IRA(N) & IRA(Q). Wars It’s Better To Lose.

WASP writes –
The Straits of Hormuz is more important than the stuff I was going to send you on Monsanto – that will keep, Tap.

To Avoid War, Russia and China Must Announce Their Red Lines Around Iran; Ron Paul Must Prove Bona Fides by Offering Articles of Impeachment Against Obama.

From Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.


The United States is working hard to persuade other countries to obey its domestic law on sanctioning the Iranian Oil industry.

Many experts believe that the US will face strong resistance from other powers such as China and Russia over Washington’s decision to impose sanctions on Iran’s oil sector, arguing that “the US sanctions are not even in line with the content and sprit of the related resolutions on Iran, adopted by the United Nations Security Council.” Video


Press TV has conducted an interview with author and journalist, Webster Griffin Tarpley, to further discuss the issue of the US administration efforts to oblige other sovereign countries such as China, India, S. Korea, Japan and many others, to obey its domestic laws and put an embargo on the Iranian Oil industry in order to deter the country’s peaceful nuclear program.


Press TV: Let us look at the legality of this. How can the United States actually punish countries which decide to buy Iran’s oil and pay via Iran’s Central Bank? How do they make a domestic law and have it affect countries other than themselves and internationally?

Well, the rather novel theory of the Obama administration is that you can carry out what would normally be called the secondary boycott. In other words, The United States says that the United States won’t buy Iranian oil. Ok, but now the United States says that any country or Central Bank that buys Iranian oil will also be boycotted by the United States.

The bottom line is, if you deal with Iran, you cannot have a financial presence inside the United States so I would call this illegal, I would call it simply blackmail.

It is a secondary boycott and it’s of dubious success, too, because that’s the thing – We just had Secretary of the Treasury, Geithner, go on an arm-twisting tour of East Asia. And the big question is, will other countries go along with this?

If you go, for example, to China and say to them, either you stop buying Iranian oil or you cannot have any financial dealings with the Unites States, is that tenable. The general overview of the results of the Geithner’s tour is that China has said no and they are very angry, as you just mentioned about this – the case of this Zhuhai Zhenrong, where there has been a very angry response from Beijing. They may have reached their limit in terms of taking dictation from the US.

Also India, which buys a significant amount of Iranian oil, is also basically saying no. So China and India are saying no. Japan has been leaned on by Geithner and in this case the government is somewhat wishy-washy; it is a very weak government. However, since the atomic reactor incident of a year ago, Japan really needs to buy oil, so what will they do.

And then you have South Korea, they are ROK, what will they do? Those, too, are sort of up in the air. Certainly, if you tell people in Japan that you have got to choose between China and the United States there is a significant part of the Japanese economy that will say, well, we choose China. So, it is very difficult.

A country like Italy, Italy has been beaten up a lot lately by Standard and Poor’s and others; they lost their Libyan oil for quite a while; they get about twenty percent of their oil, this is a significant part of their oil from Iran. Are they are going to be able to say no to this?

So, this whole array of countries that are now being put on the spot by the US with this strong-arm, black mail, secondary boycott approach, which simply shows that the people leading US foreign policy, I would say, are imbeciles. They imagine that they have all of this power – when Geithner went to China, he basically had a whole series of non-negotiable demands and I think they basically reacted with a great deal of rage. ………….

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Murdoch Admits He Tried to Shape Public Opinion on Iraq




IRA [N] ≠ IRA [Q]



It won’t be the pushover that these CRETINS IMAGINE, viz Listen to Common Sense from George Galloway Who Talks to an Idiot.

I THINK EVERY ONE HAS REALISED BY NOW, THE ARAB LEAGE IS CONTROLLED BY OBAMAS ADMINISTRATION, SO KEEP THEM OUT OF IT. By the Way Geithner is the Classic ‘Papal Court Zionist Jew,’ &, I Believe a SMOM, & works for – Private Banks

Marcy Kaptur chews up Tim Geithner Up & Spits Him Out!



Powerful stuff, Wasp. The elites were never more dangerous, as they are terrified of losing their position. They are struggling to keep the lid on, and would prefer a world war to smash the competition than to allow any more erosion of what they believe to be their supremely powerful position, built over centuries. The problem is they depend on no one knowing how they rig everything. Yet each day that passes there are thousands more people who are ‘getting it’! If there’s to be a war with nations like Iran, China, Russia, whose side are people in the West going to be on?

This will be a war between our elite who we all hate, and foreigners who could one day liberate us. I would hate to be a parent of someone in the Armed Forces, fighting a war which I would prefer to lose.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Looks like the writing is on the wall.
    Coal mines should be opened up and new Steel works started to be built.
    The old ship yards should be reclaimed as National assets, and floating weapon platforms built.
    Our Boarders should be guarded and Foreigners should be detained under order 18c.
    Wow ! a chance to reclaim our Country back.

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