Crystal skull; is this unusual specimen the work of aliens?

Crystal skull; is this unusual specimen the work of aliens?

It should not EXIST.

Finely Sculptured Quartz.

It contains NO CARBON.

It could only have been made by an advanced Technology.

Made from Piezo-electric Silicon Dioxide, I.C (TAP – text missing here, Wasp? The gremlins are attacking you today!!) are made from same.

Able to produce its own Electricity(+)&(-)Polarized.

Does this suggest it could be part of a self powered Advanced Robot?


On 1 January, 1924, Britain’s Anna Mitchell Hedges discovered a crystal skull beneath an alter in a pyramid temple in the lost Mayan city of Lubaantun (meaning the city of the fallen stones in the Mayan language).

The skull was the same size as a genuine human skull and consists entirely of transparent quartz.
Since the crystal contained no carbon, the skull was subjected to a range of tests by scientists from the world-renowned company Hewlett-Packard. The resuts stunned the scientists. One of them described these unbelievable results in the words, “This skull should never have existed!”
The results that revealed that the crystal skull could only have been made using advanced technology are as follows:

1. A team of scientists revealed that the skull has been made out of a form of quartz known as piezoelectric silicon dioxide, used in the current telecommunications sector and with a higher memory capacity than other. Latest micro-processors are made from the same substance. Even more striking, however, is the fact that this form of crystal was only discovered in the 19th century.

2. This crystal, piezoelectric silicon dioxide, is both negative and positively polarized. This means that, as with batteries, it is able to produce its own electricity.

3. Scientists used a series of polarized test lights to establish that the cranium and the lower jaw of the skull, in the form of two separate components, were made from the same block of crystal rock. Considering that quartz crystal is softer and more brittle than diamond, the fact the skull was carved from a single piece of crystal, which is almost impossible, amazed scientists.

4. Under the microscope, scientists found no trace suggesting that modern automatic equipment or mechanical devices had been used on the skull. Scientists concluded that it was impossible to produce such a delicate and fine component as the lower jaw, from a single piece of crystal, even using modern diamond-tipped electrical equipment, without shattering it.

5. Scientists calculated that the crystal skull could have been made without any equipment, abrading it with a piece of diamond, but that this would have needed several generations over a period of some 300 years. 

6. Present-day crystals are carved around their axes. Because crystals have a molecular symmetry. In order not to break the crystal, it has to be cut in line with that natural structure, its molecular symmetry, in other words. Even if lasers of high-tech cutting techniques are used, crystals will still shatter if not cut along their natural axes. But even though this crystal skull was cut in a manner totally independent of its axis, no fracturing or cracking arose, in complete violation of the laws of physics.

7. Scientists were also astonished by the skull’s optical features. As a result of the Hewlett-Packard tests, scientists realized that the skull had interesting optical properties. Light applied from beneath the skull should normally be refracted in all directions, but in this skull it formed a channel focusing on the eye sockets and emerging from these.

8. Another startling optical is the prism lower to the lower rear section of the skull. All light rays striking the eye sockets are reflected from this prism.

Therefore, when you look directly into the sockets you can see the whole room inside the eyes of the crystal skull.

Structures that present-day technology still struggles to account for, such as Stonehenge in England, constructed 8,000 years ago, the Egyptian pyramids, the T-shaped animal motifs carved 11,000 years ago on Gobekli Tepe in Urfa, Turkey and the 10-ton Sun gate carved from a single rock, prove that people in ancient times were not primitive and lacking any comprehension of art, science and technology, as is sometimes claimed.

Evolutionists have attempted to apply the same perverse, evolutionary logic they sought to apply to such branches of science as biology, paleontology, and zoology to archeology, as well. But as with this crystal skull, artifacts left behind from people who lived in the past scientifically refute the evolutionist claim that ape-like beings gradually developed into today’s man.

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7 Responses to “Crystal skull; is this unusual specimen the work of aliens?”

  1. Zheng Yong says:

    Hi Tap,

    How is the progress on the fight to protect the FREE INTERNET?

    Maybe, we should focus more on it than aliens.

    Thank You.

  2. Ray says:

    I have always been interested in these skulls when they first seen the light, till the day i seen a new documentary a month or so ago.It features some supposed genuine skulls of unknown origins,it goes on to prove they are man made, and made in China without a doubt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crystal skull were created by the GRAys to teach about the humans on earth look up the book alienology talks about everything from pyramids to the biology of the grays

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are many items/artifacts on Earth that can possibly be attributed to alien lifeforms, such as the metal spheres of South Africa:

    The spheres are thought to represent Saturn. We already worship Saturn in many ways such as the wedding ring (Saturn’s rings), Saturday (Saturn day) when most people let there hair down and then rest the next day to worship SUNday. There’s also worship of Saturn in Satanism to which we know that Elite families have an interest in.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ray- that doc doesn’t prove anything. So basically what these scientists were doing was testing a REPLICA of the skull, not the actual thing. SO HOW THE HELL CAN THEY MAKE ANY CONCLUSIONS ON SOMETHING THEY DIDN’T TEST! I’ll stick with the HP testing over the “Chinese replica ” theory. Its so easy to dismiss things, way harder when you have to actually THINK AND INVESTIGATE PROPERLY.

  5. wasp says:

    Anonymous 10.14 pm has put the same interpretation on this that I would have, in the 2nd video. The interpretation is typical of the same reasoning they use to justify The Pseudo Science of ‘GLOBAL WARMING ‘ soon to be categorised as a crime to dispute it, as some Brainless Wonder is proposing a Bill to that end. This will make it a crime to even discuss it.

    It answers only peripheral questions, & does not explain, how it was produced, the technology wasn’t around in 1927 to produce anything like it, the Piezoelectric Properties, Quartz shows a strong piezoelectric effect perpendicularly to the prism axis. Applying pressure on a quartz crystal generates an electrical polarization along the pressure direction. Alternatively, applying an electrical tension leads to a mechanical deformation of the crystal.

    The use a Replica has no significance whatsoever, viz. if you had two identical memory chips, one that had been used in a digital camera & the other one unused, then the unused one would have no detectable information on it, would it?

    All Crystals have Molecular Symmetry , & cleavage plains ( look at the unit cells, & you will see what I mean), they must be used if cutting crystals, the original was not cut this way, any book on Material Science will tell you this is impossible.

    The Optical Properties were Astounding, Light shone beneath it, wasn’t Refracted, it formed a Coherent Beam exiting via EYE SOCKETS.

    The phenomena that enabled an observer a PANORAMIC PERSPECTIVE when viewed through the Eye Sockets also takes some explaining.

    Fish Eye Lenses are a relatively new invention for addition to Cameras, they were not around in 1927, to produce one as with any Compound Lens requires an Advanced Knowledge of Physics, since it is necessary to match the respective refractive indices of the component lenses, to avoid Distortions & Chromatic Aberrations. refractive Think of refractive index as the distortion of a coherent beam of light when passing from one media to another, and, in the case of a lens remerging into the first media. Any good Physics Book will explain this if you are interested. Just think of the knowledge it would take to replicate this via Prisms.

    A GOOD SCIENTIST as Feynman put it “Before You Can Prove Yourself Right You Have To Bend Over Backwards To Prove Yourself Wrong.”
    “If what you say doesn’t match the evidence, or what is happening , then you are wrong, REGARDLESS of who you are or your qualifications.”

    LIKE Anonymous I would say HP have approached with a better perspective, & I will go along with their interpretation as being the most likely.


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