Ron Paul’s Real Polling Results – Top.

This flashed on CNN. It only appeared once, was not commented on and disappeared. He’s not ‘in the family’ you see.

Romney & Bush are cousins. They have a family look. Politics and power are a family business. The Bushes are relatives of the British Royal Family, who are related to David Cameron. Ron Paul doesn’t come from inside the circle, so his overwhelming support from the electorate counts for little.

Believe it or not, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush are cousins — 10th cousins, twice removed, that is. Historians at, the world’s largest online family-history resource, have discovered that Romney is actually related to six past presidents — more than any other 2012 GOP contestant. Franklin D. Roosevelt is his eighth cousin, twice removed, and both Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover are his 10th cousins. Then there is his sixth cousin (four times removed) Franklin Pierce, and both 10th cousins Bush I and II. Three out of these six were even (gasp!) Democrats.

It turns out that presidential candidates often have Commander in Chief relatives, and this election cycle is no different, finds after six months of research. Jon Huntsman is also related to FDR, Coolidge and the Bushes. And yes, his bloodline mirrors Romney’s because they too are cousins: Romney’s great-great-grandfather Parley Pratt, an early Mormon missionary, is Huntsman’s great-great-great-grandfather. The Romney-Huntsman–George W. Bush connection comes through Anne Marbury Hutchinson, who was a religious-freedom advocate in early 1600s. Rather fitting, since all three of them are still quite open about their faiths, be they Mormon or Evangelical.

Rick Perry has just one presidential relative: Harry Truman is his fifth cousin four times removed. But Perry shares Lone State pride and blood with Sam Houston, the famed President of the Republic of Texas from the 1830s. While Houston resigned as the governor rather than swear allegiance to the Confederacy, notes the report, Perry has many relatives who fought for the South during the Civil War.

These are the relationships we know about. Politics and power always have other lines of connection through illegitimacy. I doubt TIME or would contemplate telling us anything about that though!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I bet these pair of twats aren’t related to Andrew Jackson.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap

    “Your Truth has never been so real”

    More for your top viewers?

    something big is mapped out :-

    Expect the unexpected: The Assassination of Ron Paul



    (6)13-1-2012 date noted & logged

  3. Scotty says:

    The Wayne Paul / Alex Jones says it all.

    The situation is the same here with the Bank of England.
    Nationalised in 1945/6, yes – so the taxpayer foots the bill for the administration of private funds and private profits.

    Good trick, eh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    //In the video published on Technology Gateway, official website for the NASA Langley Research Center, Dr. Joseph Zawodny, Senior Research Scientist at NASA, states that the new type of nuclear reactions ‘has the demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nasty waste’//

    – Me.

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