Alex Jones Infowars Ad Goes Viral

I wonder what Gregory Pitchford makes of this!

Alex finds his youtube channel is losing subscribers. It was 235,000 one week, then a week later it was 15,000 less. Delisted from Google News. Viewers are being unsubscribed. Internet censorship is growing fast. (HETT sends the link).

‘I’m number one in alternative media worldwide,’ says Alex. Even then we’re treated like crap. 15 minute uploads. I’m fighting a battle and I’m winning. It’s because I’m real, and the others are fakes.

You people are going to wish you’d done more. The corporate whore media is posing as alternative media. ‘It makes me want to throw up.’

(TAP – we’re getting lots of censorship troubles too! Yet like Alex we keep going and writing, in slightly more modest fashion, as befits our relative significance!)

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6 Responses to “Alex Jones Infowars Ad Goes Viral”

  1. GPracers says:

    Well, first of all, she is totally Hot!!!! Secondly, there is a lot of Truth to what she says and what Alex Jones promotes. However, if these people actually think they are going to be able to fight and survive from a farm filled with guns and ammo, I got news for them. The drone will fly over and take them out and move on to the next farm like they have been doing in the middle east for decades now. They don’t have a chance. Be self sufficent and trust in God. Sense fear but don’t be afraid. He controls it all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    FPS Russia for chicks.

  3. GPracers says:

    Can you believe Alex Jones latest story. He’s now suggesting that Ron Paul is another insider simply positioning himself with Romney. THAT IS HUGE. I was suspicious of that the whole time and wrote that in my piece questioning it from the very beginning of my TAP Blogs. I have been blowing up Ran and Rons Pauls emails since this started. He hasn’t been on the show since this whole thing happened to me. Not that I’m anything but this is nuts and getting weirder by the day. This is a complete 180 by Alex Jones. If people lose faith in Ron Paul, they will lose faith in the whole system and we will have nothing but Anarchy from a bunch of conspirist nuts with guns, ammo and gold and not a lot a God. This is exactly what bothered me about the direction of this movement and where it could head. It was also a concern of William Cooper.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “HELP” is it getting too close?

    (Please keep it together GP)

    This Is What America WIll Look Like After The Collapse : Johnny Cash

    There wont be any beauties carrying guns!!!!

    so heavy!!!


  5. GPracers says:

    They are not going to let me on the radio. My phone kept getting dropped even when they placed me on hold. Whether from them or the government. The only way I will ever be able to get on Coast To Coast Am is on another phone and ambush them. My friend who was fired just got a letter from his attorney claiming he is not taking the case for national security reasons. The government that terrorized me and continues to harrass me now has labeled me a terrorist. The country I love and served has betrayed me and violated the constitution. They are traitors. My life will never be the same after calling the Alex Jones Show. If you watch Alex Jones on YouTube, listen to Alex Jones on Podcasts, subscribe to Alex Jones or call in like did that fateful day to GCN, I assure you that you are on a list too and one day can be listed as a terrorist like I am. Beware!!

  6. Tapestry says:

    Now you know the truth about the government you used to fight for, Gregory.

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