BNP Are Party Of Managed Dissent

Diablo Salute. Is Ron Paul an Illuminati blind alley set up top neutralise possible opposition to the Police State that’s taking over America?

Introductory Update – February 9, 2008
Late last night, Ron Paul conceded his place in the presidential race and did so quoting Trotsky, of all people. If nothing else this only emphasises suspicions outlined in the article below.

A similar ruse has been tried on British voters, when the British National Party, led by a known intelligence asset, campaigned on issues of “patriotism” and “anti-immigration”. As it turned out the BNP did absolutely nothing on those issues but used them to rally support and then lead disaffected voters up a blind alley.

Where it then promptly left them. Thereby neutering any feelings of discontent among voters before they could coalesce into a genuine, popular political movement.

This is how the voting public is now manipulated in the West.

Seems like Ron Paul has just pulled a similar trick on American voters.

Is Ron Paul All That He Seems?

Although completely ignored by the mainstream media, the El Diablo hand sign has become a trademark for success in U.S. politics.

From Dan Quayle and Bill Clinton to George W. Bush, right down to Bush’s wife and daughters, just about every major player in American politics has been caught flaunting the El Diablo salute.

Now one of few U.S. politicians with any apparent semblance of integrity has been spotted displaying the same hand signal.

The videos linked below are pretty inconclusive and prove nothing either way. But the photo clearly shows Paul displaying the now infamous hand signal.

We leave it for readers to decide if Paul is consciously signalling his true allegiance or whether this is just a simple coincidence.

It may be entirely innocent, unlike the Bush family who have been photographed repeatedly and quite brazenly flauntinging the El Diablo salute, as was the case at George W. Bush’s last inauguration.

Ron Paul on the other hand may have simply been waving harmlessly, unaware of the real significance of the exact gesture.

The arguement that the gesture is simply a signal of support for the University of Texas Longhorns is simply a crock. Former Italian leader Belusconi has also been pictured making the gesture, along with other prominent international figures, and we are pretty sure that they are not all Texas Lonhorn supporters.

Admittedly the photo, pulled from an Internet video, is not of the highest quality, so perhaps we should not read too much into it. Nonetheless, the El Diablo hand sign or satanic salute has become a feature of American politics and it’s as well to be aware of it as and when it appears.

So for the time being this web site will reserve judgement on -Ron Paul but would suggest readers bear this in mind. For the Illuminati have a history of fielding political candidates who appear to oppose the New World Order but whose real function is to lead opposition to the Illuminati in entirely the wrong direction, thereby neutralising it.

Only time will tell whether Ron Paul is one such.

And to those readers who were offended by this report: we reserve judgement on Ron Paul and the photo but America is in such dire straits politically because its politicians are no longer held to account for their actions. This is precisely why the likes of Bush and Cheney are currently in the White House and things wont change until ordinary Americans hold their leaders to account.

Below, links to videos sent in by a reader:

This video shows Ron Paul flashing it as he comes up to the podium and there is a close up of it.

El Diablo is a regular Ron Paul signal. Why?

The Truth Seeker

Asking if Nick Griffin is a Freemason may seem like an odd question to ask, but if the answer is yes then it seems almost certain that the BNP is what’s referred to as ‘controlled opposition’.

Logic would suggest that no one could really be as dumb as Griffin makes himself out to be. It’s so obvious when he’s let loose on the media that something doesn’t add up. The experiment of giving him high exposure as on BBC Question Time, hasn’t been repeated.(TAP)

When I first started investigating the New World Order, or world government, agenda a few things became clear quite quickly. One of which was that throughout history the elite controllers of the enslavement system we live in have always planned very far ahead and attempted (and usually succeeded) in controlling both sides of any situation.

This is necessary in order to benefit from one of their favoured techniques known as the Hegelian dialectic. In short the theory is that a thesis results in a reaction, or anti-thesis and the resulting tension between the two is resolved by the synthesis. Those behind the drive for a NWO realised that if you can control both the thesis and the anti-thesis then you are also able to control the outcome or synthesis. This being one of the key ways the agenda is advanced.

It is especially true of politics where it seems clear that all the major political parties are controlled to some degree. Our ‘democracy’ is little more than a charade or theatre for the masses. We have the Labour/ left/international Marxists (thesis) and the Conservative/right/globalist capitalists (anti-thesis) both played off against each other to give the illusion of democracy and to further the agenda. What it seems we actually have is a shadow government that is perpetually in power and that is controlled by, and operates in the interests of, a parasitical elite few and their acolytes. The politicians that we assume are in power are mostly either puppets or dupes.

