Philippine Pediatricians Secretly Inject Dangerous Drugs Into New-Borns

We have taken two days to get over the shock of finding out our newborn son was injected with Engerix-B at six hours of age, dealt with in previous post. I go to pay the bill this morning and find that another unauthorised medical intervention had taken place at the same time. The drug KONAKION was injected in our six hour old son by the paediatrician at the Asian Hospital And Medical Center, Manila, Philippines.

Allergy timebombs. Konakion planted into hour old babies by the Asian Hospital And Medical Center, Manila without even telling parents, let alone getting their permission first, which the hospital badges as their unfailing policy. ****ing liars, basically.

Her excuse for injecting Engerix-B had been that the intervention was mandated for all Philippine babies despite it being associated with a string of known side effects. At six hours old, why do that?

Her injection of KONAKION can be defended with no such excuse. We were not consulted or even told of its injection into our son. I only found out when I noticed two syringes had been billed on his account, even though we were only told of the ENGERIX-B. With further enquiry I got the low down on KONAKION.

It is only needed if the baby’s mother was malnourished in some way, which Shen most certainly is not. The side effects as usual are criminal as in most injections and vaccinations. Why the hell are they given to hour old new born babies unless the intention to to rub out a few, and grind down the natural health level of the others with a raft of problems feeding profits to themselves and pharmaceutical companies.

The manufacturer of KONAKION admits the following side effects. Of course you must wonder if they would admit if there were any worse.

Konakion (phytonadione) side effects

Seek emergency medical attention or contact your doctor immediately if you experience any serious side effects from phytonadione such as:
an allergic reaction (difficulty breathing; closing of the throat; swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; or hives);


fast or irregular heartbeats; or

increased sweating.

Other less serious side effects may be more likely to occur.

flushing of the face;

an unusual taste in the mouth; or

pain or irritation at the injection site (injectable form).

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

TAP Funnily enough our son is a bit red in the face today, and we will be watching out for any other side effects. That stupid b***** of a paediatrician swore blind she had not made any other interventions other than the Engerix-B. It turns out she was lying about that as well. No surprise there. She was trying to ingratiate herself and ask us to come back for further abuse. There’s money at stake. The hospital’s policy of informing patients of interventions won’t be applying to her. $$$$$$$$$$. Hopefully she’s failed to make our son ill requiring yet more of her interventions. I am sure she knows which vaccines are best for bringing in more business.

MESSAGE The Asian Hospital and Medical Center badges itself as one of the best hospitals in the Philippines. If this is the best, God help the rest. The sick bastards made a big show of taking us out through the lobby at the end, handing a red rose to Shane and having an army of bag carriers for the three shopping bags we had, which I could have easily carried, and a wheel chair for Shane even though she’s walking fine. We felt compelled to cooperate with their little charade. At least, that way, we knew we could get out and away from them. The relief as we got into the taxi was palpable.

All show, and all lies – should be their publicly broadcast slogan. The management of the hospital are a leaderless rabble. Admin has no control of the practitioners. Any questions requiring management response never get answers. The practitioners can do whatever they want with patients as long as they chalk up fat profits. It’s a dangerous location for any human being to enter. My advice is keep away, at all costs. And never take a defenceless baby there. Have your birth somewhere else. They only want your money. Sick babies make more money than healthy ones.

See Mercury, Autism and your child’s health.

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8 Responses to “Philippine Pediatricians Secretly Inject Dangerous Drugs Into New-Borns”

  1. Julia says:

    Glad you are out of there! Childbirth is not an illness, and newborns are usually healthy. Separation of baby and mother starts at birth in UK too. Not good. You are supposed to abandon your baby in its plastic cot and leave it while you go to phone or toilet. Health and safety! I can’t think of anywhere healthier or safer than the mother’s arms. A baby was stolen from my ward shortly after i left. Had my second baby at home. Much better!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Congratulations on having a new Son.
    Try not to take it too hard regarding the injections, let’s hope there are no reactions.
    You did your best to keep the injections away from him.
    It would have been the same in this Country , just different muppet’s.
    We can only try and educate people through your blog, like you have been doing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WOW shit so sorry , Tap.

    So sorry to hear all this.

    I wonder what the history & routines of UK injections is for our children?

    Say over the last 50 years.

    I’m sure there would be value (input) here from your growing gang of visitors.

    A poignant subject like so many you highlight.

    But seriously too close to home.

    Please dont think you’d be better off back home in the UK?

    I have had my concerns (UK) for a while.
    we have had a few children.
    They always want to mess towards the end & they always want to shove their hands up!!!.
    Then when you get close to birth they want to break the waters and speed up the dilation, this seems to cause a more distressed birth, surely nature knows best???
    let it go its course unless there is a real issue?
    Maybe this is why so many now have becoming too popular tummy cut births or horrific cuts to the opening requiring stitches. nearly a production-line fast food birth.
    My Daughter recently gave birth same old messing speed-up dialation broke waters for her.
    there was nearly a death loss here. troubling. close shave and im sure nothing learned.

