Simon Cowell Is A Jew, And Other Tales

Hi Tap, after having carried out an extensive search regarding the Owners of The Bank of England, which first lead me to your Site. As you know from the pdfs I have sent you the information has not been forthcoming, even when The Authentic Documentation is used for Reference.

I was reading about The House of Orange & The Bank of England, when as if by Divine Providence I stumbled upon the required Information. Our thanks must therefore go to Eustace Mullins, for revealing this information to us.

Reference :- THE WORLD ORDER
A Study in the
Hegemony of Parasitism
First Edition
Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 84-082357
Copyright 1985
Eustace Mullins

Enough has been written about this subject on your site without the need to go over the same information again so here is the information. which I have rewritten as a list.

I have included a copy which I am sure you will find very interesting & marked relevent sections w/r/t The BoE. I would however draw your attention to the stuff on Lloyd George,Sir Basil Thompson in British counter-espionage,,Zaharoff. Lloyd George’s political career came to an end after Zaharoff persuaded him to help the Greeks
against Turkey in 1920 Putting them up against a wall facing a firing squad would be too good for them.

TAP – Jeremy Clarkson?

These paragons of virtue have killed countless millions, & unless the control is taken away from them & the Hidden Hand that directs them, it will be into The Billions as they have said but the Sheeple would prefer to bury their heads & watch Morons like Simon Cowell another Jew controlled by the Hidden Hand, viz previous comments relating to Jesuits use of Jews as a Smoke Screen.

The ”present” (1985?) directors of the Bank of England are:

G.W. McMahon, deputy governor since 1964, economic analyst Treasury 1953-57, adviser British Embassy Washington 1957-60
Sir Adrian Cadbury, chairman Cadbury Schweppes, dir. IBM UK
Leopold de Rothschild, N.M. Rothschild and Sons, etc.
George V. Blunden, exec. dir. Bank of England since 1947, served with IMF 1955-58
A.D. Lochnis, dir. J. Henry Schroder Wagg
G.A. Drain, member Trilateral Commission, treasurer European Movement, Franco-British Council, British North American Committee, lawyer for many unions and health associations
Sir Jasper Hollom, has been on the board since 1936
D.G. Scholey, chairman S.G. Warburg Co., Orion Insurance, Union Discount of London, Mercury Securities, which now owns S.G. Warburg Co. Irwin Holdings
J.M. Clay, dep. chairman Hambros Bank, chairman Johnson and Firth Brown Ltd
Hambros Life Assurance
Sir David Steel, chairman British Petroleum, dir. Kuwait Oil Co., The Wellcome Trust, trustee The Economist (whose chairman is Evelyn de Rothschild)
Lord Nelson of Stafford, chairman GE Ltd. chairman Royal Worcester Co., Natl. Bank of Australasia, International Nickel, British Aircraft, English Electric, Marconi Ltd. chairman World Power Conference, Worshipful Co. of Goldsmiths, Middle Eastern Assn
Lord Weir, chairman The Weir Group, chairman Great Northern Investment Trust
E.A.J. George, exec. dir Bank of England, dir. Gilt-Edged Division Bank of England, IMF 1972-72, Bank for International Settlements 1966-69
Sir Hector Laing, chairman United Biscuit, Allied Lyons, Royal Insurance
Sir Alastair Pilkington, chairman Pilkington Bros. Glass, dir. British Petroleum, British Railways Board.
The Bank of England also dominates the Bank of Scotland, whose chairman is Robert Bruce, Lord Balfour; his title Balfour of Burleigh was created in 1607; he is manager of English Electric and Viking Oil; he married the daughter of magnate E.S. Manasseh. Directors of Bank of Scotland include Lord Clydesmuir, also dir. Barclays Bank, and Rt. Hon. Lord Polwarth, director of Halliburton, which interlocks with the Rothschild First City Bank of Houston and Citibank, Imperial Chemical Industries, Canadian Pacific, and Brown and Root Wimpey Highland Fabricators, which interlocks with George Wimpey PLC, largest construction firm in the British Empire, whose 44 companies have revenues of 1.2 billion pounds per year. Lord Polwarth’s daughter married Baron Moran, High Commissioner of Canada, who previously served as Ambassador to Hungary and to Chad; Baron Moran’s daughter married Baron Mountevans, manager of Consolidated Goldfields.