As I delved deeper into the agenda it soon became apparent that many modern day ‘problems’ were actually created by those behind the NWO with a view to furthering the agenda. One example of this is immigration, which I soon learned had very little to do with the economy (although it did allow those who were already incredibly wealthy to become even wealthier). Far more important was the need to subvert the nation and national identity of the indigenous people of these islands. The idea being that the path towards World Government would be smoothed and nationalist resistance of any sort severely weakened.

Mass immigration provides further benefits to the NWO agenda in the form of the age-old elite tactic of divide and rule (or diversity and multiculturism as it’s euphemistically called). Add to these things the corrosive and subversive nature of the prevailing political correctness and you can clearly see the widespread influence of the cultural Marxists of the infamous Frankfurt School, itself a tool of the globalists.

It had also become perfectly obvious that we had been, and were still being, lied to about the true nature of the European Union. A moderate amount of investigation soon revealed it as being corrupt, undemocratic and merely a stepping-stone towards World Government.

As I researched more I also began to appreciate the crucial role of the secret society networks in the New World Order agenda, in particular that of the freemasons. Establishing Tony Blair was a freemason was fairly easy but although Gordon Brown had a history of freemasonry in his family, it was a while before I got the confirmation that he too was a member of the ‘craft’.

I had always been a mindless Labour voter. Like many I thought they were for the relatively poor, working class people like me. It seemed they were our best defense against the super rich, the fat cats and the upper classes who exploited and suppressed us. How wrong I was. I can see now I had been sucked into the false left/right political paradigm that had been carefully created, financed and controlled by the same oligarchical globalists behind the NWO. On top of that it was evident that control of the Labour party had also long been in their hands, particularly through the influence of those ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’, the Fabians.

Before I truly understood the false nature of our sham democracy I began looking for alternatives to the Labour party. The BNP caught me eye because at first glance it appeared they were the only one that had policies that were resistant to the globalist agenda. Of course, this came with a price, which was their supposed ‘racism’ and ‘fascism’.

As my investigations continued I began to find many more links between freemasonry, the World Government agenda and the control of political parties. It was around this time that I discovered a blog (now defunct) by a former BNP councilor who was now writing about New World Order related subjects. I ended up corresponding with him and found out that one of the reasons for him leaving the party was because he was convinced that both Griffin and his deputy, the press secretary Simon Darby, were state controlled. This got me thinking and I couldn’t help wondering if Nick Griffin could also, possibly, be a freemason.

It didn’t take me long to find out that Griffin’s father Edgar was a member of the Welchpool Lodge. He had been made a Worshipful Commander in 2005 and honoured as Masonry’s ‘longest serving brother of grand rank’ in 2008 after 61 years as a freemason. In addition Edgar’s father and Nick’s grandfather, Edwin was also a mason.

I was reminded of an observation made by Alan Watt of ‘Cutting Through the Matrix’. He describes the masonic practice of ‘grafting’ where it would take at least two generations of a family being involved with masonry before any member would be entrusted with anything of real importance.

As I dug a little further I found alleged links to masonic accountants and even a picture of Griffin (for many more images of political figures giving masonic handshakes please click on the link) apparently giving the French leader of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, a masonic handshake.

Nothing conclusive you might argue. But because I was beginning to understand the way those behind the New World Order operate and the significant role that freemasonry and other secret societies have, it certainly gave me more than pause for thought.

I then came across other claims that Griffin was controlled in some way, which just added fuel to the fire. Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance, in an essay about the leadership challenge of Tory Iain Duncan Smith, said that:

“Since he became leader of the British National Party, I have taken it for granted that Nick Griffin is a controlled man. I do not know if it is details of his sex life or of his financial management that can be used against him, or if there is some other more elaborate secret that the security services have discovered and that he does not want to be revealed.”

He said this as a result of his suspicions that Griffin senior being ‘discovered’ (at just the right time) as part of Duncan Smith’s Conservative party leadership campaign was an attempt to sabotage it by the British state.

In an essay on the Truth Seeker website the author refers to his friend Dave Starbuck who knew Nick Griffin. He claimed Griffin was “in the pay of British Intelligence”.

