Operation Market Garden Was Betrayed

Was the operation deliberately betrayed, to stop Montgomery ending the war in 1944? Here’s the evidence that it was.

Wasp has been referring us to deepblacklies.co.uk for many months so I thought I’d check it out. There is so much information that it’s hard to follow the narratives. That said, one interested me greatly.

Why was General Patton stopped from advancing into the Ruhr in 1944? They cut his fuel supply even though he was across the Rhine. His tanks, which no German defence could stop, ground to a halt.

General George C Patton – ‘Old Blood & Guts’ was sure he could have finished the war in the fall of 1944 had he been supplied with fuel. He was stopped, and was later assassinated for his troubles.

He was informed by Eisenhower that it was too risky to advance on a narrow front, and he was checked. This gave the Germans a chance to regroup and launch what became known as The Battle Of The Bulge in late 1944. Patton died in a suspicious car accident a year later. The Telegraph say he was assassinated by the OSS (CIA) to silence his criticism.

EXTRACT – Patton, who distrusted the Russians, had earlier believed Eisenhower wrongly prevented him closing the so-called Falaise Gap in the autumn of 1944, allowing hundreds of thousands of German troops to escape to fight again.
Why was Patton stopped again at the Ruhr?

After that happened, more suspicious events took place on the western front, following the same pattern (!). Operation Market Garden devised by Montgomery, with the objective of ending the war in 1944 was equally suspiciously frustrated by the actions of the High Command.

I let the narrator take over the story –


With this diversion fairly comprehensively covered, let’s now briefly return to the actual events of Montgomery’s audacious Operation Market Garden – the approved plan to take and hold the five Dutch bridges that would open a way for a massive Allied thrust at the heart of Germany.

Those who have seen the excellent film, based on Cornelius Ryan’s book “A Bridge Too Far” will recall the sheer stubborn courage of those soldiers of the Third Battalion of the US 82nd Airborne, under the command of Major Julian Cook, who paddled across the Waal river in slow, cumbersome boats, under a blizzard of deadly German fire, to assault and hold the heavily defended but critical Nijmegen road Bridge, a few miles south of Arnhem.

This was a last ditch attempt to relive the sorely battered British paratroops at Arnhem led by Colonel John Frost. Eventually succeeding, at terrible cost, the Nijmegen Bridge was taken and held. But rather than rushing armour up the road to Arnhem to relieve Colonel Frost and ensure success of Montgomery’s daring plan, a British Guards Major arriving at Nijmegen Bridge told his American counterparts that “we do not move our tanks at night.” [33] A furious Colonel Tucker, the regimental commander of the American 504th – that had secured the bridge, vehemently argued there was no time to waste before the Germans reinforced and that the British must grab the chance to reinforce Frost at Arnhem. Immune to these arguments, the English Major repeated “Well, we can’t move our tanks at night,” and then added “We will move them in the morning.” [34] The next morning, as expected, the whole area was heavy with German armoured reinforcements.

Cornelius Ryan does not name the Grenadier Guards Major in his book, which is unusual. There also appear to be some critical inaccuracies in the chain of events he sets forth in his book.

A recent BBC documentary series called “Battlefields” presented by historian Prof. Richard Holmes, focused one programme on “The Battle for Arnhem.” The programme makers interviewed on camera Captain Moffatt Burriss, commander of “I” company of the 504th, who was present when General Horrocks first asked to Colonel Tucker, commander of the 504th, if he would take the heavily defended bridge by assaulting across the Waal. According to Burriss, General Horrocks said “This is an awesome task, can your lads do it?” Tucker replied, “Well general, if we take the bridge, will your tanks be lined-up ready to go?” Horrocks replied, “My tanks will be lined-up in full force, hell-bent for Arnhem and nothing will stop them.” [35]

The Americans captured the bridge at Nijmegen at great cost. The British refused to advance down the road to Arnhem til the next day, by which time the Germans were in position to stop an advance.

Once the bridge had been taken, it was Captain Burriss who welcomed the first tanks across, and was astonished when they stopped. He asked the sergeant in the first tank why they had stopped. The sergeant who was commanding the first three tanks – soon to be joined by a fourth under the command a the Grenadier Guards major – said that there was a German anti tank gun up ahead and that “if I go up there that gun will knock out my tank.” Burriss said, “Well, we’ll go with you and get that gun.” But the offer wasn’t accepted because, the sergeant said “No, I can’t go, I’ve got no orders.” [36] A situation that is in marked contrast to General Horrocks intentions and his direct pledge to Colonel Tucker.

