British Conservatives Are Sold Out To Human Sterilisation

Road Hog writes

(TAP – we had a couple of posts just now which identify human sterilisation and population reduction as the aim of genetically modified/engineered foods)

If the Tories stay in government then we will get GM food here. Caroline Spelman Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has a company that effectively campaigns for people like Monsanto.

Luckily for me, I have a small vegetable plot, a green house and I’m just about to take on an allotment. Plus I live in a rural area where we have farm shops, selling cheap organic and free range stuff. When I get the allotment, I’m going to get a couple of chickens.

For those reading, compare these prices from the farm shop to what you pay. Free range eggs (6) 99p, just gone up from 95p this weekend. A 25KGs bag of spuds (potatoes) £3, normally about £6, but the seconds/oversize and the Fambos (great for chips) are currently £3.

You’d struggle to get 5KGs of spuds for £3 in the supermarket.

I can’t wait to get my allotment, the missus can do all the work, and I’ll just get myself a shed (next to the chickens), get plenty of beer in and put the radio on radio 4 and listen to the cricket.

(TAP – Dream on, Road Hog. Anyhow why aren’t you making your own beer? Or are you?)

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