Common Purpose Knew UK Election Result Three Years In Advance

Julia writes

Brian Gerrish is a very good speaker, and will be at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms on 24 feb 730pm. He talked about many things, and I particularly honed in on how they are going to reduce us to non sexual beings, with conception and foetal growth being done in a lab.

This is the way it is heading. The severance of the male/female sexual attraction and the mother/baby bond will be complete.

I don’t believe they can win, but this is the plan, and they are rapidly stepping up activity in this area.

I have given him my info on blood groups. Interestingly he was recently in hospital himself.

He noted how he and his team are now “left alone”, but he won’t be, they will just find another way to target him. I myself am suspicious of my son being targeted though cricket, a mysterious extra training session appearing on saturday, and a 3 day “course” looming at Somerset county cricket. 3 days seems to be the standard amount for mind programming.

(TAP watch out for those weirdos at Somerset Cricket!)

More from Brian…

Brian has evidence to show that Common Purpose knew there would be a coalition government as early as 2007. A little bit fishy.

He has vids showing the thuggishness of the police these days, and one policeman constantly saying that the Queen told him to do it. Evidence of mind control.

Roger Hayes and the Alternative Bank….

The attempts to stop Brian’s talk seemed to go away when Roger signed up to talk at the same event. I am already suspicious.

After Brian’s talk on the PROBLEM, we all REACTED, and in comes Roger with a SOLUTION. Familiar?

The Alternative Bank. He seemed like a nice guy, and is proabably being mind controlled to do this. The Alternative Bank offers fractal reserve lending! You must agree to deposit initially £100, and agree to pay your utility bills. What? What does a bank have to do with my utility bills? They will lend you money for mortgages. What? Shouldn’t house prices be cheap enough so we don’t need to borrow?

In fact everything sounded exactly like the current system apart from “No Interest will be charged”. The message was get all your money out of the current banks and move it to us. There will be judges and bailiffs and peace keepers in the new system. Er peace keepers? Sounds Orwellian to me. Ministry of Peace. And again what’s that got to do with the banks? Banks and police and utilities and judiciary all rolled into one.

So let me guess, they will pull the plug on the current banking system, and this is the alternative we will all be begging for. Put in 100 quid, and they give you a 1000! Out of thin air. Lucky we are all trained to fall for the Buy One Get One Free thing! Wealthy people will be allowed to join too, because obviously they have worked hard all their lives for the money! What? Poor people work hard too, they just don’t get any money for it, and many rich people don’t work for their money, they inherit. A quick google shows there is an Alternative Bank in Switzerland! “today’s bank for a better tomorrow”. Watch Out.

There were a few people constantly intercepting me and Brian talking. One going on about being head of the NFU and how organic food had nothing in it, he had no choice but to spray. Another going on about immigrants vs abortions, and pensions! I think they were both plants (TAP – not sprayed, I hope), and something about their manner and clothes that didn’t add up made me wonder if they were time travelled. (TAP – 18th century are usually fairly crumpled, but they talk kinda old fashioned too.)

Personally I think the money system will collapse, and we will move more and more to the gift economy. See A tricky concept if you are not used to it I know! We are so well trained.

….end of part 3….

COMMENT from dognamedblue – I found out through Aangirfan that there’s a thing called “the delphi technique” where agitators, facilitators & change agents are planted in audiences, meetings, public groups to manipulate things to go in certain directions here’s a document on it:

TAP – I have a lot of time for Gerrish. He always gets evidence for his claims. I remember all kinds of strange people in crumpled clothes arriving in meetings when I was an activist ten and more years ago. We thought they came from London.

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4 Responses to “Common Purpose Knew UK Election Result Three Years In Advance”

  1. dognamedblue says:

    I found out through Aangirfan that there’s a thing called “the delphi technique” where agitators, facilitators & change agents are planted in audiences, meetings, public groups to manipulate things to go in certain directions
    here’s a document on it:

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, I attended a recent meeting in Lincolnshire where Roger Hayes gave a talk about the Alternative Bank, sounded nothing like this article.
    Although to be fair Roger did say, ” if the other banks can create money out of thin air so can we”.
    The Alternative Bank would be credit based, not debt based as they are now.
    He said when the subscriberes reached a million the system would start, there are checks and balances in place to make sure it operates properly.
    As Roger is a British Constitution supporter, he has my support.

  3. BRIT says:

    Good morning, Tap,
    Like Anonymous I also attended the Lincolnshire meeting,having seen and heard Roger before. Correct me if I am wrong, but it is called The Lawful Bank, using an alternative system. It is not new, this system was used very succesfully by the early American states(New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland ). Page 12 in “WHO MAKES OUR MONEY”. When Benjamin Franklin told the British government they immediately made the king pass laws to force the colonists to accept the British system of money with debt.
    By the way, Julia is wrong when she says that people have to put £100 in to the bank.All roger asks is that people “pledge” £100.
    The more people sign up (costs nothing) the more successful it will be. If people do nothing, they deserve what they are going to get.

  4. Anonymous says:

    After reading this article I’ve just become more worried that Julia is one of those plants, just managing to slightly alter the wording to try and make things seem stupid.
    I too have attended meetings with Brian and Rodger, they are both real and genuine people. If you ask a honest question you will get a honest answer, they have my backing.

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