Directors of George Wimpey PLC included S.S. Jardine; Viscount Hood, who is chairman Petrofina UK, and director J. Henry Schroder Wagg, and Union Miniere; and Sir Joseph Latham, chairman Ariel International, director Deutsches Kreditbank.

Wimpey Co. interlocks with Schroder Ltd, parent of J. Henry Schroder Wagg. The Earl of Airlie (David Ogilvy) is chairman of Schroder; he married Virginia Ryan, grand-daughter of Otto Kahn and Thomas Fortune Ryan; The Earl is also director of Royal Bank of Scotland; directors of Schroder include Lord Franks, director of the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rhodes Trust, and Kennedy Center; he is a former Ambassador to the United States; G.W. Mallinkrodt; Sir E.G. Woodruffe of Unlever; and Daniel Janssen of the Bank of England.
I have also found a information on Directors up to 1927, but I can’t find it at present, when I locate it I will send it
Thats all I have Time for at Present, I will see what else is around that might be of Interest.


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7 Responses to “Simon Cowell Is A Jew, And Other Tales”

  1. truthi says:

    Hi Tap . What is wrong with being a Jew or been conected to Jewish heretage, in this age. It is a thing I struggle to understand. Repectfully yours. Truthi

  2. Tapestry says:

    My family is part Jewish. Essentially everyone is a human being, and has choices. What we are interested in discussing on here is why people hide their Jewishness.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Are meaning Zionist Jews, When you say Jews, in relation this article.
    Zionist Jews allways seem to be involved in all the big scams and double dealing. Because that is the nature of the beast. They will have DUAL Passports, they allways flee to Israel when found out.

  4. Tapestry says:

    We are interested that so many recent British Prime Ministers are secret Jews – Cameron, Blair being cases in point. That’s why we need to be deeply sceptical of Cameron playing up with the EU. He is unlikely to be against the bankers, of whom he is a part. His family set up and own Standard Bank. His mother’s maiden name is Levita. Jewishness passes through the mother, so they marry and acquire English-sounding names without sacrificing their Jewishness.

  5. wasp says:

    “WHO OWNS THE BANK OF ENGLAND” is back at the top again now Tap, The book I referred you to THE WORLD ORDER by Eustace Mullins, is very informative, but many of your viewers might prefer to look at a video. Link:
    I found this You Tube Interview regarding this same book.
    This will round off the subject, as the words come from ‘THE HORSES MOUTH’ so to speak.
    Consider this w/r/t paying off debt
    If $1/sec paid back taking a year as 365.25 days it would take to pay back $100,000 …… 31.5576 years
    or $100,000,000 …31,557.6 years
    & so on, but this is a better way of looking at it as per video.
    I believe the USA Deficit is c.a.
    $14.7 Trillion


    A million seconds have elapsed in less than 12 days
    A billion seconds took more than 35 years to tick away
    A trillion seconds ago was bacck in the Stone Age,
    in the year 29,607B.C.

    As the late Eustace Mullins stated:- Knowledge Is The Greatest Weapon We Have To Maintain Our Freedom, & that if proper media coverage was given to the truth, we would have them hanging from lamp posts. Just like Mussolini ended up.

    N.B. There are two other links I sent in viz Stain, Hitler/Borman under appropriate headings.

    There are probably also loads of typos, I hate these little boxes!


  6. wasp says:

    There is certainly one typo I just found, $100,000 should be $1,000,000


  7. bob bell says:

    You can see from these names and connections that the finance world has a spiders web of such complexity that it will get stronger day by day and will never be broken with the laws and systems we have in place today.ROTHSCHILD RULES.

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