Doctor: ‘Mark My Words. Before Long We Will All Be Terminated.’

I came across an interesting piece of information from an old ( in his 70’s) friend. He told me a friend of his died of cancer last week. He had had cancer for some time and been in and out of hospital and was clearly terminal. The odd thing was that because he didn’t spend the last 24 hours of his life in hospital, an autopsy was compulsory. Only the hospital is trusted as a place for death. This delayed the funeral and understandably caused further upset for his widow, who felt she was under suspicion. Does anyone know any more about this? I haven’t heard of it before. Is it a new law that is driving everyone into hospital for controlled death, which is coincidentally the same way that birth is going?

Next interesting point…. His medical friend said to him “Mark my words, before long we will all be terminated” which I took to mean that old people’s deaths, when and how, will be decided for them by the state.

This brings us round to the euthanasia debate. I agree with the idea of being in charge of your own death, but any euthanasia law will surely be misused against us to control deaths in hospitals, whilst being made to look like we have a free choice.


TAP – My dad went in to hospital as he couldn’t get any food down. They set about force feeding him, and he died within ten hours of his arrival. He died so quickly, no one was there with him. My mother feels guilty but didn’t expect him to be gone so fast, and was never called. I was out of the country, and asked her what he actually died from. She said no one mentioned any cause for the death. She was only informed that he had died. He was a bit wiser and knew the score. He told me before that if he ever went into hospital, he wouldn’t live for long. It was the first time my mother asked for help after nursing him for fifteen years through Parkinsons. At least we were spared an autopsy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In reply to your question about no autopsy if you die in hospital.
    My wife died of cancer nearly 4 years ago now, she insisted on coming home and I took care of her. She died at home after 2 months. There was no autopsy or police informed of her death. I was told as it was under the control of her own doctor then no notification was needed when she died.
    I was also told that, as she was on morphine, when she died she had to be buried asap. As her body was toxic. She died on a Saturday and was buried by the following Thursday, everything seemed fast tracked to get her into the ground.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Is morphine toxic? Isn’t it based on the opium poppy, an entirely natural substance. Was there another substance they wanted to bury, which was not communicated to the relatives, which was toxic enough to cause legal problems for the doctors if you found out?

  3. Rossa says:

    We’ve lost 7 people in the last 3 years. 6 family and 1 close friend. 5 of the family members were in their 90s up to one 100 year old. All had good treatment in hospital or nursing home, so I can’t say there’s a definite drive to kill off older people. Saying that, all of them had members of our family constantly visiting and helping in the management of their care including feeding.

    My Dad was ‘only’ 79 and died in a Hospice in October. Again his treatment was first class. a couple of observations though. He was given morphine in the last few weeks to ‘ease’ his breathing though they didn’t force it. He had to choose to take it. Morphine does suppress the ability to breathe as well as manage pain. He had lung cancer and heart failure so his death was managed with the morphine. The death certificate did say he died of the cancer though he was in stage 4 heart failure which was terminal. He is now a cancer statistic as that is the main ’cause’ of death.

    Saying all this, a friend’s mother aged 92 was admitted to hospital a week before Xmas. They refused to treat her til they found out her daughter, my friend, is a solicitor and Judge. That changed everything, but they still discharged her before Xmas because they clear the wards as much as possible due to staff not turning up to work.

  4. Julia says:

    So it looks like 3 or 4 years ago, autopsy was not compulsory if you died out of a hospital or nursing home. So have things changed since then? Change usually happens by stealth, so we need to watch out.

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