Anonymous Are Internet False Flag Operatives.

From 2012 The Awakwening – You may have seen this by now, it popped up every where almost instantaneously. This is a great idea if enough people comply, but without mass participation it won’t have the desired impact. So there’s a month to get the word out so people have time to get used to the idea of not buying or downloading entertainment, going to the theater etc. It should also extend to turning the TV off for good so people are no longer influenced by advertising or downloading images of a false reality.

There are all things I stopped doing upon moving to Hawaii two years ago, not only due to financial reasons but as a way to unplug from the system and reconnect with nature, Gaia and Spirit. The only things that are truly pure and real.

TAP – Isn’t Gaia the new compulsory world religion, which will demand children sterilise themselves to save the earth, all promoted by the United Nation and its real head Maurice Strong? All religion is potentially harmful if wrongly applied. I agree about getting back to the source. The words of Jesus Christ were ‘adapted’ by empires to remove all criticism of slavery, and wars. Yet The Prince Of Peace in the original was against all these things, and the takeover of religion by money. Today The Pope equivocates about paedophilia. He says that a natural urge cannot be called absolutely wrong. I ask you.

Otherwise, yes. Let’s tell people to switch off, not just for one month, but for the rest of their lives. Get rid of the TV and radio. Like you, I never commune with the media. It makes you much happier, and much clearer in your thoughts.

The only problem with the initiative in the video – Operation Black March – is that it comes from Anonymous. They are a false flag operation, used to discredit other internet users by engaging in campaigns which are illegal. They are also used to suck up dissent and control it, preventing other organisations and bloggers like us from having our voices heard. On the Tap, we always recommend people stop buying papers, magazine and watching TV or movies. Take to the free internet and find out what’s really going on. Be wary of organisations like Anonymous, and sites like Wellaware that seem to offer quick solutions, but which only muddy the waters. They are The Pied Pipers of the internet, playing an amazing tune to draw out the children, while evil makes strides. Make your own music.

Sent in by Zheng Yong.

See Anonymous Is CIA False Flag Operation.

Is 2012 The Awakening a suspect site? I’ll let you be the judge. This one post is full of suggestion that it might be.

Here are Anonymous doing the media’s bidding again, trying to claim Ron Paul is a White Supremacist. Obama would be proud.

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  1. Zheng Yong says:

    Hi Tap,

    I think it is not a suspect site.

    After all, a few people know that Anonymous is CIA False Flag Operation.

    This website may be aware of Anonymous.
    Thank You.

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