Diana’s Body Illegally Embalmed. Why?

Her premonitions were right.

In a comment from Steelmagnolia comes the news that Diana was not only unlawfully killed, in the view of the inquest that investigated her death. She was also unlawfully embalmed! Now why would that be, one might ask?

Here’s the comment from SteelMagnolia

Diana was embalmed illegally…I am trying to put the story together I have some other interesting facts and am trying to get in contact with Mohamed Al Fayed I need to ask him something. I am in no doubt now that Diana was mudered but I belive it was an opportunist killing..I will explain more if and when I have interviewed Mr Al Fayed.

and here’s the website link which tells the full story, as follows –

Jean Monceau said he regretted embalming Diana without official written consent from her family / Reuters Source: No credit

THE man who did the controversial embalming of Princess Diana’s body admitted yesterday that the procedure was illegal.

Jean Monceau said he regretted going ahead without official written consent from her family as French law required but insisted he did not realise he was doing anything wrong at the time.

Harrods boss Mohamed al Fayed, whose son Dodi also died in the crash, has claimed the procedure was ordered by MI6 to obliterate chemical traces of a pregnancy.

Mr al Fayed believes Diana was carrying Dodi’s baby and was murdered to prevent the mother of the future king having a Muslim child.

The car after the crash – not badly damaged from this camera angle. It’s no wonder people survived the crash. But why did Diana in the back die, while Trevor seated in the front didn’t?

TAP – I’ve met Trevor Rees Jones since the crash as he lives near me, and while he was injured, he has made a full recovery. ‘Horribly maimed’ is an exaggeration. Likewise, the words of SteelMagnolia above suggest that Diana also wasn’t killed or even that badly hurt in the crash. I wonder if ‘Steel”s going to suggest she was murdered by the doctors. We will see when ‘she’ next communicates, after tracking down Al Fayed.

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  1. Hello Tap an innocent comment from a cancer patient in Australia started me on my voyage.

    ‘Some nurses came to tell me Diana had broken her arm in a car crash’


  2. you know my view on the subject.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A high-speed crash victim’s organs are thrown forward into the rib cage. This can cause bad internal injuries while the victim may lack the most obvious physical injuries like broken bones, lacerations leading to critical blood loss etc.

    Looking at the state of the car it’s probable if Diana died from injuries that they were internal ones, rather than blood loss. So she would have looked fine on appearance.

    This doesn’t mean the hypothesis in question didn’t happen…

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