He Called Alex Jones, And Ended Up In Hospital.

Gregory Pitchford. He tried calling The Alex Jones Show. The consequences were severe.

TAP – I came back from the shops to find an email from a Gregory Pitchford saying he had information if I wanted to call him in the US. I’m in the Philippines, so it’s late in NYC. He must be West Coast though, as, when I got through, he said it was midnight.

Tap here, I said. What’s up?

It was not a long story but it needed ten minutes to get the gist of it. Gregory was in Iraq and had the task of closing Abu Ghraib prison. He had a story about a massive HD porn site based on a mainframe at the gaol. He decided to call Alex Jones to get the story out on the first day of 2012, a long time after it happened, but he felt he wanted to whistleblow what he knew.

He spoke to Jon, the programme director in a very brief two minute call, and sent an email describing what he knew. It was immediately perfectly obvious that he wasn’t going to be invited to talk live, or get any interest from Alex Jones.

In fact things started to happen instantly. He was frozen out of his gmail account within minutes of putting the phone down. His phone crashed, and all computers he was associated with went inoperative, including friends’ and parents’. Next up, people appeared in front of his house, and he knew they weren’t neighbours.

An ex-comrade from Iraq called him, and told him that a video of the rape of a young girl in the prison had been uploaded onto Youtube, with allegations of the involvement of ten people in the rape. This was presumably to provide the government with the excuse to start arresting anyone associated with the jail, including Gregory. Gregory says he knew someone was with this ex-comrade from the war from the way he spoke.

Gregory said in reply that he could not be easily added to the list of accused as by the time he was given the job of closing the jail, there were only men held inside it.

He was then informed the President of the US was going to go on TV and release the episode as a news story, with pictures of the rape victim and announcing the allegations of child rape coming out of the jail. His friend told him to clear his Facebook of all stuff to do with Abu Graib for his own good.

The threats built up from there. He saw that a house five doors down the street was being used by security people of some kind. He felt very threatened. In desperation he called 911, about twenty times, saying that he was being falsely accused and he feared for his personal safety. No response from 911 came despite all his calls.

He tried emailing himself recording the details of what was happening, hoping to leave some kind of a record in case something happened to him. But he went back online later and found the details of his emails had been changed. Luckily before the day was through, his father showed up. He threw him against the wall as he walked in, and called 911 again, demanding that the medics attend at once to prevent an incident.

This time the medics came. He insisted he wasn’t taken to V.A.? Hospital, where he thought he might be in grave danger, and they took him to the County Hospital. As he was admitted, there three agents were watching him, one behind, and two in front. They especially wanted to get his cellphone and see who his contacts were, and track any releases of information, that might have taken place.

They brought an ex-girlfriend of his, the daughter of Robert ….., a wealthy and powerful individual, and she was used to negotiate with him. She asked him if he had any evidence on him to back up the allegations he had tried to make to the Alex Jones Show, and he said he hadn’t.

At that point, he was drugged, fell asleep, and woke up later that day, at A.F.B.Travis (a military installation).

Gregory’s faith in Alex Jones as a channel was badly shaken by his experiences.

He had read the writings of William Cooper, an earlier conspiracy theorist pre-Alex Jones, who said that Jones was a CIA-frontman, who was hired to make all conspiracy sound crazy, theatening and pointless in resisting. Cooper had been exposing 911 in 2001 and was assassinated on November 5th of that year.

Gregory says that his own experiences would be consistent with the view that Alex Jones was not a genuine attempt to expose the New World Order, but is instead a party to it, as William Cooper said before he died.

That was all I gleaned from our phone conversation.

Here are GREGORY PITCHFORD’S corrections to my interview.

In your summary, remove words “the pics of child abuse” and replace it with HD Porn. There were no pics of child abuse. Just a massive catalogued high definition porn site. The biggest site I had ever seen that even puts today’s porn sites to shame. My medic called me and asked to remove the Abu stuff off Facebook only to call me the next day after I did, to tell me that he was on the Alex Jones site, and was reading an article concerning the President of the United States was about to release the child rapist photos of Abu Ghraib. He concludes by saying, ‘I’m sure your just an ordinary guy and have nothing to worry about’. At that time my internet access was blocked and I couldn’t even verify it.

