America 2050: Eleven ‘Mega Regions’ To Eliminate The United States

The information pours out fast and clearly in this clip. This is the United Nations Agenda 21 – the Agenda of the 21st Century, provided in more detail. tells you that conservation work demands that 80% of the United States will be returned back to the wild.

See also forumforthefuture, a 15 year old website – another site – using phrases like ‘sustainable future’ ‘new thinking’ ‘creative partnerships’ aim to ‘transform food, energy and finance’. They are training thousands of leaders across society, equipped to face the global challenges, like shortages of vital resources.

‘systems innovation’ is at the heart of ‘our new strategy’.

the biggest hurdle is ‘population growth’




By understanding the dynamics of these three systems, bringing together organisations like CFR, Trilateral Commission, and intervening at strategic tipping points, a sustainable future can be planned.

Lots of this stuff comes from Kissinger. who said – ‘if you control food, you control a nation’. They’re just softening the rhetoric. The plan’s the same. They want to kill people, shift and enslave populations, shorten lives, reduce health, destroy nations and private property rights.

Vaccinations. Low energy light bulbs. Poisoning water supplies with fluoride, radiation. Dumbing down education, and entertainment is the start point. Stripping nutrition out of the diet. Mass enforced medication. Running false democratic systems to prevent real political opposition form breaking out.

Intelhub report.

TAP – why is it eleven mega regions? Britain is also to be divided into eleven regions, incidentally, under the EU regionalisation programme.

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5 Responses to “America 2050: Eleven ‘Mega Regions’ To Eliminate The United States”

  1. Julia says:

    11 is a favourite Illuminati number perhaps?

  2. Tapestry says:

    Maybe. Clear sky today with chemtrails clearly visible north and south of my current location. Maybe the Bath poisoning fleet has headed north.

    It’s great to think we are being required to breathe aluminium, strontium, barium and human blood cells as part of the global depopulation programme. It makes you feel like shooting a few of them down, as if they were the German bomber fleet of WW2. But we don’t have any spitfires handy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Pleased that you are now noticing the trails.
    You may be right about them heading North.
    On Saturday 25 2 12, spotted 9 aircraft in 5 minutes, three were line abreast at same altitude, all over Doncaster, heading NW.
    Result, Sunday morning, thick cloud, no Sunshine.
    Had time to explain the trails to four educated people last week.
    One was a Doctor who will mention it to his Daughter, who is a Scientist. This is what has to be done, educate people.

  4. wasp says:

    Yep! 11 is their specialist Number.
    10 is the God Head Number of the
    Sephira, so thats one above the God Head. Denototing Greater Wisdom Than ‘GOD’

    The Tree of Life is made up of 10 energy spheres called the Sephira, which represent the Planets and 22 paths, which represent each of the Hebrew letters. Together, they form a representational map of ourselves AND the Universe, as absolutely everything can be categorized into this system.
    Qabalah, the Tree of Life and it’s corresponding practices are absolutely essential to Thelema.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Remember the 2011 E.Coli outbreak in Germany, a virus which turned out to have properties that looked genetically engineered?

    New Animal Virus Takes Northern Europe by Surprise

    Is this horrific Schmallenberg virus, which causes fetal malformations and still births, a false flag? Perhaps to raise the price of lamb meat or sell a vaccine? (Cases are most widespread in sheep, also affects cattle and goats). Can it affect humans too?

    Schmallenberg is in North West Germany like Bienenbüttel, where the E.Coli was found and its outbreaks first occurred.

    The map on wikipedia shows the distribution in NW Germany

    This is how British Lambs received the virus

    //we suspect livestock got the virus from infected midges blown across the Channel from affected areas in Europe.//

    We have had Easterly winds since January.

    – Me.

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