Simon Cowell Owes Much To Hitler

Not quite a textbook Sieg Heil. The media allege that Paula Abdul once kissed Simon Cowell and they were a hot item. Yeah right!

Nearly out of this hellhole of a hospital….just picked up a comment from HETT, who says X Factor is an Illuminati propaganda mind-dumbing authoritarian exercise. Looking at Simon Cowell crushing the dreams of the teens that stray in front of his panel, relishing every ounce of his totalitarian power to decide each individual’s chances for a career, I can believe it is an exercise in cultural programming. It prepares the masses (us) for this kind of approach being taken more generally. After all, there is no need to send people crashing to despair just because they can’t sing as well as they hoped!

There is strong racist element visible with blacks sent crashing out even when they are by far the best. (Cheryl Cole didn’t exactly disguise her racism too well. Simon sat on his hands).

Not to mention the ludicrous efforts to hide that fact that Simon Cowell’s gay with a string of (paid) lovelies trotted out for media consumption. There is equally no mention anywhere that he is a Jew. Why not? What have Jews got to hide? Or gays? Cowell’s as false as a shop window manikin. Maybe trained at the Tavistock. Who knows? Hitler and Stalin are from the same genre don’t you think. They were star Tavistockers, attending in 1912 (Hitler) and 1907 (Stalin) – both illegitimate Rothschilds.

Mmmmm. Now there’s another thought.

Here he is at it, favouring the stars that are sold out to the devil, like himself –

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  1. Anonymous says:



    watch out world!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw information that Simon is also a freemason!

  3. Toad Hall says:

    Doest anyone know the address of the Tavistock facility, I have family there and know it well. Obviously there has always been a big military presence in near-by Plymouth due to the docks, but as far as I was aware none in Tavistock. I’d like to check it out next time I am there though.

    Simon’s brother Nick Cowell is a property investor and also runs an estate agents in London aimed at developers and professional investors.

    They’re all Jewish and the real estate community of London often joke about the North London Jewish Mafia. As there is alot of Jewish presence in the Real estate sector and they all collude. Not that – that is that sinister, they help their own. Not the only race, community or religion to do that.

    Nick, like his brother though is known to be ruthless, fairly under handed and happy to do whatever it takes.

    Simon also invests in various real estate deals from hotels through to residential developments.

    Needless to say, they’re all very wealthy.

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