Earth Energy Can Transform Your Health

Last night I posted up Me‘s explanation of David Wilcock’s research and theories about the situation of our species in 2012 on Planet Earth. The explanations are detailed and covered in the previous two posts. The conclusion of what is about to happen on Earth this year can only be called quite extraordinary. I actually posted the wrong video last night, putting up the first in the series. The second is the one which explains the crop circle messages. Here it is.

This extract explains

Humanity is about to undergo a DNA transformation. Watch Respective circles show breaking chromosomes (1991), DNA (1996), Triple DNA (1999), then a blossoming Triple DNA (1999) that is undergoing transformation. There is also a twisting double helix around a centre circle.

Another crop circle (54:30) from Avebury Manor depicts the specific planetary alignment of December 21st 2012. The most significant crop circle ever (53:19) hr says was a picture of DNA coming from the centre of the galaxy. In Part 2 of his Event Horizon lecture he shows the images (46:00+).

These changes to human DNA are set to come about over a period of 72 years starting in 2012 and finishing in 2084, with four (from memory) visitations expected, matching the number of DNA events advised in the crop circles. The visitations could be of aliens, or of energy waves emanating from the centre of the galaxy, which are capable of reprogramming DNA.

(TAP – I suffer from DNA adducts caused by PCB pesticide blocking, inter alia, chromosome number 4, which stop me from recovering from physical exercise and stress as quickly as I should. Could they send a little extra programme to fix those unfortunate enough to have grown up in the presence of Monsanto’s insecticides? I’d be very grateful, as I want to play more tennis!)

On a more serious note (as far as you are concerned!), why are the elites rushing to exterminate as many of the earth’s current population as they can, right now? I mean getting rid of the nutrition from food, deliberately poisoning food, messing with seeds to ensure they bankrupt farmers (Codex Alimentarius), supplying drinking water full of toxins and fluoride, getting the world to swap over to Low Energy Lightbulbs which will kill millions as they sit in their homes, shops and factories, by crippling their bodily electrical capability with Electro-Magnetic Forces, not to mention deliberately sterilising billions of people by vaccinating them, and feeding them with food that is genetically engineered with that purpose?

The world depopulation programme is in full swing, with nuclear attacks on Japan and elsewhere ongoing. Why?

The elites are aware that 2012 is going to be a moment of great change. The message from the crop circles, combined with the information in the pyramids, is that the human species will over a period of 72 years receive a DNA upgrade which will,inter alia, enable us to become far more intuitive. In fact no one knows what our newer capabilities will be. The elites are terrified.

Their power is based on having exclusive knowledge to all these aspects of human history, and on being able to control events from behind the scenes. As everyone realises how much information has been kept from them, and how they have been duped into fighting deliberately manufactured wars over centuries, and into using fossil fuels where energy can be had for free everywhere, people will no longer be willing to endure this level of political and economic suppression.

The elites have decided to go for it now while the majority are still in ignorance or at least disbelief of the kind of things David Wilcock, and Bill Wood are telling us. That’s why there is the urgent attempt to create World War 3 going on in Iran. Only by killing us all now can they hope to maintain their power, once the new 2012 paradigm breaks upon the world. Between us and a great future lies a dark screen, as the old power-holders (what Project Camelot calls ‘the powers that were’) negotiate the loss of their former supremacy.


In the video above, David Wilcock talks about earth energy which can have great health benefits. It is by finding a location of intense earth energy in the Philippines twenty four years ago, that I have been able to deal with my own health problems, caused by the Monsanto poisons. It’s worth listening to for clues as to how to improve mental and physical health here and now, if you find the futurology and depopulation stuff all a bit hard to take in.

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  1. Julia says:

    The Bath Hot Springs also have great healing energy, despite the steel and glass and concrete and chlorine and “special” paint interfering with the power. There was a big fight to get them reopened having been closed for nearly 30 years. TPTB don’t want us to use the Earths natural energy, so it is probably in our interests to do the opposite. There are numerous more minor points on leylines. All the best points are heavily interfered with to reduce the power.

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