MPs Challenging Bankers? They’re As Rare As Curlews.

A young Conservative MP, well he looks young to me!, is talking about money creation. My God! Doesn’t he know? They normally rub out politicians who take on central banking. He’s either very brave or he’s very brave. Anyway, either way, he’s a very rare bird. We haven’t seen one of these in decades. I thought he deserved at least logging and putting in the diary. Let’s hope more of this rare breed starts to be seen in the woods and forests of the land in the years ahead.

The Rothschilds,though, must be getting uneasy in their mansions. They’ve had their own way for centuries. Who does this whipper-snapper think he is? The hoi polloi are not meant to be asking questions about how the central bankers cream off the world’s wealth generation after generation.

It’s a bit like the curlews we used to see on our farm as kids. They all got mown down by hay-makers killing their young in the nest. The parents stood grieving by their nest sites for a day or two then moved on. You don’t hear their beautiful call any more in the plain, only up in the hills where farming is not so intensive. They can’t come back, unless farming changes to fit in with their breeding cycle.

The Curlew

Likewise bankers won’t be making way for MPs who want to sniff around monetary theory. This handsome specimen doesn’t see the tractors with their swinging blades descending down upon him. Enjoy his call while you can.

Steve Baker, Member Of Parliament, Wycombe, South Buckinghamshire. Not far from the homes of the central bankers he’s questioning the methods of. May God go with him….

His nest is to be found

I first came across positive money in Positive News newspaper, which is free from my library. It is quite a refreshing read. Link

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4 Responses to “MPs Challenging Bankers? They’re As Rare As Curlews.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good find Tap, you are right, he’s brave. If people start to listen he’s toast. Raving nutters like you and I can be dismissed, someone like him can’t – not so easily anyway.

  2. truthi says:

    If anything should happen to this brave man it would be horrific. He is speaking up for the rights of people. We need more like him..Goodonyerson.

  3. Scotty says:

    I donate £3 per month to Positive Money – I think they are REAL and have not been usurped (yet) by the big corporations.
    WHO MAKES OUR MONEY is THE big issue and the problem at the route of many of the problems and issues featured on this blog and others.
    Well done to Steve Baker to come out and speak the truth about this issue. He’s a brave man. They’ve shot three US presidents over the right to coin / create money and then lend to governments / taxpayers at interest.
    What should happen is that the government should coin / create money and then spend it in to the economy. Then, there is no such thing as national debt.
    BTW, this was how money was issued in Libya. The first thing the invading Western forces did was to create a central bank – on the first or second day of the invasion.
    This is how we are all enslaved.


    who makes our money by f.j.irsigler

    creature from jekyll island by G. Edward griffin

    secrets of the federal reserve by eustace mullins

  4. Julia says:

    I first came across positive money in Positive News newspaper, which is free from my library. It is quite a refreshing read. Link

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