Tyranny Is Mathematics Without Belief

Greetings, Yes, but, where to start? As I am new to your site I wish to avoid redundancy. I attempt to communicate through paradox. I find it a catalyst steering method to positive mind set.

The genocide we face here and now, moves faster as the world shrinks. History here is the cyclic replay of the genesis of tyranny continued until an event of some nature brings it to an end. Hopefully, leading to a Golden age. At least a time of societal integration, of involution. Humans don’t evolve. They as aware consciousness, are energy. Philosophically speaking energy can’t die.

The New World Order, I see you have covered giving an excellent foundation and basic explanation. Those exposed to its power fall under the categories of (a) People on the path to realising and seeking a solution to it, or (b)those not ready to see what is happening all around them, for various reasons. The latter we can help rather than fight. And then there are the “Straw-men”, “Sock puppet”, “Disinformationists”. Their programs of soft or slow kill are truly “Mad”.
(TAP – mutually assured destruction?)

…….It may seem a non-sequitur but, Transhumanism isn’t possible. The end game of the NWO, even if the “Think Tanks” (shorthand) could download elitist consciousness, their Soul, Essence, Beingness, will not encapsulate in a state of constant change i.e. … life on Earth…
(TAP – you mean the NWO will come to an end, as they are a one trick pony)

Science is their religion. Their Key is mathematics… Foremost the math of economics & ecology. We talk of Eugenics & what do we speak of? Numbers! In this case Real Numbers. The same is true with any and all sciences that “The They” & their “Think Tanks” have extrapolated to the point that the predestined, cyclic variables have to.. be discarded. These are the attributes which if incorporated would negate an equation. Jumping through just some of the myriad; chemistry was absolute, quantum theorems again absolute, chaos, complexity, string theory. All of their sciences fail in “Duality”….. (The NAZIs never went away. They just moved to America, and replaced their Hitlerian glare with Hollywood smiles. Hello, Bill Gates…TAP)

The Globalists know numbers are infinite and science, be it HARRP with its thousands of patents applying the full spectrum dissection and testing of wave cycles from 1 hertz=1 cycle per second, 1 Khz=1000, 1 MHz=1 million. Mind control residue @ 7.8 to 10 Hz have been found in 6 postmortems conducted on the perpetrators of school shootings. The constant exposure induces negativity, paranoia, hallucinations, and can be used to implant commands on individuals or greater numbers of the populous.

Testing has revealed that approximately 15% of us are immune to exposure. Let the elite keep looking for the smallest particle to the farthest reaches of space. With science, the attempt will always end in failure. This awakening threatens success by exposing the base flaw within the math. Science is everywhere but here and now. The place the answers lay. One breath, a peaceful thought, and the balance of power shifts. We return to Liberty, Freedom, and Transcendence. Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

TAP – Are you saying that instinctive intuitive knowledge is usually more correct than thinking limited in its entirety to what can be scientifically proven? If so, I would agree. Our subconscious mental capacities outstrip our consciousness by a mile. Also what can be scientifically proven in one period of history will vary in another. Assumptions change like fashion, though a little more slowly. Einstein’s ‘proofs’, for example, are already falling apart.

Tesla was ridiculed a hundred years ago, as financial interest demanded suppression of what he had worked out. The elites seized what he knew and weaponised it into HAARP technologies, and ensured energy was not made freely available to humanity. Tesla’s own humanity and trust of the people who financed him, J.P.Morgan – a Rothschild frontman, are the proof that the greater part of knowledge is intuitive and built on positive belief.

The financial elites, who know only numbers, misunderstand the meaning of human progress in their attempt to take all the benefit to themselves. Maybe the more general understanding of who they are, how they got to where they are, and how they’ve lied and cheated everyone every inch of the way, will ultimately enable (a) and (b) as above to awaken and take back what Tesla and many like him gave to us as our inheritance, stolen by the NWO. Thanks for calling in. I enjoyed reading your two comments, Otter Walks, and think your use of ‘paradox’ and language are interesting, apart from being a challenge for an editor to draw the meaning out of your words. I hope I’ve succeeded!