Other then mispelling jail, the other discrepancies are no big deal.
TAP – in my defence, gaol is another spelling of jail. Goal was an error!


The medic first called on the 2nd to tell me that WE should remove everything from Abu off Facebook. He then calls the next day to tell me that he was reading from the Alex Jones site a story concerning the President of the United States that was about to release the CHILD RAPIST PHOTOS OF ABU GHRAIB. He finishes that threat with a comment stating, ‘You’re probably this ordinary guy and have nothing to worry about.’

At that time all my internet access was shut down, and I was unable to even verify the threat. I can tell that an agent was there with him telling him what to say. He said nothing of the YOUTUBE video concerning the 15 yr girl raped and suicide. I uncovered that in my own research and knew what it was likely there for, to act as a card counter-intelligence can play at anytime and on anyone they chose.

There were two agents ahead and two behind. I spoke with the lead agent briefly at the county mental health who indicated to me I could tell my story without being harmed now. How convenient now that I have been 5150’d. Thanks for allowing me to practice my 1st ammendment right.

The calls kept coming in from other guys from the unit, who, I could tell, each had an agent with them coaching them along in what to say. It ended with Lisa ****** the daughter of Robert ****** asking me if I had proof. Leave those names out except the first names. Lisa and Robert OK.

They sent a Drone over my house to take photos of me. The pressure kept building. The one friend that was reading what I sent him and looked into some of this was fired from his work for no cause within 72 hours and his computer crashed as well. You can call him Yuan.

They continued the pressure with the front of my house looking like Grand Fucking CENTRAL station. I’ve been unemployed long enough and have sat in front of my living room window to know the routine of the neighbors. I was totally out of whack by that point. I drove to T Mobile for a new chip, but they crashed that too. I saw AT&T trucks standing by at literally every substation box. I returned to my house.

By then the dogs were climbing the walls from their sound wave equipment. They killed William Coopers dog before they killed him. I mention that to a friend, and lo and behold a lady drives by slowly right in front of my house with my exact breed of dog in the passenger seat and head sticking out the window, quite rare, boxer brindle with a red dog whisperer dog collar. This was an obvious threat towards my dog who was climbing the walls from their sound device.

I spent the next 24 hours writing emails to myself. They would arrest me, but they were all over me. I then called 911 nearly 20 times that day and when the day ended with me still in the home and pretty much ignored, that is when I called my dad. The next day he came and the minute he walked in the door, was the minute I called 911 again. Military brass at Travis AFB strangely told me that they believed my story but not the part about William Cooper and his UFO stuff and claims about Alex.

How you separate the two is beyond me. They go hand and hand. Tap, this should help with cleaning up your summary and getting some of the details right.

I’m having a hard time sleeping so I will start on the other Abu story and why I think there is so much funding going on in Detainee Security. I will work on it today and have it to you tonight. Just do me a favor and clean up your summary with what I wrote so its as close to accurate as possible. You can find out more about me by searching If Tomorrow Were A Dream. I’m a musician. I just don’t know if I want to link the two. Listen to the song though, it was written by me in Abu Ghrraib.

TAP – I can’t re-edit again! I’ll just add beneath my initial report. Don’t take sleeping pills. Try foot massage. Don’t use Fluoride in your toothpaste, and buy in fluoride free water. I have body scrub when I can’t sleep. Then I can’t wake up! (or acupuncture on the left ear works too)


This is what I believe I have uncovered. The father of the conspiracy movement William Cooper was one of the first ones to start talking about a Grand Deception involving Masons above the 33rd degree level known as the Illuminated One’s, aka Illuminati. I began listening to AM radio right about the time Cooper was sending his short waves out in 1989. I was fascinated by it.

