Wind Power. No Need For A Windmill.

I have been out enjoying the windy weather today. I find the wind exhilarating. It seems to give me energy, blow away the cobwebs from my mind, and makes me feel alive. More recently I have noticed it gives me a clarity of thought which I would call almost PSYCHIC – you know, that feeling when the penny drops, the jigsaw pieces fall into place, you suddenly see your way forward in life. Except it is much much greater out in the wind, well it is for me, maybe not everyone.

Other observations are that primary school kids are far more energised on windy days – ask any playground supervisor. Nikola Tesla harnessed energy from the ionosphere to make electricity. There have been recent reports of the development of wireless electricity. What happens to our energy when we our body uses it? Energy never disappears, it just goes somewhere, it is converted to something else. If you go for a run for example, you “use up” some of your stored energy. Where does it all go?

Suppose the wind is somehow a provider or enabler or magnifier of psychic energy? Suppose chemtrails interfere with that, the chemtrails dumbing us down. Suppose psychic energy is the key to freedom of the human race. What do the OWG not want us to find out? The secret of the real human power that has been suppressed, that only the elite few have knowledge of. Is it the power of the All Seeing Eye? Psychic power.


TAP. One reason I have visited the Philippines since 1988 is a discovery I made that when I visit a certain place in the City Centre, I always feel re-energised. The hairs stand up at the back of my head. A feeling of optimism spreads into my being, and any nervous problems evaporate. I feel strong and healthy. We were sprayed heavily as children on a dairy farm with insecticides, which caused quite a bit of trouble for the male family members over our adult lives. Each of us has found their own way to cope. If wind does it for you Julia, that’s understandable to me. Whatever blows your hair back!

I agree that you can import energy from the environment, and that means no doubt that you can be de-energised by someone who knows how. I have often wondered what forces are at play when I visit my own place of recovery. No one else can feel the same things I can when there, that I know of. When I first passed through, it was a wonderful moment when I discovered that my original personality was still there, and I realised that I could make a recovery one day. Now the readers will be quite sure we’re all nuts, but who cares! It’s the truth as I tell it, and I’ve enjoyed many decades of good health as a result of being able to recover.

The poison that got us, PCB (DCB) was manufactured by Monsanto in the full knowledge that it was highly toxic to humans. It was licensed by the government who also knew it would affect tens of thousands of people. At least now we understand why they commit this kind of evil, and I am determined that my kids won’t be poisoned by deliberate World Government depopulation programmes, if at all possible. I forgive my Dad. He trusted authority entirely, despite all the evidence. His generation couldn’t imagine that most of what they believed to be true was simply deception. Thankfully we are now awakening, if a little late in the day.

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  1. Julia says:

    I was wondering if that post was a little off the wall, so glad to hear you have had similar experiences. I also find tops of hills, and the coast good places. The best are iron age hill forts, so maybe the iron age people were cleverer than history makes them out to be. Iron age hill fort power stations perhaps? David Icke had a very transforming similar experience to yours in Peru. I think leylines also have an effect though don’t know enough about them yet. And I have read reports about crop circles along similar lines, though I don’t have a personal experience to back that one up.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Medically twenty and more years later, they can analyse the nervous system. It appears that the problem was multiple involuntary brainstem activations, combined with a lack of filtering of inwards messaging, so that my brain was overloaded with work, while its outgoings were garbled, confusing things like heartbeat.

    When I went to this place which could have been a leyline, I haven’t checked, the whole thing seemed to start working correctly, and the feeling of overload went away. If I spent ten minutes there, I could rectify things, get everything running nicely and the rest of the day went well. After five years of living within half a mile of the place, the problem seems to stay sorted now. At the worst period, people now tell me how ill I looked. I didn’t expect to still be around, to be honest.

    I wonder if David Icke’s was similar. Do you have a URL?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, You are Psychic, my Wife and I were having a discussion about the same topic.
    Our parents only knew what they saw on TV or newspapers.
    We can go onto the Internet and search out the truth. It may take some time, we get there in the end.
    My Mother in law used the saying, ” The whole World is a stage, everybody is an actor “.
    After watching the Wellaware1 video,s how true this is.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Gillian emailed –

    I liked what both you and Julia had to say about wind power and other natural occurrences.

    I read somewhere recently (I forget where exactly) that when human-kind first inhabited the earth
    they connected with each other solely through telepathy. I personally don’t find that difficult to believe.
    I think most of us have first hand experience of telepathy. We’ve all had that moment when the ‘phone
    rings and we know instantly who is calling – haven’t we?

    What annoys me is that in situations where we vitally need telepathy to work, it never does! It only seems
    to happen when it’s not expected or asked for. It’s as if the natural gift of telepathy has been interfered with
    somewhere along the line! I believe we have been robbed of that gift, among many other gifts as well.

    It’s important I think for humans to get back in touch again with the true rhythm of life as it was meant to be.
    Lay lines seem to be important, but whether they are natural or a ‘perversion’ I’m not sure. That’s yet another
    thing I’ve been meaning to look into one day.

  5. Julia says:

    This is quite long, but the Peru bit is in here somewhere. Worth watching anyway.
    I am a great believer in telepathy. I mean if those little mobile phones can beam out 100% accurate data, surely our underused human brains can! A really good book Gillian, is Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan. Another one of those pretend to be fiction books to get past the censors. It’s about the Australian aborigines, who are slowly being obliterated by OWG. We can learn so much from them!

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