According to the Grenadier Guards war diary, they bridge at Nijmegen was merely “consolidated.” Also appearing on the interview was the Grenadier Guards major, who said, “it would have been quite difficult to go ahead.” Captain Burriss didn’t see it that way. He said during the programme that he “felt betrayed.” His men had taken the bridge at massive cost, facing machine guns, 20mm canons and numerous other weapons, but the British “were stopping because of one gun and they had a whole Corps of tanks” at their disposal.

There was virtually nothing between the Grenadiers and Arnhem 8 miles away. At the north end of Arnhem Bridge the British paratroopers still held out. With an injured Colonel Frost, his second-in-command Major, Tony Hibbert of the 1st Parachute Brigade, fought on. He could hear the tanks of the Grenadier Guards in the distance. But they didn’t arrive. Interviewed for the BBC programme he reflected wryly, perhaps even bitterly, that the Market Garden plan “Could and should have worked,” adding with a wry look that the tanks under the control of Lord Carrington were “over the bridge before we were overrun.”

The Gomberg Map from 1942, accurately predicting European borders at the end of WW2. General Patton thought he was fighting NAZIs, not bankers, and Zionist/Jesuit elites.
Sent in by Wasp.

TAP again. Other rumours question how the Germans knew to position a Panser regiment to regroup at Arnhem just before the attack was made. Was the operation compromised deliberately?
The evidence stacks up that there was a plan for the war to continue into 1945. The Russians were to advance as far as Berlin making the postwar era for central Europe Communist, crushing all hopes of national revival for scores of countries, and making it inevitable that the next generation would live through what became known as the Cold War, and be suppressed with fear of nuclear war, tolerating ever increasing state power across the western world.

In my book, there is enough evidence to show that the Germans were keen to end the war in the west, but Hitler, controlled by Jesuit and Vatican agent Martin Borman, was instructed to carry on the fight in the west, until the Russians had taken over Berlin, when Hitler and Borman were to be safely evacuated, bringing out the details of where all the gold, bonds and art treasures were hidden.

Such notions are consistent with the book I read in December, which I recommend.
Grey Wolf – The Escape Of Adolf Hitler. Simon Dunstan, Gerrard Williams. Sterling.

And yes, Hitler did live in Patagonia and Argentina until he died a lonely man in 1962. There is stacks of evidence that both and Borman were assisted out by the British and Americans.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Wherever you have Freemasons, the outcome will err on the side of the Piper.
    There is never any chance of honesty, because Freemason rules say “the end Justifies the means”.
    The next “man in the middle attack” is due for the Olympic Games on 12th August.
    Will the Twisted Sisters be involved.

  2. Scotty says:

    I posted something linked to this story last year, a section from a book called Struggle For World Power, which claiming that the outcome of WW2 was decided a long time before the end of the war, which may explain why tanks / troops were deliberately held-up:

    ‘Struggle For World Power also explains the extent to which history is planned. In 1942 an organisation called ‘Group for a New World Order’ headed by Mr Maurice Gomberg published plans for the future, explaining that ‘…the Communist Empire should be extended from the Pacific to The Rhine, with China, Korea, Indo-China, Siam and Mayala in it’s orbit; and that a Hebrew State should be set up on the soil of Palastine, Trans-Jorden and adjoining territories…the remaining countries of Europe were to disappear in to a United States of Europe.’ (quoted from Struggle for World Power, page 57)’


    There is also a map, published by this group in 1942, detailing the above, which can be viewed on wikipedia – although wiki claim that the map was ‘self-published’ by Gomberg and do not mention anything about ‘Group for a New World Order’:


  3. wasp says:

    I cant get into my e-Mail hence had to use comments box

    Part 1
    A very interesting set of video’s Scotty, but I would still put my money on The Jesuits.
    IF YOU HAVE COMPETING HYPOTHESES APPLY OCCAM’S RAZOR. The one that makes least assumptions usually provides the CORRECT ANSWER. Set yourself a set of say 10 questions, in the light of our current knowledge & you will find The Jesuits are The Puppet Masters.
    Some Links:- http://the-tap.blogspot.com/2011/12/money-snuffs-out-truth.html

    I have referred you Tap, to Vatican Aassassins by Eric Phelphs, & given donwload & Vatican Wars (ref e-Mail 10/13/11)

    Link:- http://storage.amazingdiscoveries.org/assets/files/ADDownloads/eBooks/Vatican-Assassins-by-Eric-Jon-Phelps.pdf

    Link:- http://www.vaticanassassinsarchive.com/tjw.pdf

    when you were all chasing in the wrong direction cornering The Jews, who I told you are the Front Men for The Jesuits. but The Jesuit /Jewish Connection eg Blair, Cameron, Lagarde & all IMF, etc. etc. is extremely important,as I hope I have demonstrated to you all, their preferred Puppets are Jesuit Jews, thats perhaps why Putin wouldn’t play along with them as he is neither.