Starbuck further asserted that “Griffin ousted the former leader of the British National Party by careful manipulation and as soon as he took control of the party he altered policies and procedures to ensure he stayed in control. Anyone who disagreed with him was thrown out of the party while Griffin made a point of promoting cronies to prominence’. This was done ‘at the behest of British Intelligence … in an effort to neutralise what may have become a genuine stumbling block to the New World Order”.

A recent essay on the nationalist blog ‘Griffin Watch’ makes a persuasive case for Griffin being a state intelligence asset. His presence in the party is said to be like that of a ‘trojan’ computer virus that’s designed to destabilise and restrict the effectiveness of the BNP.

As I began to understand more about how the Hegelian dialectic worked and how it was used to further the world government agenda I began to realise that if the BNP didn’t exist then ‘they’ would have to invent them.

I think the thing that confirmed my suspicions was the way Griffin handled the fall out from the 2002 C4 documentary, ‘Young Nazi and Proud’. The ‘young Nazi’ in question was Mark Collett, the then leader of the young BNP. As well as describing himself as ‘evil’ he also made several statements in praise of Hitler and the Nazis. There was, inevitably, a great deal of negative publicity. The BNP tried to deflect this by sacking Collett as the young BNP leader. It wasn’t long, however, before he was reinstated as the BNP’s head of publicity. A post he held up until only very recently (he has since been sacked for an unrelated matter).

This was a situation that some party members and activists resented claiming that it would be seen as proof the party was all that their opponents claimed it was. They attempted to facilitate some reforms, including sacking Mark Collett. Griffin resisted these reforms and protected Collett, even claiming he could become a future leader of the party some day. Inevitably, this culminated in a split and a number of people left.

More recently there was a furore when two young members of the BNP were interviewed on BBC radio in September 2009. One of them, Mark, was the cause of the outrage when he made a remark about Chelsea full back Ashley Cole not being ethnically British. It doesn’t matter whether you think this is true or not the point is that ‘Mark’ had succeeded in causing a great deal of controversy and bringing negative publicity to the party. It turns out that ‘Mark’ was none other than Mark Collett and it was the BNP’s press officer and deputy leader Simon Darby who had sent him. Innocent mistake, or carefully contrived set up?

More importantly, all those ‘Unite Against Fascism’ banners that say the ‘BNP are a Nazi party’ are justified by, amongst other things, Collett’s presence.

I began to see how the BNP were an essential part of the dialectic that enabled opposition to mass immigration, multiculturism, cultural Marxism, the European Union and the wider globalisation agenda to be labeled as extreme, fascist, xenophobic, racist or Nazi. All very strong mind control trigger-words, which were now to be associated with any form of nationalist resistance to the New World Order.

There was also another benefit of having the BNP disparaged in such a way. Many of the issues they raise are ignored or not discussed because to do otherwise would give ‘aid to the fascists’ or something similar. Again very clever mind control tactics employed by the elites. Even if you raise concerns about issues such as multiculturism or mass immigration you run the risk of being labelled a BNP ‘fellow traveller’ and indirectly tagged with the slurs mentioned above.

I was already aware of how important ‘shaping public perception’ was to the overall plan and now it was clear that the BNP played a crucial role in this. The dynamics of this is illustrated in the following section taken from an essay on the Hidden Evil website. (Anthony) Sutton and (Patrick) Wood warned:

“Anyone in the U.S. who promotes unwelcome news for the elite receives some unwelcome attention in return.” This attention includes the use of experts, mainstream media and anti-hate organizations for well-coordinated character assassination. According to author Perloff, a document released by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, on September 23, 1956 entitled, Propaganda and the Alert Citizen outlined the tactics reportedly used by the Establishment to discredit opposition.

Quoting from this document, Perloff wrote, “The tactic used had a prototype in a directive issued by the Communist Party… It read: When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups, as Fascist or Nazi or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of anti-Fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. … In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.”
The BNP in its current form and leadership allow these associations to be easily made. This is absolutely essential to those shadowy, super rich, elites who want to destroy the nations and peoples of Britain in favour of a totalitarian World Government.
Many well meaning people are duped into inadvertently assisting and furthering this agenda. Even more are manipulated into thinking that any resistance to the agenda is extreme or fascist or any of the other names that ‘have a bad smell’.

