November Stats On The Tap

I heard the reports of Gary Speed’s demise, and felt immediately that something wasn’t right. He lives thirty minutes from here, and I have relatives in a junior Welsh soccer team. All I wrote was that it seemed suspicious, and I asked if anyone had any more to go on. Within minutes, the traffic arrived in a huge wave. I checked Google and saw my blog post was front page on Gary Speed, and there it stayed for three days even above The Daily Mail, asking simply ‘Is Gary Speed’s Death Suspicious?’.

The result was at times ten thousand people an hour coming in, most bouncing but a few clicking on to read more stories. The frustrating thing was that my site meters are not designed to cope with such volumes of traffic, and I couldn’t easily find out what else they were reading or how long they were staying. All I could see was a hundred readers arriving every few seconds with almost all heading for one story, and the meters, which are designed to follow 100 readers maximum over 20 minutes lost them in less than a minute, as more piled in.

The month’s stats are heavily distorted, ending up not at the expected 50,000 odd, but 250,000 odd. The Gary Speed post had around 180,000 of those, suggesting that maybe 10% of the arrivals clicked onto something else. If I take only the estimated click throughs, as the blog traffic for the month, that might plausibly suggest around 70,000 page downloads.

What happens next we will see. The Gary Speed traffic is still around 1000 an hour at busy times. I am sure ‘Hitler And Churchill Were First Cousins‘ would have struggled to make it to the top ten under normal circumstances, but it ended up getting over 5000 reads in three days! Prior to that, the exposure of the deception of Diana’s Inquest in the UK, went far and wide, being picked up by David Icke amongst others, and used word for word.

I have no idea how many readers that got. It had 4000 plus on here in two days, and no doubt tens of thousands on bigger blogs. Icke and others don’t reveal their stats. Overall these are all big numbers for what started as a tiny blog five years ago, bringing in thirty readers a day to begin with! We might well have reached in excess of 300,000 readers in November.

The Japanese readership is still around, with a number of stories being picked up and linked to. I wish I could remember my Japanese, but it’s nine years now since I was last there, and not many of the letters remain in my memory.

The usual contributors bring in much of the best material. I won’t mention names. You know who you are.

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