I have heard tens of thousands of hours of recordings from William Cooper, John Todd, Art Bell, George Noory, Alex Jones, Chuck Missler, Steve Quayle, David Ike, LUCAS and many others. The Internet and YouTube have just made the information concerning conspiracies even grow faster, deeper and wider until just recently. After the economy crashed in 2008, I began noticing a lot of dead ends and more things removed from the Internet. In the early days of the Internet it was all over the place.

I am beginning to see information concerning conspiracies disappear and now strangely consolidating. This consolidation is becoming a political party. Anytime anything is behind politics in this country be careful. I have been listening to this stuff for over 20 years. Out of all the speakers I trust, I trust Chuck Missler the most. He has a calm voice while Alex is nothing but rage.

Alex is encouraging a movement that was started by William Cooper and turning it into a movement of Mcveigh’s and Crazy Conspirators. However, if you listen to Chuck Missler, you’re in for a ride as well. The return of the Nephillim is near. Now according to Missler the Nephillim are still here and among us just as Genesis states. Now according to the Greeks a large highly advanced city known as Atlantis existed. My research has led me to believe these were the fallen angels of Lucifer who took their women and hybrid children to live and rule. They were seen as gods and given names like Zeus. They possessed great technology and shared it with others like the Greeks and the Egyptians but the ocean swallowed Atlantis whole. Now if these creatures exist it is logical to assume they might be somewhere in the ocean.

Revelation (TAP – The Book Of Revelations?) discusses some ancient secret that rises from the deeps of the ocean that once was thought extinct and now is not. Now it is logical to conclude that if these things did exist you might see one of them in the ocean. William Cooper was in Naval Intelligence. He has many recordings warning us about some dimensional demonic beings that come in and out of the sea. According to him, his life changed forever when his entire ship at sea encountered one of these things entering the ocean from the sky. The ocean was completely still as an object as large as a Carrier entered the deeps of the ocean right before his eyes.

After that, William Cooper would eventually leave Naval Intelligence and started his broadcasts. I encourage you to check his Naval Intelligence credentials. He wasn’t scrubbing decks. He had access to a lot of interesting things. Cooper goes on to say he had access to certain files that uncovered a Great Deception. I grew up always thinking about Counter Intelligence stuff so I’m always looking for the spin and counter spin. Cooper had concerns about some files too as possible counter spin to what he saw. He was well aware of that and spoke about the growing misinformation. As I started listening to Cooper in the 90’s he spoke of false flag attacks and warned us that we would all be fooled. He spoke of Timothy McVeigh and 9/11. Some of the things he said about Oklahoma City and Tim McVeigh were unbelievable.

I remember one broadcast in particular where he claimed some ridiculous stuff that made me question his credibility. He mentioned in one broadcast something about Tim McVeigh visiting his home with another man that was not one of the other two involved and arrested. McVeigh told him he was working with Intelligence to help bomb Oklahoma. William told them to leave and kicked him off his property. I continued to listen to Cooper but that broadcast bothered me greatly. I didn’t understand it until recently. New evidence is now being revealed online that lends more credibility to Williams’s story concerning the visit from McVeigh and Mr. X. There was a fourth suspect with McVeigh and more individuals were involved. What Tim claimed that day to Cooper is now being substantiated by retired Oklahoma sheriffs that were on the scene and claim one of their own was now killed over it.

This information is coming from Alex Jones and others. William Cooper despised Alex Jones and called him a traitor. He said he was a government agent. Alex would have none of the Nephillim talk and UFOS and thought William Cooper was a nut and a drunk. On September 11th 2001, William Cooper starts some of his last broadcasts with his prophetic words still reverberating from past shows concerning false flags. It was a very spooky day. 8 week’s later authorities shot and killed William Cooper on his property while serving a warrant. What happened is fuzzy and not clear on exactly what occurred. I believe they had to kill William Cooper but not before they paid him a visit with McVeigh first. Any connection to Oklahoma would have surely crushed William Cooper’s movement and his followers.

