Broadcast News Is Deception. Meet The Actors.

Filthy Actors EXPOSED! Code Pink, Loughner, Unabomber, Olimpic Park Bomber from Ed Chiarini on Vimeo.

So much of what people take to be news is false.

If they can act out all of these people’s roles, who else is being put up to fool the public?

Why bother watching?

from dallasgoldbug channel on, Ed Chiarini

UPDATE – from comments below, it is clear I should have been more careful with this topic. I remember writing before about the notorious sergeant shouting at the NYC cops to leave the Occupied demonstrators alone with ‘this isn’t a warzone’, was an actor, as were the cops – and some of the demonstrators. Wasn’t that a double deception? When a good speaker opens up and starts attacking government, people will wonder if it’s real or just another actor. It undercuts reality to constantly imitate and deceive. People become suspicious of everthing even their own freedom. If it wasn’t for Wellaware1, how would we even know?

UPDATE2 – There is undoubtedly deception. There is possibly double deception, whereby people who know opposition is sometimes acted, will be less likely to follow the government’s opponents out of confusion and fear. That is solid gain for the government, whereas the simple deception seems to have little real advantage.

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9 Responses to “Broadcast News Is Deception. Meet The Actors.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You might be interested in this bit of propaganda (broadcast just this week on the BBC):

    Scaremongering at its (horrific) “best”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tap, I’m aware of this individual’s work under the name wellaware1. Some of it’s is interesting and may be right.

    However, in my opinion it is, to be charitable, hit and miss. The good work is offset by stuff that is obviously wrong.

    Take, for example, another video where he says Stewart Rhodes (Oathkeepers) is the Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection Todd Keil. Not looks like, IS.

    I considered this as if it were possibly true. On my own analysis I concluded this claim was not true. They don’t look alike. They are not the same person.

    I think he also says Lady Gaga is the same person as a famous little girl who went missing. I can’t remember the details. The thesis that some news is entirely constructed out of actors is perfectly reasonable, however he is jumping at shadows.

  3. Julia says:

    I think we all have to be careful of what we take as true and false. Both true and false stories can come from the same source sometimes. We need to regain our power and question everything. Maybe some of his speculations are wrong, but sometimes speculations can lead to discovering new corroborated evidence, as i think they do sometimes on The Tap. Sometimes they don’t. We need to take some risks in guesswork sometimes, otherwise we can never grow our collective thinking beyond its current boundaries.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, After watching a few of Wellaware1 video’s I came to the following question, if he is right about one or two people that could be achieved by guessing.
    The problem is he is correct at least 80% of the time even with my old eyes.
    Seem’s strange that Lady Gaga has been asked to play Amy Winehouse in a new film.
    Stewart Rhodes is obviously playing an actor,and has been planted.

    • erb says:

      I to think he is to gain trust, then turn in everyone, with guns addresses , names, who bought a lot of ammo ? homeland security did, now if todd keil worked for homeland security, seems to be a point to it now.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you agree Stewart Rhodes is not Todd Keil? I just can’t convince myself they are the same person.

    I also don’t know why he is “obviously” an actor… how do we know you aren’t “obviously” a disinformation agent attempting to make people loose trust in someone who is making a stand against tyrants?

    • erb says:

      we need a voice analysis done on stewart Rhodes and todd keil done, who can do this, im no computer guy . if found to be true post it every where, and think, alex jones clames to check out all his guest, takes one to know one.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I take all your points and have updated the post.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Is your other anon, saying, that a man who found all Pima County, auxilliary police officers, to be actors, is telling lies.
    Use your eyes man, all I am saying is use your eyes.
    Ear prints are used by our police, same as finger prints.
    All the subjects are asked to do is send a photograph of their ears, if they believe he has got it wrong.
    Has Stewart Rhodes sent his ear print.

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