    You will find tht Prince Berhard was at the time of Operation Market Garden Working in British Intelligence as was Blunt who later became Surveyor of The Queen Pictures, & The 4th Man in The Cambridge Spy Ring, the othes being Kim Philby, Guy Burgess & Donald Maclean, There was also thought to be a 5th. man: THE FINGER WAS POINTED AT The Director General of MI6 Sir Roger Hollis, or possibly his Deputy Graham Mitchell but there was no conclusive evidence, or was this another cover up, vis Trend Enquiry/Thatcher.
    Link:- http://www.mi5.com/security/mi5org/spycatcher.htm

    After the Queens intervention all charges were dropped agaist her cousin Blunt, who was also involved in Flemming’s Special Ops’ Group in Lifting Hitler, Eva Braun, & Borman out of Germany. ( this was suggested as another reason why they had to get rid of ‘OLD BLOOD & GUTS’) Cambridge Spies viz. the late Perer Wright’s Contraversial “Spy Catcher” Banned from sale in UK by Thatcher, but was released for sale in Australia.
    Review Link:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/spies_cambridge.shtml


  4. wasp says:

    Part 2
    In the light of the above there is much to suggest that “OPERATION MARKET GARDEN” was compromised, as it was necessary that the Russians were the first to enter Berlin, you will find if you reference it that Eisenhower, ordered ‘OLD BLOOD & GUTS’ not to further advance his THRUST TOWARDS BERLIN, even though he had crossed the River Rhine, which efectivly ‘Whipped The Carpet Away From Under Patton’s Feet’. Sometime ago I Iooked into the reason why Eisenhower, who was virtually unknown had such a meteoric rise through the Ranks, overtaking far better men. I am sure you will not be surprised to know that there is a Strong Jesuit Connection. Link:- http://one-evil.org/people/people_20c_Eisenhower.htm

    In 1944, Eisenhower was confirmed as a Five Star General and Chief of the Army. In spite of the massive logistical superiority of the Allied forces, the Eisenhower D-Day plan very nearly failed. Again, during the Battle of the Bulge Eisenhower inexplicably ordered the halt of the encirclement of German forces enabling up to 150,000 to escape and prolonging the war a further twelve months.

    No rational, military or political explanation for this order has ever been given. The effect of Eisenhowers deliberate decisions to prolong the war cost an additional 100,000 allied personnel and effectively handed Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union

    One man that did know the truth was Gen. George Smith Patton. On December 9th 1945, the day before he was due to fly back to Washington to meet with President Truman with proof that Eisenhower was a traitor who had costs the lives of thousands of American soldiers and millions of civilians, he was seriously injured in a “road accident” near Mannheim, Germany on 9 Dec 1945 (dying in hospital 21 December 1945). Miraculously the other occupants of the car in which Patton was critically injured escaped unharmed.

    Patton was a Supurb Military Leader, Eisenhower was not fit to clean his Boots!
    & Lord Montgomery another Supreme Militarist was well aware of this fact.
    Eisenhower was ultimately responsible for the Genocide of over 2,000,000 Russian former prisoners of war, viz. Yalta.

    To counter the claims and rumour mills, Eisenhower authorised the leak of stories to damage the character of Patton including blaming Patton for the escape of the 150,000 soldiers of the German army and that Patton was mentally unstable. These false rumours still persist today.

    REGARDS …………. WASP

  5. wasp says:

    Part 3
    Following the end of the war Eisenhower was appointed Military Governor of the US Occupation Zone. He was instrumental in dismantling key evidence of the live human sacrifice of millions via the ovens at concentration camps. Eisenhower also played a crucial role in eliminating as much evidence as possible concerning the direct role of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits in World War II. He was rewarded in being made a Knight of Malta by the Vatican. There is a close tie between the Jehovah’s Witnesses & The Jesuits, regardless of what is written regarding the official claim. N.B. There is Irrefutable Chemical Evidence Confirming The Mass Extermination of The Jews, I don not subscribe to the view that it was a non event.
    This in my opinion was used as a Filtering Process, to allow the Zionists prominance, thus requiring the ellemination of Traditional Biblical Jews, that had spread through out Europe, however, that is another topic.

