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Scotty’s sent in this little picture and slogan. Any comments?

On the day that The Tap passes the million mark for Google page downloads (started count June 2010) it seems a good day to mention that I am collecting ideas for a new banner. The current one is outdated and refers back to the time I was writing on Eureferendum’s umbrellog, when Richard North was asking for eurosceptic writers to join him on

I read World Without Cancer about a year ago (February 2011), and from that moment on, my worldview was changed. Now I realise that I was writing in total or at least partial ignorance of how the world actually works.

Informed every day by researchers and experts who send in their ideas and suggestions to The Tap, I now see that ignorance of the majority is the key to the power of the tiny elite that controls the world.

I like the slogan ‘Tap Blog – where knowledge starts’. Mind you, there is always a better one to find.

‘where knowledge grows’?

It’s still very early days,and it’s great to get ideas like Scotty’s to widen the search. ‘Blog For Victory’ has a passion and a simplicity about it that appeals, but I wonder if new readers will find it so easy to sign up to such a message. It might be better to ask for a lesser first step.

Readership of Tap Blog posts is still brisk on beforeitsnews hitting 2500 page reads so far today.
Let’s hope we keep rolling!

Is victory our aim? Maybe it is.

What do you think?

Gillian replies –

Hi Tap,

Lots of interesting info. on your site so far this year.

I particularly enjoyed reading the stuff about the Queen’s wealth and power. Sent in by Wasp, I think?
Some of this info. I was already aware of but much of the detail was new to me.

This is the sort of thing they should be teaching children in school, rather than the lies they are currently being
taught. I know that will never happen of course! Not unless or until the ‘revolution’ anyway.

I like the slogan suggested by Scotty, i.e. ‘Blog for Victory’
I often wonder though just how much longer we will be able to exchange vital information on-line. Surely TPTB
must be concerned that we ordinary people are learning far too much? Although, I suppose the internet can also
be used by ‘them’ to feed us miss-information. Something of a double edged sword in some respects. I feel we should
be making contingency plans for if/when we are denied internet access. But don’t have a clue what form those plans
should take other than snail mail or pigeon post!

Kind Regards,


The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

7 Responses to “Blog For Victory”

  1. Julia says:

    I like Knowledge Starts Here. The growing idea is good too, because there is so much productive sharing and discussion on this blog. I like Blogging For … But think Victory sounds a bit too WW2ish. I agree that ignorance vs knowledge is the key. Assange said on, when asked who is greatest enemy was, replied “ignorance”. Though there is some sort of race to win, it feels like to me. The race is on to spread the knowledge. At the same time there is always more to learn.

  2. Scotty says:

    re internet access, I’ve been thinking how to get off Google and any other email service and websearch with a US based servers – although it may not make that much difference to us in the UK as whatever applies over there will probably apply here as well.
    There is a search engine I’ve found that does not tailor results personally, for you (unlike google do, so that different people get totally different results)
    It’s called gibiru
    It still searches using google though, but your search is anonymous.
    Maybe Russian based email, search engines and servers would be a solution?
    Especially when the new SOPA act comes in – maybe their reach will not extend to the Russian based web?

  3. wasp says:

    Try ‘Ultra Surf’ Scotty, it can be downloaded as, Normal or Green Soft Ware. I have used it in the past,& fond it pretty good. They will have upgraded it by now so it should be even better. They use proxy, ip hopping as far as I can remember.

    For Quality & Reliability You won’t better ‘Opera’. Try it, there are literally hundreds of Search Engines,I have tried, many far better than Google, I prefer Meta Search Engines try them why don’t you. For general stuff though I use Google.

    Opera is one I use Quite Often, it’s a little bit difficult first off, but you soon get into it. I always tend to leave too many tabs open though, but that’s easily solved.


  4. coz says:

    I like The Tap as a name, it’s whatever comes out of the tap. banner is ok with me.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Thanks, Coz. There is still the option to leave things as they are. But being the kind of people we are, the search for an alternative is on. We will keep the name, I agree.

  6. Tapestry says:

    How about

    ‘The Tap Blog’

    ‘Make Ignorance Your Enemy.’

  7. Tapestry says:

    I’m going back to where I started –

    Knowledge Starts Here.

    I will use ‘Win with the internet. make ignorance your enemy.’ as a finishing line, not a headline.

    Thanks for all ideas, which have been most helpful.

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