Steps Towards Global Mind Control


First I send my congratulations to your wife and yourself on the birth of your son.

I’m very sorry to read about the trouble you’ve had with the hospital. I’m sure the little fella will be perfectly ok.



Below is an interesting link from a page on this website some of the rest of which may look a little bonkers, but I think there is some very good stuff on there.

The name ERIC TRIST keeps popping up. He was central at The Tavistock Institute and apparently wrote a book called ‘Steps toward Global Mind Control under the banner of Mental Health and Education’, although I can’t find any book with that title on a www search.

Have a look at some of the books he’s written on amazon and at WIKI (although I’ve found that wiki is deliberately misleading on ‘sensitive’ topics)

TAP Wiki wouldn’t survive unless propagated the same lies. They pretend they’re a democratic entity funded by the public. Yeah, right!

NOTE I notice no mention of the Jesuits in this film

Were the control techniques learnt by the Jesuits in Panama updated by the Nazi’s and then taken over by Tavistock / CP et al

BTW the interesting music in this film is by…believe it or not – Gary Numan..!

TAP Thanks, Scotty. He’s stable at home with most things going in the right direction. I look forward to watching the video and clicking the links above. You often mention the ‘mind control problem’ people suffer from. Maybe you’ve hit on something here.

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  1. Tony_Opmoc says:

    I agree with this as well, though I didn’t know it was Gary Numan (seen him twice). I do actually have some experience of being trained in psychological techniques working for major UK companies. I have done behaviour analysis and behaviour modification as well as other psychological based leadership courses. Anyone who doubts the power of psychology is almost certainly an unknowing victim of it. I refused point blank to go on the next stage of training, because I know exactly what it does. Basically – all in a very intensive one or two week residential course in a plush hotel, they basically atack the core of your very soul using all your most primative fears, and rebuild your mind in the image of the “company”. Thanks very much boss, but I can see what a smarmy bullshitting idiot they have turned you into. Well I was slightly more diplomatic than that, cos at the time I didn’t want to get fired. Psychological training is incredibly powerful. You really can alter others people’s behaviour without them realising it. But it is potentially highly unethical. Your only defence of it, is knowledge of the techniques used. In the hands of psychopaths and most government and company dictators are psychopaths, the destructive power is phenomenal. And that is why we are heading for a World Wide cull, and there is very little chance of preventing it. In fact the process is already well under way with the major weapons being the Pharmaceutical Industry, and outrageously polluted food, particularly in the US, where nearly everyone is on drugs and nearly everyone exhibits an IQ of around 75 (even the supposedly intelligent).

    Check out the Anti-Terrorist Handbook on how to use your rights to prevent your child being vaccinated.


  2. Scotty says:

    Thanks for good info.Tony – I assume it was NLP techniques they were using?
    This is part of something much bigger known as Monarch Programming and MK Ultra (this was taken from the Nazi’s after the war – Mind Kontrol is spelt with a K)
    Have a look for books by Fritz Springmeier – you will find the PDF book at

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