Counter Intelligence always has a Plan B with options. I believe the purpose of that visit with McVeigh was an Ace of Spades move that counter intelligence could pull from their stack whenever they wanted to go after William Cooper. They APPRUPTLY ended their pursuit for anyone else, Garth made his song, and it was all forgotten. Even FBI agents have confessed on YouTube that they didn’t like the way the investigation was halted. Nonetheless, Counter Intelligence killed the Intelligence and just took the whole thing over. It would have been too weird to kill him before 9/11 given all his warnings. Instead you wait and use the event itself and take him out. The month following 9/11 was probably the best time to have killed anyone. Another dozen Indians could have been all butchered and scalped on the field with William and it wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow. People were in a daze for weeks.

Now Alex has a massive following and just keeps getting bigger with all the hysteria and lighting a match for another McVeigh. The past weeks its reached epic levels with him having callers call in and encourage people to shoot federal officers when they come to your door. Alex Jones shows are crazy and just the type of stuff that William warned us about.

William Cooper is a unique case. Statistically what happened to him makes him very special. I believe he was chosen. Now Alex Jones has continued to fly the banner left behind by William Cooper with his videos and broadcasts concerning anti censorship, free speech and most importantly the Masons and Conspiracies. He covers literally every single topic of William except two the Nephillim and UFOs. Alex Jones rarely speaks of it. I have been listening to Alex Jones for years and I have never heard him sound more Christian than right now. The word Jesus and Christian sound bytes have been coming out a lot lately from Info Wars. It reminded me of George Bushes Philosopher Jesus answer to the Gore debate. It’s political for Ron Paul.

William Cooper had concerns about Alex Jones. He said he was an agent of the government placed there to be a fear monger and clutter the real information with more useless information some accurate some not but with a lot of hype. He claimed a lot of these AP and ABC sources along with other stories are government disinformation and counter intelligence. What has happened in just the past few months is something else. There are so many conspiracies and articles out now flying off the shelf from Alex Jones I can’t keep up with them anymore. Not to say that some of them are not accurate. They could very well be. If the system owns the banks though don’t they own AP and ABC too?

Alex is getting everyone real excited over a media controlled government. If you ever called into William Cooper he would not be so quick to throw things around on the radio. After Y2K, William Cooper blasted Alex Jones for outright lies and fear mongering about Alex claiming on air live that there were 40,000 people trapped and tanks out on the streets. It’s hilarious. None of it happened. He makes Alex Jones to be a fool but I’m yet to hear Alex Jones properly respond to it. Y2K may have just been a beta test run before the big show ahead. Counter Intelligence runs tests all the time, especially against their own facilities first…i.e. Federal building at Oklahoma. By 2000 those Illuminated in Washington knew the gig was almost up anyway. The housing bubble was one of their last scams to keep the boat afloat a little longer. They needed to begin massive funding on Homeland Security. The warnings that were ignored from Ross Perot were beginning to show. Now that William Cooper is dead, I guess Alex doesn’t have to answer any of this anymore.

During one audio, William Cooper says Alex simply let’s anyone on, with no fact checks and let’s the rumors fly into total “Panic Porn.” Alex Jones has been pounding the Abu Ghraib story pretty hard lately concerning soldiers raping detainees. I really had a hard time believing that considering I was there a couple years after the scandal and the access I had. However, when we arrived, there was a massive porn site hidden within the mainframe. A guy from our unit literally wired up the entire base on WIFI and discovered it later. I would help him run wire on some of my days off. He was the most popular guy on base. WIFIs were crashing all the time and you needed him to fix it for you. As soon as all the soldiers were linked up they began uploading and downloading stuff everywhere and sharing it all around. It eventually was shut down by the CSM. I remember that day, a lot of bummed out soldiers.

TAP – Gregory Pitchford insists every word he says is true. WASP supports him and points out that Alex Jones never mentions the Jesuits, only the Zionists. Jones is on record as giving a talk to a Jesuit College.

