Berlusconi Arrested.

As Wasp writes, Fulford is a key source of information as to what is happening in the world. Here is his latest report vis B4IN.

UPDATE 2-20-12: Silvio Berlusconi Trial: Prosecutors Seek 5-Year Term.

This week’s Ben Fulford provides a wealth of information…. Continuing the theme of arrests, this report gives more detail into what is occurring behind the scenes. He states that even Silvio Berlusconi was arrested, but I have found no news sources that have reported that. [Someone found one at HuffPost: Silvio Berlusconi Trial: Prosecutors Seek 5-Year Term ]


Particular attention is going to be directed at the Pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as satanic corporations like Microsoft and Monsanto, according to the Pentagon sources.

Rahm Emmanuel, Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, J. Rockefeller, the Bushes and the various “Neocons,” are also due for arrest, according to multiple sources.

Benjamin Fulford February 20, 2012 – A March 31 Deadline By The Gnostic “Illuminati” Faction

Much of this report, I did not understand… Why is the Pentagon involved?
Who speaks for the Pentagon?
Will the puppet President be arrested? If so, when?
When will we see Geitner and Bernanke go down, in flames?
What about the notorious George Bush, Jr and Sr?
When are we going to have the pleasure of watching them handcuffed and put where they belong?
We read this news and get excited, but all signs of this being reality are hidden from us, by the state-controlled media sources.

We are sick of being slaves! We are sick of the controls and we are tired of legislation which further restricts our movements, while granting more unconstitutional authority to the nefarious government!

Anyone who delves into the facts finds one conspiracy after another and trillions and trillions stolen by those who have the power and the control over everything – from the CIA to the United Nations. We keep asking, ‘When is this going to come to an end? Finally.

SOURCELive Free Or Die on Before It’s News.

HUFFPOST quotes Reuters as source.

MILAN, Feb 15 (Reuters) – Italian prosecutors on Wednesday asked a court to sentence former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi to five years in prison on charges of paying British lawyer David Mills a $600,000 bribe to lie about Berlusconi’s business interests.

Mills, husband of former British cabinet minister Tessa Jowell, has had a 4-1/2-year jail sentence for taking the bribe dropped as a statute of limitations took effect.

Should Berlusconi be found guilty, the verdict would be little more than symbolic as his lawyers would appeal and the case would have to be dropped because the alleged crime dates back to 1997 – and would also fall under a statute of limitations.

Berlusconi, 75, is also trial on charges of tax fraud and of paying for sex with an underage prostitute, and is due to go on trial on March 15 on charges of revealing confidential information in a case related to a 2005 banking scandal. (Reporting By Sara Rossi; Editing by Kevin Liffey)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, This is what the Elite do best, evade the Law.
    They do it because they can.
    Because they don’t have the same morals as you or I, they use Lawyers to prolong the court cases until they run out of time.
    Then they get off scott free.
    It’s a tried and tested method they have used for hundreds of years, because, they made the law in the first case.

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