This is also just one small example of the way in which our perceptions are ‘managed’. Perception management is no less than mind control or brainwashing. It is a sad fact that we in Britain are brainwashed to a shocking degree from birth to death. In fact it seems we are something of a world leader in this dark art. In the essay ‘Brainwashing: How the British Use the Media for Mass Psychological Warfare’ media ‘expert’ Hal Becker is quoted as saying:

“The media is the most powerful weapon and ‘agent of change’ in the fight to establish a ‘one-worldist,’ neo-Malthusian order that will transcend and obliterate the concept of the nation-state.”

Make no mistake, it is the intention of the elites to destroy Britain and mass immigration and multiculturism are two of the methods they are using.

Another example of brainwashing would be the way we are constantly told, in an Orwellian fashion, that diversity is strength. The truth is that multiculturism or ‘diversity’ is intentionally divisive. It’s ‘divide and rule’ dressed up as ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’.

Perhaps the word with the baddest smell of all is ‘racist’. It’s said to have been originally coined by Leon Trotsky but it soon became one of the most important tools that the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School would use in their attempts to undermine and destroy Western civilisation. Many people live in fear of being labeled a ‘racist’ and as such it’s still a powerful form of (mind) control. However its overuse (and misuse) in recent times has seen it become increasingly devalued and devoid of any real meaning.

If the sorts of tactics described by Perloff are to be effective, then the thesis that is the BNP requires an antithesis. This is provided by several far left groups including one called Searchlight. Searchlight is run by Gerry Gable, who once stood for election as a Communist party candidate. This more than anything highlights the absurdity and hypocrisy of the left’s accusations of Nazi towards the BNP. It seems what we are supposed to believe is Communism good, Fascism bad. What we get is Communism as anti-Fascism. Looking at the activities of the ‘Unite Against Fascism’ organization, it seems to me that the, so called, anti-Fascists are the new Fascists. We see violence, intimidation and attempts to suppress free speech, all justified by the claim that the BNP are Nazi’s. It appears that being able to label someone as a Fascist or Nazi immediately legitimizes the use of violence against them.

What’s actually happening is any form of nationalistic resistance to the New World Order agenda is being neutralized through fear and association with the mind control buzzwords such as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’. The greatest irony is that the anti-Fascists are (most likely inadvertently in the main) helping to bring about a tyranny much worse than that they claim to oppose.

It’s the portrayal of the BNP as a ‘Nazi’ or ‘fascist’ party that increases the vitriol directed at them and galvanises the support for far left organisations such as ‘Hope Not Hate’ and ‘UAF’. That level of support would be a great deal less if the BNP were shown to be the moderate nationalist party that most of their policies show them to be. Instead it’s the spectre of ‘what they are really like’ or ‘what they’ll really do if they gain power’ that’s used to scare the masses. Indeed, if it wasn’t for the state infiltration of the BNP they would have done much better in the last election. The NWO know this which is why any form of nationalist resistance has to be neutralised.

As an aside, it’s also worth remembering that Communism has been responsible for many more millions of deaths than Fascism. They are two sides of the same coin and in reality there is very little difference between the two systems. Both are extremely repressive, murderous, totalitarian dictatorships. The difference is that Communism hasn’t been demonized to quite the same degree as Fascism. This is largely because Fascism has become (intentionally) associated with nationalism. Whereas Communism has been portrayed in a slightly better light as being essentially good intentioned (for the poor and the downtrodden) or not quite implemented properly. Both caricatures are wide of the mark.

In the run up to the recent European elections it seemed obvious to me that the media were using reverse psychology to build up the BNP. As well as being conspicuously anti-EU Nick Griffin has also begun talking about the New World Order agenda itself. With the EU being a component of the World Government system being implemented it seems that resistance to the New World Order itself is now to be subconsciously associated with such things as extremism, fascism, racism and the Nazis. By now it should be obvious that the war that is undoubtedly being waged against us is, partly at least, a psychological one.

Perhaps one more cause for suspicion is how the BNP have become so focused on the issue of Islam. There is a great deal of evidence that points to a ‘clash of civilisations’ being fermented between the Judeo/Christian West and the Islamic East. This is being done for several reasons.

Firstly, it will be a major contributor towards the ‘chaos’ out of which the New World Order is meant to be born. It remains to be seen as to exactly what form this ‘clash’ will take. A third World War would likely serve the population reduction agenda as well as reducing the remaining populations to a state of extreme fear. A form of global government will then be proposed so that ‘this can never happen again’. This is a trick they’ve performed before.

