Do Babies Have Sex?

Asian Hospital Health Digest explains the ways people get Hepatitis B. Sex, or drug-taking. Why do they think babies are high risk?

Seeing as The Asian Hospital And Medical Center is so keen to inject babies with the Hepatitis B vaccine, Engerix, I thought I’d take time out to read their website’s description of the risks of acquiring this disease. They injected this into our newborn son at six hours old last week. He was very sprightly and alert at the moment of his birth, but was then lying in a fatigued and drowsy state for the next two days after being injected with Engerix-B.

The Asian Hospital’s website explanation is quite specific. Hepatitis B cannot be caught by kissing, eating, drinking, washing or any normal behaviour engaged in by children. It can only be transferred by sexual activity, sharing needles between drug users or be passed on from an infected mother to her baby.

As that is the case, why the rush to inject babies just born? The risks of Engerix are listed out on the GlaxoSmithkline website. They include a large number of possible adverse reactions which I listed in an earlier post. These do not mention the fact that Engerix has two versions, one based on mercury, the other on aluminium, both highly toxic metals for developing nervous systems. These are associated with the surging levels of autism in boys. At one time autism was very rare. Today it affects on in thirty males in the USA. Many of our friends have children permanently brain-damaged by vaccines.

Today our son is moving his arms and legs again just as he was at the moment of his birth. It’s taken three days to see this recovery from his drowsy state. We thank God that he is recovering, and not the paediatrician at the Asian Hospital And Medical Center, Manila, who broke the hospital’s own rulebook by giving this vaccine without our permission. It might be years before we are sure that he has not been hurt on a more permanent basis. We will pray every day.

Asian Hospital Website’s article on Hepatitis B (HBV) is titled ‘Defend Your Family From The Silent Plague‘.

How many patients go on to read that they are unlikely to contract Hepatitis B as children, unless , that is, they are raped by an HBV sufferer, or injected with a shared needle by a drug user? The headline is mere hype, trying to panic people into having dangerous treatments they don’t need, and which should never be given to babies. The risks of the vaccine greatly outweigh any possible benefits.
These are the inconvenient facts which Asian Hospital And Medical Center chooses to ignore, in its indecent haste to keep their vaccination business brisk.

Health Digest says –

HBV is spread when blood or body fluids from an infected person enters the body of a person who is not infected.

Therefore, increased risk is associated with multiple sexual partners, unprotected sexual intercourse, sharing infected razors and using injected illegal drugs. HBV is also transferred by an infected mother to her baby during birth. Hepatitis B is not spread through food or water, breastfeeding, sharing eating utensils, hugging, kissing, coughing, sneezing or by casual contact such as shaking hands.

THE OTHER GUARDED SECRET OF THE POWERFUL ELITES….other than vaccination being a vast industry with little or no justification for its existence, maiming and killing millions of children worldwide.


As a general rule they don’t. But as many as one in ten are said to fall victim to pedophiles who get access to children, and abuse their trust.

HETT writes today –

Does someone so well-known really have the guts to name names?

Former Child Star Corey Feldman says: Paedophilia is rampant in Hollywood.

‘I will reveal the names of TWO Hollywood paedophiles that abused me,’ says Corey Feldman

Daily Mail reports the story.

He says that a lot of people in Hollywood think they are above the law, and it’s got to stop. His friend died from drugs, he says, and the drugs were a way to cope with the fact he was raped by the movie moguls.

TAP – Let’s hope Corey’s not the next Gary Speed. One theory about Gary is that he was about to speak out about his abuse at the hands of footballing pedophiles when he was a young player. His autobiography was being written, as he said on his website, which would reveal all the reasons for the career choices he made. Then his strange and unexplained death occurred.

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3 Responses to “Do Babies Have Sex?”

  1. Woodsy42 says:

    “It can only be transferred by sexual activity, sharing needles between drug users or be passed on from an infected mother to her baby.”

    No, they have missed one. It can be transferred by faulty hospital procedures and/or poor surgical instrument sterilisation. One suspects they may be protecting themselves in case any procedures are needed should any post birth complications show up.

    Hopefully you can get baby home and enjoy being a family once this episode is behind you. For what it’s worth ours were born immediately lively and interested before becoming more passive, and that was without any such meds.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Woodsy42. Before you start believing it’s all real, they make medical interventions that could bring it all to an end (they pretend they don’t agree, of course – or are ignorant – or just want the money). It’s an emotional rollercoaster. If part of that is the normal way for babies to behave, that’s good to know. He’s back to alert state now after six days.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Engerix B is an appetite suppressant. The baby didn’t cry for two days, and showed no sign of hunger.

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