Knowledge Needs Action

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Knowledge starts here, but Knowledge is just the start! What do we do with it? Trying to get laws changed is no good, well it gets publicity and people thinking a bit, but the law system is all invented by OWG to control us, so even if they make tiny tiny good changes to their big beast, they will twist the words around to use against us anyway. How do we do it then? Check out David Icke “I am Me, I am Free”, page 192, which I first read last night. Tap, this links directly into your experience in Manila, and mine on Iron Age Hill Forts.

Icke explains that the principle of acupuncture applies to planet Earth. The Earth has a network, or grid, of energy lines, called leylines or meridians. On these, lie many “acupuncture” points, many, but not all, of which are sacred sites from ancient times. Acupuncture puts tiny needles into our bodies at key points to balance the flow of energy and keep us free from disharmony, or “dis-ease”. The same principle applies to the Earth. And guess what the “needles” are? Us!! Quote: “People can become walking, talking acupuncture needles and affect enormous changes in the balance and imbalance of the energy flow within the Earth matrix”. This will massively weaken the OWG power. And we don’t need everyone to do it, just enough to get a critical mass.

Icke goes on to say that many major points on the grid have been sabotaged by cities being built on them, power stations, roads and battlefields, and black magic rituals.

Anywhere on a leyline seems to be of value, but obviously some points, the crossovers perhaps, have more power. The ancients knew far more than us, hence so many key points are marked as sacred sites.

I would like to point out that I have had these experiences before I read David Icke and before I had heard of leylines. It just all fits into place. If you want to have a go, you will need to get out of your house, and your car and any other box you are being coerced into.


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  1. Tony_Opmoc says:

    So what exactly do we do on these leylines? Do we chant, dance, have sex, pray to our Sun God, build totem poles, drill for oil, take drugs or what?

    Glastonbury and Stonehenge are very nice and supposedly on leylines. In my youth I did some of the above there and it was great fun. Maybe doing it prevented a nuclear war, and if we hadn’t we would all be dead.

    Alternatively the entire idea of leylines is a load of bollocks.


  2. Anonymous says:

    All 4 parts of this David Wilcock lecture are worth watching. Note the Becker-Hagens Grid in part 2 here

    – Me.

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