed. Isn’t it a confession to say I don’t need Congress to detain and kill U.S. citizens? Pat Tillman U.S. citizen, murdered. As to Reptoids, David Icke has been on A.J.’s systems talking of the very same-“A rose is a rose by any other name”. Yes, this all needs a good deal of reading between the lines. You need to feel it. On point, as regards recent articles and blog post response surrounding Gregory Pitchford the same format could be used to debunk him. That is not my contention. It would however be another repetition of the set up of a fall guy to elitist ends. I don’t think that the numbers of guests, many I have read and followed for years and even know personally from both sides of this war on Life. Freedom from Tyranny is incumbent upon us… Russell Means, John Trudell, would take no time to agree with A.J. . Russell said one of the clearest historically based Truths. That Americans see and think of the 1st Nations Peoples as being schizophrenic. He is saying that there exists the progressives and the traditionalists. Many different mind sets being polar opposites. All you need to do is follow the money trail to find who speaks for The Life of Earth-it’s stewards, and those given over to greed having lost their spirit compass. I have named enough patriots, called out MSM for the whores they are, called the President a traitor & conspirator following the Technocrate agenda; as is most all of Congress. I said “Republic”, “Fascist”, “Psyops”, “Constitution”, “How about T.S.A., N.D.A.A., ACTA, Fema Camps, No Habeas Corpus, Indefinite detention all complements of the self-deluded psychopathic oligarchy. I have thereby cemented my preexisting status as rebellious. If you think that there are bugged phone lines at least a brain cell is starting to grow and it’s division may just lead you to form your own thoughts and research what is documented… EVERYTHING feeds into the algorithmic program. Building a file and listing your potential as a useful idiot. Have you given thought to the fact that “Devices” are eavesdropping systems They get you to pay for to use against you and you get to pay to use them! O.K. That ends this Google test for now. Oh and if you haven’t been told, facebook, Gmail, You Tube, Et. all are in need of your boycott… Survive-All… May that which “Is” be you…

  23. Anonymous says:

    GP, I was deployed with you from 05 to 06. I have other scandals to reveal. I will let you know who I am through facebook.

  24. Tapestry says:

    Either drop them off in comments or use the email address in the blog profile.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Tap …. what would you like me to drop off in the comments?

  26. Tapestry says:

    Stories that would interest readers!

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