Release The Age Of Tesla – A Hundred Years Late – Stolen From Us By The Rothschilds.

J.P.Morgan was believed to be the richest financier in America. Yet when he died, it was discovered in his will that he owned less than 20% of the assets of his own business. The 80% belonged to the Rothschilds.

Tesla was funded by ‘J.P.Morgan’ in the second half of his career, but when it was discovered that electricity could supplied through resonance sourcing power for nothing from the environment, J.P.Morgan had all Tesla’s experiments at Wardencliffe ended immediately. Free energy for the world was got rid of. Tesla was then blackballed by the Rothschilds, and couldn’t find any new financiers.

Tesla suffered a second nervous breakdown, while others were credited with his other inventions which were developed, things like radio which was accredited to Marconi, who cooperated with big money.

Many of Tesla’s inventions were seized by the US Government when he died. They were all either mothballed or developed as secret weapon programmes, with Tesla’s name unknown by modern generations, his name removed from accessibility in the main media and educational books.

It’s time this theft from humanity was undone, and the real knowledge of science be allowed to live discovered by the greatest of all the scientists. Tesla said himself that the current age in his own time belonged to Einstein, but he added, ‘the future belongs to me’. He knew he was the best, and so did the Rothschilds.

How long do we have to wait?

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4 Responses to “Release The Age Of Tesla – A Hundred Years Late – Stolen From Us By The Rothschilds.”

  1. wokenkiwi says:

    When there is not a drop of oil left. Maybe……..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tesla’s free energy technology is evidenced by Dr Judy Wood,BS,MS,Ph.d as the method of vaporising the twin towers on 9 11.Her book “WHERE DID THE TWIN TOWERS GO?’ is a must read. If anyone is interested then just Google Dr Judy Wood 9 11.

  3. Anonymous says:

    wokenwiki – won’t run out. Only a tiny fraction of oil is “fossil fuel”. The rest is abiotic – and it renews itself. Available in effectively limitless amounts.

    Humanity is Gulliver strapped down by Lilliputians.

    – Me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    why is it erased?

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