    Eisenhower took great care to conceal his jehovah’s Witness Upbringing
    Link:- http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/eisenhower_witness_background.htm

    Kingpin Jesuit Edmund Walsh Puppetmaster for FDR, Stalin and Eisenhower
    Link:- http://www.arcticbeacon.com/greg/headlines/kingpin-jesuit-edmund-walsh-puppetmaster-for-fdr-stalin-and-eisenhower/


  6. Scotty says:

    The 5th man??

    Victor Rothschild…who else???

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Regarding the “irrefutable evidence” that Wasp claims.
    I put forward the Whitakers Almanack of 1938, which shows that the Jews started to evacuate Europe before 1940.
    When the War started they were all over the World. This is the reason every Government is run by them.
    The Germans were mainly Christian.
    The War was about getting rid of Christians not Jews.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I suggest you all check out the treachery of Harry Hopkins

    You couldn’t make it up – especially him giving Stalin the nuclear bomb blueprints ans material to build it….

  9. Tapestry says:

    LINK doesn’t work, anonymous.

  10. israelite says:

    In Part 3 Wasp wrote;

    “N.B. There is Irrefutable Chemical Evidence Confirming The Mass Extermination of The Jews, I don not subscribe to the view that it was a non event”.

    Thank goodness , at last.

    The enforcers at Nuremberg stated “There is no need to prove the existence of that which is known to have existed”, ie the infamous gas chambers.

    I have been searching for over 30 years for chemical evidence to prove the existence of that which was known to exist, and Wasp has found it. Bravo Wasp. Please share.

  11. wasp says:

    I have the information on a pdf,israelite a very Eminent Chemist carried out Extensive Field Research into this subject, taking into account the weathering aspects, & degradation that would have occurred. But the other evidence is the regular amounts of Zyclon B that were assigned from I.G.Farben Subsidiaries, I gave references to this last year. I will make a point of trying to find it, not such an easy task, as I have a lot of stuff stored on a considerable number of different types of media. I read it the beginning of last year
    I have a very good memory, & recalled having read it, together with other data not generally listed viz. Hitler’s Camps that were in Eastern Germany,that fell into Stalin’s Hands & were immediately used by Stalin as Gulags, for the INTERNMENT of Jews Christians & White Russians. these Camps were Staffed by Jesuits. Stalin Lenin & Marx were Jews, but first & foremost they were Jesuits.

    They were educated by the Jesuits, & were all Zionists & Mind Controlled British Agents. Many of the Top Nazis were Zionist Jews, who were Jesuits; & Knights of The Order of Malta,these SMOMS were highly regarded by Hitler. Borman in fact was one of these SMOMS, & was Hitlers controller. viz Hitlers Jewish Soldiers. A VERY HIGHLY REGARDED AWARD ONLY BESTOWED BY THE POPE.

    I have referred to this previously last year in an earlier Post.

    Stalin was an an outstanding Jesuit Student so it is,therefore surprising that he was expelled, or was it — but that’s another story.

    Alexander Kerensky Link:- http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/RUSkerensky.htm
    did the Ground Work, then the British Trained Mass Murderer Lenin Took over, followed by another British Trained Agent, Stalin equally as well qualified as Lenin, in the arts of Genocide.

    Very few Jews held High Office in stalins Russia with the exception of Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria.


  12. israelite says:

    Reply to Wasp.

    Chemist Germar Rudolf wrote a scientific book on the alleged gassings, and got 30 months in a German jail. At his trial the judge refused Rudolf permission to submit scientific papers in his defense and ruled “It does not matter whether the holocaust happened, it is against the law to question it”. On April 30 1944 195kg of zyklonb was delivered to Auschwitz and 195kg of zyklonb was delivered to Oranienburg. Ever heard of gassings at Oranienburg? More to the point have YOU even heard of Oranienburg?

    And we should not forget poor old Fred Leuchter. He believed in the holocaust until he visited Auschwitz. Then he wrote his book and saw his life destroyed. The truth can do that to you.

    So you have a good memory. Congratulations.

    Where is the pdf you talk of?

    One of the camp commanders in the camps you talk about was Salamon Morel. He is wanted for mass murder by Poland but Israel will not allow his extradition from Israel. Why should Israel protect a Jesuit? The Talmud condemns Christianity. As stated previously, Jesuits were a creation of the Jews in their ongoing attempt to destroy Christianity from within, as dictated by the Talmud. Back in 1964 when the Vatican absolved jews from responsibility in the death of Jesus it was obvious that control in the Vatican had shifted to Tel Aviv.