Gregory comes across as very genuine on the phone. I spoke to him twice now. His attempt to call Alex Jones took place January 1st 2012, not 2006. That’s when he was at Abu Ghraib. I got that bit wrong. If Alex Jones might just give him a call and clear up any misunderstanding…………


I welcome Alex Jones to call me or email to clear this up. I think its time to find out who is Alex Jones and who was William Cooper. There can only be One. Alex can either admit to being a coward and forced by the government to not contact me under any circumstance, which goes against everything he stands for concerning Freedom of Speech and Government Cencorship and Intrusion or he must be who William Cooper claimed he is, a CIA government frontman. Those are the only two logical conclusions you can derive from these circumstances. I am waiting for you call Alex. What are you afraid of?
Greg Pitchford

Gregory added..

Many from my unit have been contacted over this with a link to your site.

I never mentioned that within minutes of me contacting John, Alex warned me over the radio by saying something about Abu Ghraib and how you don’t want to put yourself out there because you will have a bulls eye on your back. Boy was he right. I’m trying to find that audio clip.

Another interesting thing also happened since I came forward. I ran a search on YouTube concerning Alex Jones and Abu Ghraib and it appears the story is no longer being discussed. I am extremely proud of that. I felt the story was trashing all the soldiers who did their job and served their country while working in Abu Ghraib. What those soldiers did in 2003 was horrible and they dishonored all who served. The soldiers that followed and that had to work there had a very difficult time in the wake of that scandal.

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20 Responses to “He Called Alex Jones, And Ended Up In Hospital.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is either disinformation or truth with disinformation added or truth and unintentional disinformation.

    Why conclude, against all other signals and evidence, that Alex Jones is an agent simply because this occurred?

    First, the phones to Alex Jones’s studios are very likely bugged. That’s why you got an instand adverse reaction – they were listening in. Second, it’s not the methodology of Infowars to break big scandals. Infowars reports what is already in the news.

    • GP says:

      First of all, the story was already out there by Alex. Second, I’ve been listening to Alex Jones probably longer than you have Third, They have had plenty of opportunity to contact me and tell me they were not interested in the story. Lastly, What happened to me is fucking OUTRAGEOUS and the government censorship and intrusion is a story in itself. I’ll be the first to apologize to Alex if I’m wrong but what happened to me deserves a response from Alex at the very least.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Has Pitchford ever entertained the thought that the Infowars telephone line is bugged?

  3. Anonymous says:

    //Now Alex has a massive following and just keeps getting bigger with all the hysteria and lighting a match for another McVeigh.//

    Watch the film “A Noble Lie” – it’s a comprehensive analysis of the Oaklahoma City bombing.

    It was an inside job. Another “McVeigh” = Another false flag.

    Mr. Pitchfork needs to watch and read more Alex Jones if he doesn’t know this basic stuff.

    • GP says:

