‘Sink The Enterprise’. ‘False Flag Imminent’. Logan.

America’s oldest aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, has been sent to the Gulf. The Enterprise gave its name to the “Starship Enterprise” of “Startrek, so its name is known to TV viewers world-wide.

This is ideal for the forthcoming false flag event, which will be as memorable as 9/11 itself. Netanyahu has three ‘Dolphin’ class submarines in the Indian Ocean ready to sink the Enterprise for Jacob Rothschild’s latest insane bid to rule the world. Two useful idiots – Leon Panetta and Philip Hammond – are in place in Washington and London to circumvent any reluctance from the ‘brass’. Will Jacob get his Iran war at last?


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Gordon Logan

From ICH

War Against Iran Is Underway

By Leonid Savin

Washington’s choice of pretexts for an aggression comprises at least three options,
namely (1) Iran’s nuclear dossier; (2) an engineered escalation in the Strait of
Hormuz; (3) allegations that Iran supports international terrorism. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30373.htm

In essence, a war against Iran – up to date a secret war – is underway. The problem the parties involved are trying to resolve is to find a way of prevailing without entering the “hot” phase of the conflict.

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  1. wasp says:

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  2. Tapestry says:

    Nice way to celebrate a war! I’m jealous, out here in Manila. San Miguel turns my stomach – literally.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now I understand where you get all your information from Wasp!!!

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