Boycott The Movies. Get Rid Of Your TV. Head For The Free Internet.

What about the United Nations’ Head of The Business Leaders Forum, Prince Charles? Is he on the side of Hollywood and the Royalties? His keeps his corporate business role secret, but it’s easy enough to find out about online.

GIANT BEE writes –

Do what I’m doing – boycott any and all new movies and TV shows. 99% are utter garbage anyway, it’s not like I’m missing anything. Hit the bastards that supported SOPA and PIPA where it really hurts – in their pockets.

TAP – Add to that. Cut out mobile phone use, or live without a mobile phone. They are causing surging cancer rates, including kids. Head for the free internet. Strand the PIPA/SOPA corporations to stew in their own juice. They steal information every day of their lives. They’re the ones who should go to gaol, and be stung!

GIANT BEE was commenting on ‘Bloggers. Get Ready To Live Behind Barbed Wire.’

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