      Explain this to me. Alex Jones is under attack by the government and supposedly going through the same thing I am, right? Now the government wants Alex to just go away, right? However, I am currently being blocked from posting any comments on YouTube, one of Alex’s greatest assets who he claims is screwing with him too. How is it that I cannot put any negative comments on YouTube concerning Alex Jones. Alex doesn’t control YouTube, Uncle Sam does. The same Uncle that should welcome these attacks on Alex Jones. Wake the f**k up people. I love Alex Jones. I’ve been a follower of him for a very long time but I can’t ignore the evidence. Something is very wrong about this picture. I’m waiting for you guys to present me with a logical alternative to this Theory William Cooper had. I may not agree with everything William Cooper discussed but I do believe in UFO’s. It is my greatest research topic. It only makes sense that a whisteblower on UFO’s would come out of Naval Intelligence. How much time does Alex spend talking about UFO’s? How much time does Alex spend talking about Interdimensional Demonic Beings?…and don’t say David Ike please. I would have to drop a couple hits of acid from my High School days again to just understand that disinformation. David’s on a permanent Mushroom high from the 60’s. You guys listen to that bullshit but won’t give the book of Enoch and Revelation a try. Give me a break! I’m not blaming anyone for the problems I went through. I’m just demanding answers like any normal reasonable person would want after going through something like this. I’m waiting on Alex to explain this and clear things up. What is he afraid of. I’m just a soldier with a story, right? He’s the Great Alex Jones with millions of listeners, what is he afraid of. William Cooper claimed a lot of people were agents for the government. Trust me, when you are truly under attack like he and I were and are, you are suspicious of everyone. You just can’t appreciate something like this until it happens to you. It will send any rational normal individual screaming to 911 for help. Its the spookest thing I have ever gone through. I can only imagine what William Cooper felt like. So wonder why Cooper was pulling guns on people and wouldn’t leave his home in the very end. It makes perfect sense to me after what I went through. The only question I pose about William Cooper is who did he send his most important files to in the very end before his death? Files that the government asked if I had. Files that stopped a rescue operation cold in its tracks at Oklahoma while people were still dieing in the building. Files to this day would be so damaging with the names involved would send a shockwave through the entire system. I currently live in a home with no internet access, cable, phone for a reason….just a very very smart Smart Phone. The same smart phone that agents were dieing to get there hands on in the mental ward while I was begging the staff to break protocal and place it in the safe. You should have seen the look on the agents face when that happened. We all just sat there together looking at each other like idiots laughing. If I had the file, I certainly wouldn’t have it here I assure you. However, I am very confident that William Cooper had sent some files out before he died, very confident. His research predates the Internet. The same Internet my girlfriends father invented. Yes, I said that correctly. Its not an Al Gore line, I assure you. The same internet my girlfriends father invented. The same girlfriend that I hadn’t spoken to in months calling and asking me about certain files Willaim may have sent.

  4. Tapestry says:

    In that case why doesn’t Alex call him to set the record straight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tap, Pitchford has never spoken to Alex Jones. Why should he?

    GP – Alex Jones has woken a lot of people up. You might be bitter with what happened but to turn around and attack Alex Jones for your problems is unnecessary. Perhaps if you weren’t so busy blaming him and citing this William Cooper who believes in reptillians you might get an interview.

  6. Anonymous says:

    //How is it that I cannot put any negative comments on YouTube concerning Alex Jones.//

    Other people can. Maybe it’s just you and there is a technical issue. I doubt you’re views on Alex Jones are individually persecuted. You’re posting here alright.

    You’re using Alex Jones as a scratching post.

    Let’s say, in the hypothetical instance you are correct, Alex Jones works for the CIA.

    – Why put out so much accurate and useful information, against the MSM line?

    – Why wake so many MSM zombies up, where they not only decided to think for themselves and read Alex Jones’ alternative news but to read others too?

    You’re ignoring everything good Alex Jones does and highlighting a small area that he does not cover, and from that you crazily conclude the most paranoid thing you can.

    That’s using him as a scratching post.

    I don’t know why an unfortunate series of events (apparently) occurred after you phoned the Infowars studios. I’m also surprise you jump immediately to the conclusion that it’s the fault of Infowars, not that they were being monitored, or you were already being monitored by the CIA.

    // I’m waiting for you guys to present me with a logical alternative to this Theory William Cooper had//

    My theory is William Cooper was right about some things but not everything.

    //How much time does Alex spend talking about UFO’s? How much time does Alex spend talking about Interdimensional Demonic Beings?//

    How is Alex Jones going to wake up the zombies who know nothing but the MSM spending 50% of the time on the subject of UFOs and demons? It’s difficult enough to attract their attention as it is – before you’ve woken them up. You are being staggeringly unreasonable. It’s hilarious you conclude from this that he’s a CIA agent. I would want much more evidence.

    Have you watched the film “The Noble Lie?”