    I request evidence for your statement that there were jews in these camps.

    Don’t know if Stalin was a Jesuit but I do know he had 3 Jewish wives. Maybe they were Jesuits in drag. Stalin’s Foreign Minister, Molotoff, was also married to a Jewess.

    If the Society of Jesus was the only religion allowed in the USSR why were churches turned into pig-styes and anti semitism made a capital crime by Lenin. Meanwhile synagogues were protected.

    So you believe that Beria was the only high ranking jew in Stalin’s Russia. Ever heard of Yagoda, the creator of the NKVD. The NKVD’s chief interrogator was Leonard Reichman, a particularly nasty piece of work.

    Then there was Ashberg, a Swedish Jewish banker who became the USSR’s top banker.

    Mekhlis was Minister of State Control, while Ginsburg was in charge of Military and Naval Construction. One Yudin was the Minister of the Cominform Organ while another Yudin ran the Ministry of Building Enterprises Machinery.

    One of the most evil jews in Stalin’s crowd was Ilya Eherenburg, Chief Publicist Abroad for the U.S.S.R. It was Eherenburg who urged Russian soldiers to kill every German they found whether they be man, woman or child. He particularly recommended the rape of German women before killing them.

    Last but not least was Kaganovich, the mastermind of the Ukranian famine which killed millions of Christians and who was Stalin’s deputy. Stalin’s third wife was Kaganovich’s sister. In 1951 Stalin’s daughter Svetlana married Kaganovich’s son Mikhail.

    In Stalin’s post WW2 Eastern Europe we had Bergman ruling Poland, Rakosi ruling Hungary, Pauker ruling Roumania and Pyjede ruling Yugoslavia.

    And so it goes, on and on and not a Jesuit in sight.

    But back to the main point, your irrefutable chemical evidence. If its on a pdf then you probably downloaded it off the net. From where? Surely, with your self proclaimed “good memory”, you should be able to provide the name of your eminent chemist. His name should suffice for us to track down this elusive and “irrefutable chemical evidence”.

    Dare I hold my breath?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Operation Market Garden itself was an effort to expend Allied resources in a way that would prolong the war. The attack to the north stretched the Allied lines, causing defensive gaps. There was already a shortage of riflemen, reported frequently in Patton’s memoir, that was aggravated by the misuse of the elite infantry in the Airborne units, including the complete destruction of British First Airborne.

    Even if Monty had won, the victory would have been useless in ending the war as logistics for an invasion of Germany would have been dependent on the single road and every bridge remaining intact throughout the invasion. The road ran very close to the German border, particularly in the 82d Airborne area. The 82d could not take the Waal bridge early as German troops came out of the Reichswald forest on the 82d’s right flank. When Monty had to take the Reichswald in the spring of ’45, it was almost as difficult as the Huertgen Forest campaign. Adding to the logistical problems was Monty’s failure to secure the port of Antwerp prior to the Market Garden. The Allies had no real port to supply the drive through France.

    Patton would have had trouble sustaining an invasion of Germany in 1944, but could have disrupted the Battle of the Bulge plan with a limited assault in the area of Trier, which, I believe, could have been adequately supplied.

    Even if the Allies had taken all those bridges, invasion of Germany from Arnhem would have been delayed as long as the final Allied invasion–1945.

    I don’t think, with the harsh winter that grounded Allied tactical aircraft in December 1944, the logistical issues, etc. that Germany could have been finished in 1944. It did not matter anyway, as Allied occupation zones were decided diplomatically during the war, so Eastern Europe was to be occupied by the Soviets in any event. Patton controlled part of Czechoslovakia, but had to withdraw due to the diplomatic agreements.

  14. HereAmI says:

    The gas issue. ZB is used to disinfect clothing, hence its importation in largish quantities to the camps. Buildings were specifically set aside for this purpose; these buildings were not the ones allegedly used to exterminate the “chosen people”. Such buildings were small, and often underground; hardly ideal for murdering large groups of people, who would then have to be physically dragged out whilst being heavily contaminated with gas, which would of course kill their handlers. The few crematorium ovens available would struggle to deal with the vast load of bodies allegedly used to turn them to ash.
    All in all, I think Israelite will wait a long time for the “chemical proof” promised him by wasp.
    So please resume breathing….

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