Do You Suffer From Fear Of …Facebook?

Julia writes –

None of my Facebook friends dares to ” like” or “comment” or “share” my slightly controversial posts, yet I know that at least a few are reading them with interest. In private, they tell me they are frightened of showing an interest.

Fear is the tool of the OWG. Most of my actual real life friends won’t even go on Facebook, because they are frightened of losing their privacy, or Facebook “owning” their information, or their identity being stolen, or not getting a job because of their Facebook activity. The other excuse is that it’s just for teenagers, or they don’t want to read about people eating a banana or other seemingly trite things, which is part of the Facebook experience.

Yes Facebook!!! I am still not sure myself 100%. But these things I do know. Privacy is a complete illusion. It is used to divide us and introduce all sorts of dodgy laws. They are tracking us right left and centre anyway. When you stop caring about privacy, you feel free. How can anyone own info? It’s another tool to control us.

My gut feel is that there is huge, suspiciously huge, negative publicity being spread to stop people using Facebook effectively, especially the intellectual middle classes.

There is nothing else that comes close to Facebook as far as I know. 1 billion users worldwide, half of which log in daily! And best of all is the SHARE button! The mathematics of this are incredible. I haven’t calculated it yet but i am pretty sure it is the quickest most effective tool we have for spreading the word before it gets hijacked. The only thing stopping Facebook being the primary tool for the world revolution is people’s fear of it.

I almost gave up on it due to lack of response because people are frightened of responding, and lack of people on it because they fear their privacy that they don’t have anyway being taken away!

I have to say I am having increasing problems with the Share button, which is potentially due to some ‘infiltration’ of Facebook. I can not share anything from Youtube to Facebook at the moment for example, though I used to be able to. That in itself smacks of someone trying to stop the share.

I might be wrong of course, there are so many bluffs and double bluffs everywhere these days! But isn’t it worth taking the chance?

TAP – Fear is always the method of control. The bomb. The Islamists. Global warming. I’d never thought of fear of Facebook. But yes. Gillian told me her friends were too frightened to even look online as they feared their internet searches are monitored, and they might lose their jobs (government or corporate). I suggested she get hold of reading material to lend out to her nearest and dearest.

Fear stops people even looking at stuff. A relative of mine is a professor at an elite university. I tried talking to him about the evidence that the pyramids were 12,000 years old, and that one of their key roles was power stations, distributing electricity with Tesla-type technology. All he could offer as an excuse was that he was too busy to look at it. So much for university professors. He actually teaches this subject. I would imagine he’s afraid of even looking at evidence which could end up losing him his job.

UPDATE – B4IN (beforeitsnews) has copied this post (400 odd readers so far) and there’s quite a discussion in the comments going on, mostly saying people are right to be afraid! Here’s a suggested youtube clip from a commenter on B4IN.

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8 Responses to “Do You Suffer From Fear Of …Facebook?”

  1. Road_Hog says:

    I don’t like Facebook, I never really had a personal page. I only ever used it properly (as Road_Hog) in my serious days in the EDL.

    Now, they seem to be demanding my phone number to let me continue, which they are not going to get.

    I suppose it’ll be a case of continuously opening an account for a month until they demand a phone number and then starting again.

    Facebook are serious control phreaks.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Yes but it’s a great channel. It must be possible to ride it without giving too much away. Get a SIM card on a phone you never use, and give them that. Just leave it switched off most of the time.

  3. Scotty says:

    So, some people are too scared to view controversial topics on line? That is just a not good enough.

    What chance is there for humanity if people are too scared to even acknowledge their own demise, let alone dare to object?

    If TPTB are allowed to continue with their plans, life in a few decades may not be worth living anyway (for the few that they decide to keep alive, to service their needs re. Georgia Guide Stones) so people may as well stand up and be counted now.

    Many people have fought and died for the causes they believe in.

    These people who are too scared to even look are beaten already. Pathetic.

    I know the types we are talking about – the polite middle-classes, who went to college and swallowed all that anti-family, anti-human Marxist claptrap. They would swallow anything, any old nonsense you tell them, they are so compliant. I know someone exactly like this. BA and MA degrees – he’s never had an original thought in his life, he swallowed everything they gave him. I sat in a pub once listening to him explaining why freedom of speech was undesirable – all delivered in very polite, non-confrontational language and terminology of course. Pseudo-intellectualism. These people are the mind-controlled, the mental foot-soldiers of TPTB, the OWG, NWO etc.

    And also, generally speaking, ‘middle class intelectual’ is an contradiction in terms, an oxymoron.

    Intellectual implies thinking for yourself, as opposed to being programmed. These people make up an army of spineless automatons. They are sold the dream of being just like the people on the adverts; they just have to do and think exactly what they are told and not allow themselves any rebellious, dangerous free-thinking. Think inside the box.

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”


    NB – I don’t really want to use the term ‘middle-class’, as I think it’s out-moded and obviously doesn’t apply to everyone in what we perceive to be that group. We need a new designation for this spineless army of brain-washed and brain-washing robots.

  4. Julia says:

    I have watched the vid and am still not convinced. I totally agree it is a powerful tool for the CIA. But they can track you anyway without Facebook, easily. Most people will be carrying a mobile device of some sort which gives constant updates of where you are., like Harry Potter’s Marauders Map. Your phone calls and messages can be intercepted. Every time you use your credit debit card it is clocked. Your car is tracked by cameras and registration number. Kids are tracked in school and their whereabouts within the school put on a computer. The list goes on. Is it a coincidence that Facebook has the potential to spread info around the world at incredibly high speed using the SHARE button. You do not have to put up photos and you do not have to tell everyone where you are. I am aware that Julian Assange sees Facebook as a massive spying tool. Would like to know what some other seasoned researchers have to say too.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I just load nonsense onto my facebook profile page and use it to send out links to blogposts.

    The mobile phone is undoubtedly what they use to track activists, and find you on the street to harrass etc.

    Bloggers are usually left alone as they see us as outside the main game of real politics. That said I leave my phone switched off most of the time and rarely carry it. It’s interesting how you can live quite easily without it once you get used to it! The landline still works.

  6. Julia says:

    Like it Tap. Why not give them false feeds back? Pretend to go to events you don’t really go to. Invent fictitious accounts to be friends with. Incorrectly tag photos! Just checked out David Icke. He is on Facebook, as is Alex Jones. So they are not too frightened then, even though they would be much more likely targets than the rest of us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just read a more recent Tap post that asserts “At least, the CIA didn’t set this one up with the aim of using it as a spying device, as Facebook was.”

    Is there some evidence that the CIA set up Facebook?! Granted the CIA probably make good use of it, but it’s a long stretch to suggest the CIA set it up. Has somebody not realised that the video here suggesting the CIA set up Facebook is The Onion (satire) – or is there really evidence?!

  8. Tapestry says:

    Not possible to prove. We posted on The Tap a report which pointed out Facebook landed a $500 million loan from a Bank, which the report stated was a CIA front. You should find the post with a Tap Blog search.

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