Kim Jong Il Was Murdered By The Rothschilds

Tragedy Never Looked So Comic. Fulford Talks Of World War & Mass Murder.
See below for Fulford’s statement on the death of Kim Jong Il.

The first section is in Japanese. Then there’s an English part after five minutes or so. Fulford accuses the elites of planning to send a tsunami against Tokyo. He’s been right in his predictions before, warning of the use of an earthquake weapon against Japan in 2010.

I wonder how Japanese people see this kind of televised warning. Bewilderment, I would think.

The English section, which starts a few minutes in, is well worth listening to. There are lots of important details in the section which ends at 14 minutes. Then the bowler hatted Japanese character starts a long speech, and really, you could be watching a Japanese Dad’s Army. It’s no doubt traditional Japanese costume, but the scene is comic.

Fulford has grown a beard and wears his hair long. If you think about it, it’s much easier to disguise a face that way, than by keeping a clean cut look. His courage has to be admired. The world might look back on his words and wonder why no one acted on his warnings.

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At 23 minutes in, he says that Kim Jong Il was murdered. The Rothschilds want him replaced with Kim Jong Un, a playboy who wants fancy women and fast cars. Korea was kept divided by Europeans. The North Korean spy network in Japan is now being dismantled.

TAP The Rothschilds want war with Iran, and don’t need any sideshows. Kim Jong Il’s served his purpose, and has outlived his usefulness. It can’t have been hard to find people willing to finish him off.

The Rothschilds need war to keep control over us. They need debt. There is no need for humans to fight each other. We need to get rid of this murderous Satan-worshipping cabal. And the job has started.

The Comment –

Tap, Please watch the following video. Benjamin Fulford is explaining everything about the Satanist Illuminati’s criminals and what they did and what their plans are. First, he explained in Japanese, and then he explained in English. He explained that 3/11 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan was made by NUKES planted under the seabed. And Now Prime Minister, Nakasone and Koizumi ordered Chikyumaru Ship to plant NUKES under the seabed beside Chiba Prefecture to create another Earthquake and Tsunami around Tokyo. They want to make Tokyo vacant land by the Earthquake to make big money for the construction.

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