Weaponised Cancer Used To Knock Out Opponents

Prisoners were used for testing weaponised cancer developed by scientists. A prisoner under test from an injection died in 28 days. Jack Ruby also died within 28 days from cancer after being claiming he was injected. Cancer-causing viruses were isolated and are still used today for knocking out inconvenient journalists and political opposition. Hugo Chavez was warned it could happen to him by Castro.

Lee Harvey Oswald was an undercover agent who had penetrated the plot to kill JFK.

Chemical and biological testing of prisoners has gone on a long time.

The Polio vaccine was contaminated with the SV40 monkey virus which has caused a nationwide cancer epidemic. The US has lost tens of millions to cancer ever since from the polio vaccine. They know this and still distribute the polio vaccine. This is population control agenda. Killing more than WW2 and all other wars combined times ten. Yet it is not even mentioned as an epidemic. One in three will die of cancer today, where it used to be one in ten thousand.

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