On a national level, if a wider war with the Islamic world did break out, it would certainly spread to the streets of Britain. This would leave the public begging for protection and so further the expansion of the already widespread, Orwellian, Big Brother style, police state. Many suspect that the newly formed ‘English Defense League (EDF) is state controlled. At the very least they are being allowed to cause unrest within the Islamic community, further stoking the fires for future widespread disturbances.

Secondly, all the indications are that a world religion is also an element of the proposed New World Order. There’s no doubt that the ‘clash’ will be used as one of the reasons why this is necessary. In a letter to Italian freemason and revolutionary leader Giusseppe Mazzini, purportedly written in 1871, the then head of American Freemasonry, Albert Pike, wrote about plans for three World Wars that would be necessary to bring about the New World Order. As well as accurately predicting World War’s one and two Pike outlined plans for a third World War that:

“… must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the ‘Illuminati’ (a title that usually refers to the very highest levels of the secret society networks said to be behind the drive for a NWO) between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.”

The BNP are playing a central part in slowly formenting this ‘clash’. I have to be honest at this point and say I’m no fan of Islam (quite the reverse, for reasons too many to list here) but it’s obvious that Muslims are being manipulated into conflict with the West. Anyone who thinks that Muslims were directly responsible for such terrorist atrocities as 9/11 or 7/7 need only do a reasonable amount of research to discover a wealth of evidence that proves otherwise.

There are a great many in this country for whom the BNP is the one remaining hope for salvation. I don’t think for a second that the overwhelming majority of these people are racists or fascists or any of the other ‘words that have a bad smell’ that we’ve been trained, Pavlovian style, to associate with them. I do, however, think they’ve been led up a blind alley, a cul-de-sac where they can be safely herded and monitored as the world government agenda progresses.

Those on the ‘left’, along with ethnic minorities themselves, need to reflect on the extent to which they’ve been duped by the dark forces behind the NWO. If any ethnic minority thinks that things such as the ‘equality’ legislation that, in certain circumstances, sees them favoured over native British people in the job market is for their benefit, they are sadly mistaken. We are constantly being told how we are ‘progressing’ as if towards some sort of Utopia. The truth is rather less appealing. We are being led like blind donkeys into an Orwellian hell.

There are numerous other hypocrisies and double standards. For example there are hundreds, if not thousands, of ethnic minority only organisations (many government funded) whereas any attempt to do something similar for the native English, Scots, Irish and Welsh would be greeted by screams of ‘racist’ or ‘extremist’. Does that seem fair? Does it make sense? This and much more is easily explained when the wider agenda is understood.

But the agenda goes way beyond the destruction of the British. Albert Pike, mentioned above, spoke of how the human race was “to be integrated into a mass of mongrelised humanity and enslaved body, mind and soul.” Ask yourself why it is that those behind the NWO feel the need for humanity to be ‘mongrelised’. The ‘left’ may villify the ‘right’ and vice versa but both ‘sides’ need to realise just who are their true enemies.

Some imagine that what is happening is recompense for things such as slavery or the empire, but both of these things were funded and implemented by the ancestors of the same elites that enslave us in more covert ways today. In truth the majority of native Britons were little more than slaves (serfs/vassals) themselves. Even when they were ‘free’ to work in the factories of the industrial revolution they worked in terrible conditions for little pay. So much so that in a speech by the Reverend J. Stephens at a church meeting in Crampton, in the middle of the nineteenth century, in reference to the awful conditions that his parishioners laboured under, stated that they “would rather be a slave in South Carolina than a factory operative in England.”

There are not many areas of life in Britain where there isn’t now an ‘equality’ or ‘diversity’ agenda of some sorts. This is particularly true of schools and colleges. Again ethnic minorities may think that this is all for their benefit when the truth is that these things are merely an excuse for a massive amount of social engineering that only advances the fascist New World Order.

In my research I’ve been pleased to note that the overwhelming majority of nationalists, including members of the BNP, realise that ethnic minorities are not to blame for what’s happening and that although there are exceptions the majority are as much victims in what is happening as the native British. The leadership of the BNP encourage the finger of blame to be pointed at politicians but even this is a, likely intentional, mistake. As pointed out above, most politicians are either dupes or puppets. Yes they are complicit to some degree but our focus should go beyond them into the shadows where those with the real power lurk.

The relentless drive for this New World Order, which can only be described as a totalitarian world government, is very real. There’s plenty of evidence for those who care to ‘wake up’ and make even a modest amount of research. If they did it would be clear that this is not in the best interests of the vast majority of humanity, regardless of their ethnic origin.

