New Movie ‘Contagion – Big Government Fights Bloggers!

UPDATE Julia writes

The film was made by Warner Brothers. The Wikipedia page on them is interesting including this: “As the studio prospered, it gained backing from Wall Street, and in 1924 Goldman Sachs arranged a major loan. Oh not them again! It also says they were starting to make films by the time of WW1. That sounds like handy timing to me.

Just found out the release date of Contagion in the US. 9/9/11.

How sick is this?

Julia’s original post – I have just sat through the movie Contagion. It is a disaster movie about a worldwide flu epidemic! Knowing what I know, it is very obviously a government propaganda show that cost $60 million to make, thinly disguised as fiction with famous actors.

It is preparing the way for a real flu epidemic. There are some very clear messages in the film: … The blogger who exposes the truth (this could be modelled on you Tap) turns out to be a liar and a crook who makes $4million, whilst he was accusing those nice pharmaceutical people of doing the same! The 12 million gullible idiots who follow him and trust him donate for his bail money (starting to sound like Julian Assange). The message is Don’t Trust The Blogger. Trust the Government and the Pharmaceutical companies. … The virus originally came from a bat, then to a pig, then a human. Lots of government officials and WHO experts work really hard to work out the single source, risking their lives. The message is Flu Epidemics Come From Animals. … The vaccine is released untested and people are saved. The message is Its OK not to test the vaccine and break all the normal safety rules because we are saving lives.

Vaccines are good. … The blogger was recommending a natural plant cure. This turned out to be false and a hook for making a profit. The message is Natural Remedies are a waste of time and you are being ripped off. Unfortunately lots of people will watch this and get all these messages implanted subliminally in their brains. You and other bloggers are being framed.

TAP. At last the recognition we’ve craved all along!!! When I worked in politics, I always said you judge your impact by how severely your opponents react. By that measure, we’re doing an excellent job warning people of the dangers of vaccines. They’re spending tens of millions trying to reverse the tide of people who realise vaccines are being used to reduce population, just as Bill Gates tells us they are!

It’s like advertising. The more they spend on advertising, the more sure you can be that you should never buy the product. If it was any good, people would be telling each other.

Switch off your TV, Julia. No, seriously. That’s a good post. Thanks – your second isn’t it? Keep ’em coming! It’s interesting how they’ve gone from depicting bloggers as irrelevant social inadequates, to portraying us as the baddie in the pantomime, equipped with evil schemes designed to harm humanity.

You know something? I think we’re getting to them!

Here’s another movie worth watching – Ron Paul’s one minute –

Ron paul doesn’t mind us bloggers. That’s because he agrees with us.

What scare story are the narrative-writers going for next? Fear of earthquakes? wars? financial crashes? NO! The movie ‘Contagion’ demonstrates that the greatest threat to the world is none of these. It is now unquestionably people like us who write The Tap – bloggers. You know, pasty-faced spotty social inadequates, who eat atrociously, and never sleep, tapping away on a keyboard in the cellar of their mother’s house til 4 am, viewing the world from behind the thickest lenses opticians can find.

They’re updating their views. We’ve gone from the inadequate and the incapable, to the capable but selfish and evil. It’s progress of a kind. Here’s the first of 13 clips on youtube if you can bear it!

The Tap Blog is a collective of like-minded researchers and writers who’ve joined forces to distribute information and voice opinions avoided by the world’s media.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I do not contribute to the Jewish movie industry. However, all I can say is Wow to this Contagion movie! From this review,it is exactly brainwashing the ignorant public to believe in the government and what they are telling you to do. How frightning. This actually makes me sick to think dear Hollywood that is in tune with the NWO will make money off of this movie.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It’s the same old shit, just a different day! It used to be Osama Bin Elvis making videos in caves. Now it’s the humble blogger writing posts in his cellar,….

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Now that we are under fire, we have to do more of what we have been doing.
    This is the only way, and after you have finished blogging, give one to one tuition to your friends.
    And when they ask you again a week or two later to clarify what you said, you know its sunk in.

  4. Woodsy42 says:

    Hollywood owed them one in return for all the copyright censorship eing enacted across the web.

  5. Gordon Logan says:

    This is Dr Mercola on the proven uselessness of flu vaccines:

    Then of course there is their toxicity. It’s a great way of discretely poisoning millions of people.

  6. Scotty says:

    ‘In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’

    George Orwell

  7. Scotty says:

    I haven’t seen this ‘movie’, don’t suppose I ever will. But, as Tap said, if the powers that be are against www bloggers & researchers, then we must all be doing something right – to get them in to a fluster and target us as a new enemy.

    I wonder how many will fall for this and other deceptions. Many of the younger so called ‘internet savy’ generation will probably be laughing at it; as will, I suspect, many new immigrants to the UK and their families from the Muslim world and Africa, who have always known that they have been lied to – and that, throughout modern history, they have used and abused by these powers.