    I was horrified to find the Girl playing midwife had never bore a child, that’s got to be wrong, text book birth is so wrong. they simply have to experience it to be fully aware & connected to the mothers real life experience.
    Whilst playing nurse she simply was not connected to the reality of what mother was going through.
    too much talk not enough knowledge.

    Also less births!!!, so if you only have 1 – 2 children then so much less experience for mum & dad is had in the birth front-line.

    The elation of a new arrival,child blinds many from the reality of the poor care actually received so i reckon many issues are over looked by the distraction of a new baby.
    any thoughts or am i just ranting?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you know what KONAKION aka Vitamin K is for? It will help your baby not to have hemorrhagic disease of the newborn. Please read on that so you may know what your doctors did. It’s about preventing it, and the side effects are very much less than the risk of having that disease. ( and ( Engerix B is Hepatitis B vaccine, Hepatitis B risk in the Philippines is high that’s why it is recommended by the department of health to be administered at birth to all babies born in the Philippines. Both were done NOT to satisfy any pharmaceutical company but to comply with newborn procedures in the Philippines. If there was any mistake that was done there was that you were not properly informed of the benefits that those procedures did to your baby. But it is the obligation of the doctor to look out for the baby and not to satisfy the parents on their lack of education regarding such things. Please read the links above and realize that it is not only done in the Philippines but also in Australia and UK. So please. Before you generalize, and make such bad comments in the internet, study what you are saying first.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And one more thing, the charades that you were talking about, they were not done ONLY for you. All the couples with a newborn child are given the same treatment. Some with really special treatment were even given a couple’s dinner prior to going home. Just so you know.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I studied hard. We were informed that no medical interventions would be made without our permission. That was a lie. If a vaccine has to be given to a baby, why give it to a newborn who has yet to have its first meal. Our bay was drowsy and didn’t eat for two days.

    Hep B is caught by sex or by injecting drugs. That is not a risk to a baby, I take it. See the Asian Hospital’s own descriptions on their website. Why the rush to inject an hours old baby with all the attendant risks.

    My research took two minutes and satisfied me the hospital was out of order. The pediatrician lied. Into the bargain.

    Shoddy work, Asian Hospital And Medical Center. Not forgiven. No apology received. I assume as you say, the same things go on, and more babies are injected with a vaccine they don’t need.

  7. Anonymous says:

    • Hepatitis B is a blood-borne viral infection, which presents as jaundice and fever.
    Some infected patients may have no symptoms but can still pass the virus to others.
    • Hepatitis B can be transmitted from an infected person during sex, through sharing
    contaminated needles or other drug injecting equipment and through blood
    transfusion (in the UK blood is tested for hepatitis B). An infected mother can also
    pass it to her newborn baby.
    • The incubation period is 40-160 days.
    • Hepatitis B can cause chronic infection in 10% of all cases (70-90% in children less
    than one year) and ultimately may result in cirrhosis and liver cancer.
    In addition the carrier remains a source of infection for others.
    • Antenatal screening for hepatitis B is recommended for all pregnant women.
    Immunisation is recommended for all babies born to infected mothers.
    • Hepatitis B immunisation is recommended for individuals who are at increased risk of
    hepatitis B due to their lifestyle, occupation or close contact with a case or a carrier

    As you can see in the links above, Hep B immunization is recommended at birth. Philippine recommendation is to give it to all newborns since not all mothers that give birth in the Philippines have known status of Hep B infection. While in UK, Hep B should be given only to newborns with infected mothers. I don’t know if your wife has Hep B or not, but if she had been following up with OB, she should have been tested. I think no apologies are in order since everything that your pediatrician did was in line with Philippine recommendations. Since your wife gave birth in the Philippines, such guidelines will be implemented regardless of your beliefs, just like when Filipinos or other foreigners give birth in other countries like UK.

  8. Tapestry says:

    HP Vaccine is only recommended for babies whose mothers are infected. The vaccine is not recommended otherwise.

    Recommended to who?

    Why the parents, presumably. We were told on my specific enquiry to the hospital that no vaccinations would be given without them seeking our prior permission.

    They proceeded to make ‘intervention’ with the Hepatitis vaccine without seeking said permission. There are side effects and risks involved. The manufacturers of Engerix (Smith Kline) list known and possible side effects on their websites.

    Further information can be obtained on other sites such as or indicating that vaccines containing aluminum can cause autism, and other damage to the nervous system of babies and adults.

    I don’t care about a ruddy apology. As fares I am concerned a crime was committed, the attempted murder of a baby. This crime was carried out after persuading me to relax my guard as a parent by deception.

    I thoroughly recommend that any parent considering going to this or other Philippine hospital does so in the knowledge that lies are quite OK by them. If this is Filipino culture, it is not one I recognize. The ordinary people are straightforward. It is hospital bureaucracies that deal in double speak. I am sure that Thai hospitals would not behave like this.

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