  7. Jones is a shill, he was put there to cover up the real truth behind 9/11 and to get everyone to back the other shill Ron Paul. Cooper would have called them all out, that’s why they killed him. The Truth Movement was a setup, and infowhores is there to keep you in a box from completely waking up. The elites had that planned just like they planned OWS, wikileaks, the venus project, tea party and every other BS movement. Infowhores is a bunch of JBS and CNP mouthpieces who are there to put Rothschild/Vatican supported Ron Paul get in so they can go to the gold standard on a GLOBAL level under the guise of “sound money”. I’m not a fan of keynesian economics, but Mises/Randian philosiphies were financed by the Rothschilds. They don’t need the “votes” as they already have diebold machines, but they have to appear to have a majority of RP supporters. Any REAL researcher knows that voting doesn’t matter, and the President is a puppet. For anyone who still believes in the multi millionaire and his scary videos, I want you to “google” the incident at the Austin Gun Rally or the John Gray incident where Alex sold him out to ABC’s 20/20. Watch “the Secret Right” by Josh Reeves and check out “The Real News Online” for more info about 9/11, AJ, RP, etc.

  8. Personally I don’t buy everything that Cooper said either, but he was REAL and had the balls to admit when he was wrong. I do believe he denounced the UFO talk, but either way if he were alive he would have a good sized audience and wouldn’t have sat back and watched Alex muddy the waters on 9/11 and he would have done his job of exposing Ron Paul which the “mainstream truth movement” won’t do. I believe this guy is telling the truth about Alex, because it wouldn’t be the 1st time that Alex called the authorities on someone.

  9. Anonymous says:

    // I believe this guy is telling the truth about Alex, because it wouldn’t be the 1st time that Alex called the authorities on someone.//

    Anyone can make a statement like that over the internet. It’s called trolling.

    You people who think Alex Jones is a “shill” – do you actually watch his broadcasts?

    You think the following coverage (listed below) is being a shill? I call YOU a disinformation agent.

    Alex Jones informs his listeners of the dangers of

    * Globalist depopulation agenda
    * Aspartame
    * Fluoride
    * MSG
    * Genetically modified organisms
    * those “Enviro” lightbulbs
    * Bisphinenl-A
    * Radiation levels
    * Vaccines
    * Police state/TSA
    * Globalist warmongering
    * False flag terrorist attacks
    * Sociopathic elite

    There’s much more. No, he doesn’t cover aliens, ufos and new age. So what?

    No, he doesn’t cover 9/11 false flag how I would like. However he’s right it’s a false flag and a secret group did it.

    It’s difficult enough as it is to wake people up without trying to convince people of ball-UFOs and directed energy weapons.

    Alex Jones has a methodology and his own interests. That is, he only covers what is already covered in the official news. On the positive side this strategy gives his work a wide reach. On the negative side he is limited in what he can cover. The only corporation I believe he is shilling for is himself.

    I wonder if Tap will publish something like I have written for balance against the disinformation surely being put out here against Alex Jones?

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont know what has happened to Greg, I served with him over there at Abu Ghraib and have been in and out of contact with him since. He has always been a man with a purpose, first with his song, and secondly making money any way he can, both legally and through illegal means. I don’t know him as this person that he is portraying in this whole story. I saw the porn at Abu and never witnessed or saw any such female being raped in those pictures. I feel for Greg, sometimes issues come out later in life that stem from what you see in war, maybe this is Gregs problem.

    • GP says:

      It is correct. I was in the marijuana trade for quite a long time and went broke for being involved with it. Money used to be the only thing I ever cared about. This experience has changed my life forever. I pledged to you all right here and right now, if any money is made from this I will give it all back to a organization that helps Veterens. I was not sure if I wanted to include my music in this for this exact reason that is mentioned above. I can only tell you that what happened to me was real. You can decide for yourself how crazy you think I am.

  10. Tapestry says:

    I also misunderstood the story initially. The rape of the teen was threatened for use against him, as a way to silence him. He had no knowledge of such an event prior to it being suggested for use to cover the government’s embarrassment about the porn, and the suggestion that the story was going to be released on the Alex Jones show, and the President would get involved in admitting the event had taken place.

    It was part of the blowback strategy to silence ‘Greg’.

