Cheer Up. Watch The Future. Now.

A constant criticism you get from people who read The tap is that they find it all too depressing. Most people prefer to enjoy the moment in life, and dwelling on the existence of a powerful elite who believe they own us, wish to cull our numbers, and destroy our wealth doesn’t tickle the chuckle muscle – the phrase used by UK comedian Ken Dodd.

That’s not actually a fair representation of the Blog’s output overall. The writers on here are mostly constructive, and are trying to find ways to improve our lives, to head off the political mess we are in and survive. By tackling the issues, we feel we can do more to further those aims than by burying our heads in the sand.

Not all the news is gloomy. Those in the know who have more knowledge about the real events that are taking place than us, people like David Woods (Brockbrader), David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford are universally optimistic about what’s happening. We are the people at the back of the crowd who are only now realising all kinds of things that happened long ago, and how downright evil they were. More recent events show the elite rushing to close the door on the future which threatens to remove their power. There are grave dangers to face from these and other sources. But the forces for good are not sleeping.

This is the most interesting video I’ve yet seen. It’s not short. Thanks to the people talking here. It’s mind-opening stuff. The transition is happening. Humanity has to mature. The Illuminati want to clear the planet of us, assisted by their alien allies. Yet higher alien cultures have now intervened to stop the Illuminati/Annunaki agenda. They are facilitating the transformation of life on earth, just as Fulford says is happening. Here is confirmation from people deep inside the American alien contact fraternity, willing to speak in their old age about what they know. As I say, this is amazing to hear.

This video is a must see for anyone who wants to see and comprehend the future path of history.

Gregory Pitchford writes –

Great video! Worth the time to watch. I hear an honesty in their voice. I like their body language. They are not alone. There are many others, but they are a dying breed. When you get older you must start to worry about more important things in life, like the Truth. How many times are you all going to dismiss these people as simply crazy. Dismissing them as crazy conveniently requires no more thought or analysis. As a victim of that myself, I know how it feels to be dismissed as crazy.

Thanks to Kerry Cassidy This is her best one to date, and will lift your spirits.

TAP THOUGHT – Is this why CBS News has broken with the Illuminati/CIA and is now revealing the truth about President Obama to the world?


Chinese release pictures of a moon base. Is it alien or man-made? Or a hoax…

While considering that mystery, think about a structure built on earth by the US Air Force. Why did they build a giant pyramid with a flat top at Area 51?

Terence Aym, author of Mysteries Of The Multiverse explains.

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8 Responses to “Cheer Up. Watch The Future. Now.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Impressive right angles and what looks like a tunnel on the left.

    The entire moon is a spaceship so it’s no surprise they’ll be surface structures.

    – Me.

  2. GPracers says:

    Now here is a Conspiracy. Definetly not Government approved. Disclosure is imminent. Just be careful folks and don’t fall for the deception like the Greeks did. They are not your gods.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s not a Pyramid tap. It’s a natural rocky outcrop. The shadow is cast is creating an illusion.

    – Me.

  4. Julia says:

    Looks like a perfect equilateral triangle to me. Unusual to have a triangular one, rather than a square though. Of course we have at least one in the UK at Silbury Hill, near Avebury. Used to have a pole in the top, and was white from the chalk so could be seen from the air, perfectly matches a Giza pyramid, and had a moat round the base. I have recently started to wonder about iron age hill forts and motte and bailey castles too. Did they have other uses?

  5. Anonymous says:

    That was sarcasm! 🙂

    – Me.

  6. otter walks says:

    Greetings, Take Two; GRRRR!!! Lost post!!!…
    So again: What we see here is a tetrahedron. A functional polyhedra ( once ) erected on Easter Island, lived in, in solitude was specific in it’s function and formated with that intent.
    Directional specificity in engineered layout, and a simplistic visual formation leave hidden in plain view the correlation of what seems inanimate, and the repetitive patterns of growth throughout life.
    It is the three dimensional Golden Section, Golden Ratio, or Divine Proportion.
    Phi=1.618, Golden Angle @ 137.5 degrees, are presented in aspects of functional fabrication given foundational orientation. The builders sculpted both a functional and futuristic code imbedded in plain site. That is to say both the Cardinal directions and the primary inter cardinal alignments are critical for energy flow. ( For a pyramid to function, the captured visions, position, and proportions are paramount… )
    This is an incline of 51.4285331… degrees. The architectural significance which follows is simplistic. So as ever please read between the lines, do the research, have an epiphany. ( SEE; POSITIVITY ON TAP… )
    Take moist sand and create a vertical column… That which we name gravity, will exert a downward pull as the sands dry. The sands begin to roll down the sides attempting a direct downward passage but, meet with resistance due to sands occupying preexisting in space. ( The side walls. )
    As gravitation pull is exerted, drying sand has less friction and more inertia comes to play.
    This drive toward a hypotenuse free fall drop by the grains comes to a halt as the forces of downward draw and diagonal inertia equalize.
    So, we have a point, plane, and dimensional stabilization created when the downward gravitational draw no longer has the impetuous creating motion down a diagonal slope. ( If I could, I would draw you a diagram of this energy equalization point. ) The fight to level stability comes to balance with inertia negating friction. Thus, bringing momentum in balance with motion caused through centering attractions of gravity and the ultimate diagonal that the afore said action brings to being…
    Here we come to the exterior simplicity of the correctly oriented pyramidal codex…
    Here we see the angle of least resistance. That point were there is the minimum of forces. A coming to rest in harmony and balance with the living universe. It tells us of the growth of every living thing. That includes the micro and macro infinite universe… Yes, an oxymoronic statement of fact based in the visually combined paradox of the infinite nature of life given duality.
    Link: Vitruvian Man, mammals,eggs,through vegetables and shell growth proportions.
    Follow the exact same knowledge regarding the path of least resistance in their growth assumption of paradigms says of itself; more than one systems presence is combined in decoding “Real Pyramidal” message… Survive-All… P.S. This intent is not to debunk Area 51, nor the author/s… Simply pointing out how lost and uninformed their attempts will prove to be… In a Positive manor…

  7. Tapestry says:

    I like the phrase – ‘the various cultures out there’.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m tired of being blind.

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