Keep Away From Hong Kong Express Airways

Please help. I am in manila and your office here is not helpful at all, only asking if there are goods of high value in my bag. What business is it of theirs?
My missing bag was checked in by KLM in Birmingham UK, to fly to Manila via Amsterdam. We were rerouted to Hong Kong from Amsterdam, due to delay in the connecting flight. I was originally scheduled direct to Manila.

The luggage ticket says –

PNR:ZANK6M (my KLM booking number business class ticket)
I emailed Hong Kong Express Airways this morning in the following terms –


Ref Number – 0352 2K 052827

I was scheduled to fly on KL 803 to Manila, but was diverted to HK,

There I was re-scheduled to fly Dragonair to manila on KA931 but again we were too late arriving, and were directed to check in at Hong Kong Express Airways flight number OU… departing 10 pm and arriving midnight Manila, after a gruelling 35 hour journey.

I had two bags, one of which arrived correctly. That was booked in at my port of origin as 0352 2K 052825.

Please find the other bag which never arrived at manila to my knowledge, and is most probably lost in Hong Kong.

The bag contains vital medication, and I am needing it now urgently.

It’s been two days. We are calling HKA’s manila office round the clock being told to call back each time, never once did they call back.

UPDATE – In total frustration, I appeared in person at the HKA agent’s office at Manila Airport. It was curious how, faced with an angry and embarassing passenger, he was able to find that the bag had actually arrived there on the 9th – two days ago. Yet when I called by phone, I was continually told there was no record of any progress.

I went down to the reclaim point in arrivals to be told by a rather unwilling attendant that this information was not correct, and that he had no record of the bag arriving from HK. I called back to HKEA agent and this time he gave me the KLM reference number for my lost bag, confirming that they indeed shipped it in two days ago.

Then the KLM representative who happened to be meeting KL803 from Amsterdam, when pressed by me insisting, accompanied me to the reclaim office, and somehow magically, the same official who a few minutes earlier, swore blind my bag had not arrived, admitted that the bag was, in fact, sitting in his lock-up. When I spoke to him in local dialect, he double took, previously assuming I was a tourist who would be gone in a few days, and not a resident who knew the way things are at the airport.

If I hadn’t shown up and got inside the airport building, I am quite sure that I would not have found anything out about the bag. As it was they still will not release the bag. Customs refuse to work weekends as they are not paid overtime. I will have to go back tomorrow. Not for nothing has Manila Airport been voted the worst airport in the world. Medical conditions matter nothing to the chronically corrupt.

SUGGESTION – If KLM had emailed me notifying me that my bag had been shipped from Hong Kong two days ago, the attempts by the various offices at manila to deny the fact in the hope I would give up, could not happen. KLM and their subcontracted Hong Kong Express Airways should change their procedures so passengers are not left at the mercy of Manila Airport, which could be described as a right den. Email or notify all passengers once their missing bags are delivered to their destination airport – OK?

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