    I note that while critical of him, you back up his initial allegations about the porn site.

    Re Alex Jones, of course we look at all sides to this. The accusation is of silence on an important matter, possible assistance with the government in silencing Greg.

    If the government was mounting maximum defence, it would not be surprising if Jones decided to cooperate too. What could they threaten him with?

    Fear is used on all players from those at the top.

    Greg has been very brave in continuing to insist his story is told, despite all the difficulties placed in his way, any demons in his mind, and any past that exposure may rake up. I have no idea. I try to offer balance by not deleting any comments other than spam, and allowing people to speak, who otherwise would be silenced.

    If Greg had such a bad past as you say, why hasn’t it been used against him? They are looking out for stuff.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ive had a bad feeling about AJ for a couple of Started listening to him when I was nd 17 or 18 years old. I am 34 now. My dad is an avid follower. But I just have my doubts about him. Too many times I have seen him act in ways to make anyone with half a brain think WTF? And his “followers”? Sounds like some tyrannical cult to me. All those who worship him and never question him are part of the sheeple movement in America today. I am not surprised all this happened at all. Lesson learned: be mindful of who you trust and choose to disclose sensative information to.

  12. otter walks says:

    Well TAP I’ve tried to submit and as you have noted of late you are in the cross hairs. I can’t get Google to submit my post Cheers for censorship would not want any of that talk being available. I’ll try a different approach, we will see what we will when the time is right… Survive-All… May that which “Is” be with all here and now…

  13. Julia says:

    It is quite possible if GP has been in a hospital that he is being mind controlled. I cannot take anyone seriously who wants to replace the phrase “child abuse” with “pornography”. All the mainstream papers call child abuse “child pornography” thus trying to normalise it in our society to the top shelf in WH Smiths. The correct term is “pictures or records of child abuse”, which is what The Tap rightly used. Abu Garib is already discredited anyway, so it is not that big a story. The main thrust of the story is to discredit Alex Jones, and send us off to one single new trusted source. The story feels like it is trying to compete with the Bill Wood interview. For a while on The Tap, we have been saying that interference on a story is proof of its authenticity. It was only a matter of time before OWG would interfere on something they had planted, which they wanted to be taken as the truth. Anyone labelled a CIA agent in alternative news circles seems to be ok to me!

  14. JediBotanist says:

    Umm… The Alex Jones Show did a rebroadcast for New Years day 2012, and no there was no nightly news broadcast that day either… GP, TAP wanna tell me how that happened? Maybe a type-o? Still though, I don’t guess that would explain why its part of the story that you wanted to blow the whistle on the first day of 2012?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Dear Gregory thankyou for sharing your circumstances with us all.
    after reading all your notes i feel your pain & understand it is very difficult.
    I have had many troubles in my life also. my sister died at 25 but she left me a small poem i vaguely remember part:-
    Dont give up, keep going on, keep going on, many fall by & give up at the brow of the hill/mountain just when your so close to your goal. so dont give up.

    Yep i screwed up but you get the gist.

    please be strong stick with it things will pan out especially when you’ve come so far.

    Go listen to relaxing music or music from your past utubes good for that.

    Your brain may be going 24/7 but you have to have a break or distraction & rest.

    (i did obtain a relaxation machine)

    Get a simple pen & paper & make notes, always keep it by your side.
    helps keep you on track.

    Be strong & as they say:- some will, some wont, so what!!

    I’m sure you have more friends here than you realise so dont loose sight of your key goals.

    We’re all routing for you mate.

    the best

    ps maybe a daily swim, run or work out at the gym will clear your head & improve your focus.

  16. Zoompad says:

    A lot of those things have happened to me. I have had my computers hacked, and documents that I made changed. There were things appearing on my computer – duplicate documents, with a funny dollar sort of sign on them. When I want to open one window, three open. Vehicles outside my house, my mobile phone disconnected. Unable to recieve Youtube comments. All sorts. I am a child abuse survivor, Staffordshire Pindown.

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