More Lies From Filipino Hospital

Sorry to give you all yet further ear-bashing about my own troubles, but this is still my blog, even though many writers now channel their excellent material here each day, Julia just reporting in on The Occupy Movement a few moments ago.

Bad Blood

The Asian Hospital Administrative Nursing manager assured me that they had vaccinated my son with Engerix-B, as the Hepatitis vaccine is mandatory for all new born babies in the Philippines. A friend checked this detail today, and advised that this information provided to me was also untrue. The government website lists the Hepatitis B vaccine as advisory only.

I’ve lost count now of the untruths communicated to me by the Asian Hospital And Medical Center, both by the pediatrician in person and by the hospital admin.

Shame as the doctor who delivered the baby was good.

I was told that in future all medical interventions in babies would require a parent’s signature before any treatment is given. I wonder if that proposal too is more semi not so sure evasion. If you can’t trust a hospital, you shouldn’t walk through its doors, no matter how good the doctors might be.

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2 Responses to “More Lies From Filipino Hospital”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap: I think we would agree on the sad fact that all the “good” staff have been poached to The West. I have had three children born in the PI, and through that experience I know it is all a money game: just how much can they squeeze out of the white devil.
    Anybody reading that has not had experience of the PI would also probably agree that PI nurse here in the UK are amongst the most caring and attentive of them all.
    I just sat through a university induction for my eldest son. I found it interesting that all NHS courses are FREE. Once qualified they then leave for New Zealand, which means we have to recruit in the PI and Bangladesh. Now that what I call progressive.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Interesting. FREE = paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, no doubt. The industry controls the profession at every turn, with no resistance permitted.

    I could cope with fending off unwanted medication. But when they carry out the interventions that work out some lies to justify what they’ve done, I get mad – US and English senses, both.

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