This is a war being waged against all humanity and many of the weapons used are psychological. Expect many pleas for ‘unity’ or ‘oneness’ or ‘coming together’ as a consequence of the actions of the elites. It’s likely that these pleas will be coming from agents of the elites themselves.

Don’t be fooled, world government is a very bad idea whoever suggests it. Our best defense against the actions of the elites is for national sovereignty to prevail and for each human being in that nation to be personally sovereign and free.

Sovereign nations can then co-operate freely on any genuine problems that we face.

Yes, we need to avoid the traps that have been carefully laid in order to set one racial or religious group against another. Yes, we need to work together in order to defeat the NWO. However we should resist the temptation to do anything which would destroy the real diversity of the world which is its many, varied and wonderful races, creeds and cultures. That includes the native peoples of Britain.

Once the NWO has been defeated then we will at last be able to discuss the issues surrounding mass immigration and multiculturism without the brainwashing, lies and disinformation that abound at present. After that what you do should be your own free choice. That includes those of British descent, who don’t want to be merged into a multiculturism dictated to them by government, at the least, being allowed to live in their own communities.

One area of co-operation should be the drive for a new banking and financial system. The current one is the central pillar of the elite’s control system. Those on ‘the left’ could help to provide real solutions to the poverty seen in developing countries. This in turn would see the need for emigration from those countries disappear and even serve as an incentive for many immigrants to return to their country of origin. This would be a welcome development with Britain, particularly England, already being one of the most densely populated countries on the planet.

There’s nothing specifically moral or good about mass immigration or multiculturism. In fact, when imposed without the consent of the people and even against their wishes, it’s arguably quite the reverse.

It’s been observed several times before that the NWO follow some sort of ‘occult law’ that requires ‘revelation of the method’. What this means is that, however obliquely, they have to be open about what they are doing and what will happen in the future. It’s my suspicion that the BNP is one of their vehicles for this.

Just because these are issues that the BNP are discussing, or points they are making, don’t be fooled into ignoring them or mindlessly taking up the opposite position so as to ‘defeat the fascists’. The real fascists are those behind the New World Order and the sooner we all wake up to that fact the better.

They’re brainwashing us into thinking we’re progressing towards some sort of utopia when in reality it’s hell that will be the New World Order.

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7 Responses to “BNP Are Party Of Managed Dissent”

  1. Anonymous says:

    //They’re brainwashing us into thinking we’re progressing towards some sort of utopia when in reality it’s hell that will be the New World Order.//

    The Fulford and Wilcock info suggests if we can defeat the NWO technologiesw ill be unlocked meaning our civilization can proceed to a golden age.

    We mustn’t forget this as the NWO want us to think progress is impossible so we hate (them) not love (all), which enables them to divide and rule us.

    – Me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you think Griffin is stupid,you are misled. He is well informed, an eloquent speaker with a command of English that provides a blistering turn of phrase.

    I think Mr tap you need a break, too much info, specially all this alien, and jesuit shite is spoiling a good blog. All this Hitler ant Christian diatribe is horse apples too.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, We can tell there are elections coming up, when the nasty Nazi films, are having another showing on TV.
    Russia and Germany invaded Poland in 1939. Yet Russian involvement has been errased out of History.
    History usually repeats itself, hence it’s affinity for false flags.
    It was Stalin who said, “it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”.
    Only Christianity and Nationalism stand between us and the Communism/Socialism of the NWO.
    Let us pray the Americans do not give up, the right to bear arms.

  4. Tapestry says:

    re Griffin, I said ‘as stupid as he makes himself out to be’, which is not the same as saying that he is stupid. Far from it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, History tell’s us that Stalin and Hitler were Freemasons.
    Griffins Father was a top Freemason, so like father like son.
    He was trained as a solicitor, most are Freemasons.
    Freemason law says they can tell lies whenever they want, as long as the end justifies the means.
    So Freemasons can never be trusted.
    Griffin could never be trusted.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Griffin is a lot more trustworthy than they shitehawks we have now. He has the heart of a lionand has borne a heavy load for along long time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tap – you forgot to mention the spurious laws enacted by the last government, not least the anti-civil liberties laws which include the recording on databases our emails, phone calls and texts.
    Further to this overt infringement on our liberties (in the name of ‘security, of course) the population of the UK is approximately 1% of the world’s population, yet we have 25% of the world’s surveillance systems on our streets.

    Remind me – who is it they call the Fascists?

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