I’ll leave your earlier comment exactly as it was written for readers to draw out the meaning for themselves.

Early 70’s an antenna array was assembled in a box canyon-east slope Rocky Mts., Colorado… I watched the beavers’ demise as the East -West system was laid in. Heavy cable was run up the North-South slopes to the mountain tops opposite one another. The surface array linked vertical tower antenna to the evolving systems and their functions. Then came the industrial generators and windowless control buildings.

The workers were P.R. prepped and from the start smiled and said it was a government communication system that would have zero impact on the canyon residents. Fox, Beaver, Deer, Bobcat, Wolf, Plants, Our pristine glacier fed stream and it’s native fish didn’t count, and in hind site neither did we! I have seen this HARRP map before it is dated 2008. These systems have been placed in areas that have high metal content present. The map as previously mentioned doesn’t show the Greenland-(U.S.) installation, any of Russia’s, China’s, the Antarctic and countless more. The triangulation lines have been written about with regard to the interconnection of at least three complexes for target acquisition.

This is all shorthand and common speak; you need to read between the lines and do the research. From Tesla’s sealed patents (Right!) to Big Pharm., Eastland’s U.S. patent #4,686,605; from APTI-ARCO, to E-Systems ( Black Projects contractors ), to Raytheon by 1994 #42 on the Fortune 500. ) Can you say Globalist? Applications continue onward. Brzezinski & J.F.MacDonald wrote about geophysical & environmental warfare.

Let’s add Fracking to the systems use adding raw material to the atmosphere to compound the pulse effect. ( Oscillations beamed through an atmosphere at a particular molecule or molecules chosen for increased presence of ozone, nitrogen, etc. which concentrations are artificially increased. ) “HARRP.Net” is as good as any to start awakening to the multitude of systems, from mind control, ( As in the workings of electromagnetic scrambling neural interface. ) to geographic & weather wars, ( Can you say Fukushima? Convenient timing regarding basket currency politics… ) to the Eugenicists agenda, and the NWO… Survive-All… Otter Walks on Two Feet; 1st Nation Iroquois, Member Mohawk Medicine Society… Awareness is Preparedness…

P.S. Please remember this is extreme shorthand, read between the lines and do you own patent search and awaken…

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  1. Tony_0pmoc says:

    Mathematics is having studied it to a high level at University and when you are the last to land at Yorkshire Gliding club, and they Say

    “Where The Fuck Were You???”

    “Well Done Lad” “Fucking Hell”

    “How did you keep her up in such weak conditions????”

    “It is Now Your Job”

    And you have never served behind a bar in your life before, and there are no computers to do it for you…and all the drinks orders are coming in all directions – and the money and the orders…

    And you Realise

    Oh Fuck

    I Can’t Count.


  2. otter says:

    Greetings, Quite the surprise. You are only the 2nd site on which I have written. My reasons are that personally I have NO DEVICES. I have never owned or used a cell phone, have no landline, killed the T.V.-3 plus decades ago, & have only very recently had the same friend that lets me speak in this medium via their system, set up e-mail… This is Bad Medicine for me, hence I am not learned in the use of these systems. To what degree is an individual able to experientially Know how we compromise ourselves? I would say it is a matter of Awakening. For now, we use their systems to gather whatever you wish to call the generative force and turn the tide of the NWO, Bilderberg, Globalist, Fortune 100, ( The last, all facets of the six mega-bankster & Royalty cartel. ) This is not “New Age” propaganda. It exists as it has long before 1st contact… Good and Evil, Positive and Negative Forces, whose Energy is believed to be Power, are always in flux. There is a balance and by our efforts we influence the futures burgeoning forth from the unborn, which is one with the unborn self. Action with honor and truth change the regurgitation that is what we call the past as it again confronts us from the unborn future. The future is malleable and positive mind-set is most powerful in the negation of Tyranny. You see, there is a delusional self aggrandizing group filled with Greed and Anger. We create “Their” failure by our positive actions in the present. The future is wide open. Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

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