‘The Cosmos Contains 67 Million Populated Planets’

TAP – This is the next part of Me‘s explanation of David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos theories. The first part is the previous post, in which Me explains that crop circles have been going on a lot longer than any media reports suggest, with the first one mentioned in 815AD in France. The evidence shows that there are a number of fake ones being made by people on the ground, but others are quite clearly made from above.

The next part of Me’s explanation in the previous post, shows that the mathematical sophistication of the crop circles is equal to and superior to all previous mathematical achievement on earth. Now here comes the really interesting part. Once you have deciphered the mathematics, it becomes clear that there are very important messages contained within the crop circles, which explain to people on earth what is happening to them, and what will be happening in the future.

Me continues
This is the message from ETs David Wilcock has found in crop circles dating back to 1980s:

Humanity is about to undergo a DNA transformation. Watch Respective circles show breaking chromosomes (1991), DNA (1996), Triple DNA (1999), then a blossoming Triple DNA (1999) that is undergoing transformation. There is also a twisting double helix around a centre circle.

Another crop circle (54:30) from Avebury Manor depicts the specific planetary alignment of December 21st 2012. The most significant crop circle ever (53:19) hr says was a picture of DNA coming from the centre of the galaxy. In Part 2 of his Event Horizon lecture he shows the images (46:00+).

You’ll understand more of the message in a minute but to understand it you need to look at the natural history record, the science of DNA wave transformation and galactic energy waves.

Dr. James Raup and Dr. David Sepkoski, University of Chicago, discovered even 26 million year “growth and extinction” cycles in the Marine fossil record. Animals on Earth spontaneously undergo a genesis then contraction in distinct intervals of time – why? Two other researchers, Dr. Robert Muller and Dr. Robert Rohde, then found a 62 million year “boom and bust” cycle. Even more curious. What could be causing rapid evolution and then extinction?

The answer is like fitting together a jigsaw and we need more pieces before we can see the picture. Here’s another piece of the jigsaw, which gets us closer to the answers.

A Chinese scientist Dr Tszyan Kanchzhen discovered DNA transformation could occur through waves (40:00 pt 3) after he created a “Duck-Chicken” in a torsion generator (there are photos). A Russian, Dr. Peter Gariaev, inspired by this research did his own experiments. He subjected an egg from one species (frog) to a laser wave passed through an egg from another species (salamander). The frog egg completely metamorphised into a salamander. Thus he discovered species generation can occur in ONE generation.

All you need is wave information that REWRITES the DNA. DNA is an intelligent template that can be REPROGRAMMED multiple different ways.

TAP – In the video, David Wilcock demonstrates how much of the information about life on earth has been suppressed for thousands of years. He’s not that easy to follow as he’s almost too brilliant, and like most brilliant people, he’s too quick for more simpler minds like mine. Me has done a very good job in unravelling and simplifying some of his more interesting points. Wilcock says that waves come from the centre of the Cosmos, which are capable of reprogramming the DNA of every life form on the planet, including humans. He combines his science with religious ideas which makes it even more confusing. It would help if I was working in a place where the internet worked a bit faster. The video stops every few seconds, and does not lend itself to absorbing such a complex information, however well explained!

He’s talking about the pyramids and their absorption of energy.

Now he’s saying time is three dimensional, forwards, backwards and sideways. My brain’s on overload. But at least he’s saying 2012 isn’t a disaster, and we should have faith that life is divinely inspired, intelligently brought into being, and that the extraterrestrial intelligence cares about the survival of planet earth. That makes me a feel a lot better.

Next up is aliens – in fact they’re all just other versions of human. We’re just the type that best fits planet earth. DW met a whistleblower who visited UFO crash sites. Maybe Me should deal next with UFO evidence as well as he handled the crop circle stuff. I hope so. I am most grateful to him for watching all this and explaining it. It’s really helpful and I’m learning lots I didn’t know before. Now he’s saying there are 67 million planets like earth in our cosmos with ‘human’ life existing on them, many with technology vastly ahead of ours. 2012 is just the bifurcation point between how things were, and how they’re going to be. Me….help!

ME ends his piece on David Wilcock

Are you beginning to understand the message David Wilcock found in the crop circles?

The centre of the galaxy projects the equivalent of a laser toward the Earth. These are “ripples of red shift within the quantum medium.” The Earth orbits the galactic centre on one of the outer arms of the spiral and before the laser reaches us it passes through the rest of the galaxy – and we acquire the information. Evolution is stimulated. It explains the great 26 and 62 million year evolutionary cycles found in the fossil record.

I think he is saying more advanced forms of human life exist in the galaxy and we are being rewritten with their DNA. This DNA transformation will become especially accelerated from 21 December 2012. This is David Wilcock’s interpretation of their message to us!

Is there any evidence for a rapidly changing human DNA? In the last 10,000 years there has been rapid evolution of the human DNA. Someone from 3000 BC was genetically more similar to Neanderthals than modern humans. This is something I knew already because I’ve read “The 10’000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution” – although we know now the civilization is merely an effect of something else.

The message, as read by David Wilcock, is that the end of 2012 will be a tremendously exciting time for humanity and nobody should be fearful. We should be full of love. Globalists are trying to spread fear because they think they can make people resistant to the DNA change through spreading fear and hate, but they can’t, it’s against the laws of the universe – hence his website is called “Divine Cosmos”.

There is a lot to think about here. Good luck finding a title for this one, Tap!

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  1. Julia says:

    Very interesting thanks. I love crop circles and have been arguing the case for non human creation for years, and been laughed at! The Maths is so sophisticated, and if you visit a proper one, you can see how difficult it would be, if not impossible to make it from the ground. Also the ones in Canada do not have “tramlines” access points in the fields, so anyone making them from the ground would have to leave an access trail. Which they don’t. They are also incredibly beautiful. A combination of Maths, art and nature. The centre of the world for crop circles is Avebury, Wiltshire, and I feel privileged to live so close by.

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