    The ‘true believers’ will be the so very compliant British middle classes and any aspirational individuals from ‘beneath’ in the social strata; those who learn by rote and suppress any original thoughts and ideas they may have, that might just lead them away from the path on which the pied piper is leading them.

    You know who I mean – those types who desperatly want to be just like the people on the adverts. They are like those poor souls in Plato’s allegory of the cave, who only know of reality what is shown to them by those who control their world, shadows of what truly is.

    Society has always needed free thinkers, those not scared to speak the truth. Fledgling Orwell’s, step forward please.

    What’s that old film, staring Kirk Douglas, where they all stand up, in turn and to save each other, and say “I am Orwell! I am Owell! I am Orwell..!”

  8. Tapestry says:

    I informed Julia this was lifted onto (as are many tap posts) getting a thousand more hits and comments.

    She replied –


    By the way, I don’t have a telly. I only watched it because my daughter gave it to me! She is not impressed with my opinion of it though.

  9. wasp says:

    Political Spin to be successussful relies on gulability
    Many of the very well educated middle classes,also tend to be the easiest to manipulate with media lies, who don’t want to think outside the box. I know this from first hand experience.
    I have never fallen into this particular sphere of influence. I am not sure exactly why I became a ‘Free Thinker’ it’s far easier not to be one, but it was probably when reading about the way the so called upper classes have exploited those who they consider beneath them & expendable for the sake of making a profit, ‘Corporate Financial Gain’ being their ultimate ‘GOD’. Then when reading about the war to end all wars viz WWl but followed by WWll, due to the fact it was planned to happen, as a consequence of the Reparation Scheme Negotiated by The Bankers on behalf of the Allies.

    I did a lot of reading, at first the official stuff which didn’t answer the questions I was asking, so at some stage I started reading Alternative History Sources. At the same time I also started learning about The Occult, at some stage then the whole thing clicked into place, & I realised there was a sub level of influence that appeared to control Governments & World Leaders, that controlled the way Countries interacted, & the whole thing appeared to be played out as a Political Game with a view to Corporate Gain, when the same groups always benefit regardless of outcome. It was only with the availability of internet sources that more of the jig saw could be put into place, at different stages TPTB started pumping out more of their rubbish which just didn’t make any sense. I immediately disagreed with the EU, & everything related to it, as well as the lie relating to ‘Global Warming’, I considered this to be a form of Vatican Control, & I don’t think I am wrong regarding this either. Its just another way of obtaining ‘Peters Pence’ if you think about it.

    I was further convinced it was aload of Bollocks after I read one of Feynmans many Books, who sites pseudo sciences like ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ as ‘CARGO CULT SCIENCE’ It has never been openly debated, there are far more Scientists who disagree with Gore’s Theories (that have made him a multimillionaire) than the Media wish to let people know about. I have looked into many mopre aspects of the way people are manipulated through the Monetry System, Entertainments & Advertising Industries, including the use of Subliminal Messages, brain & Mind Control Programmes.

    I am of the opinion that the stereotype they give of bloggers or those who comment on these sites is wishful thinking, most will be above average intelligence, fairly well educated, more than capable of finding their way around the internet & have a good grasp of the subjests they are interested in. Existing on a substandard diet, not sleeping , wearing pebble glasses, & form of residence – a complete load of TOSH.

    The earliest instance of Political Spin I could find that has had the greatest influence on the world lasting even to our present time, was conducted by the Vatican, Pope Urban who was a great orator in 1095, was intrumental in proposing a Holy War be mounbted against the Muslims under the Banner of The Catholic Church viz. The Crusades. This leads us on to The Templar’, This has great relevence to the powers that now are trying to accelerate us into a One Wold Government. It is one of the first instances where the Vatican is the controlling influence, way before the Rothschilds were around.The Jews & the Muslims were the ones on the Receiving end even in those days.

    REGARDS ……….. WASP

  10. coz says:

    Sounds like a remake of ‘Toxic Skies’ with Ann Heche.

    It was a lotta fun! but bloggers are not thuh ENEMY in that film.

    The rest of your post I basically agree with, Tap.

  11. Julia says:

    Just found out the release date of Contagion in the US. 9/9/11. How sick is this.

  12. Julia says:

    The film was made by Warner Brothers. The Wikipedia page on them is interesting including this: “As the studio prospered, it gained backing from Wall Street, and in 1924 Goldman Sachs arranged a major loan. ” Oh them again! It also says they were starting to make films by the time of WW1. That sounds like handy timing to me.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone else notice that towards the end of the movie when the man finds his wife’s camera, there was a picture on the nightstand and all you could read was “peace.” Found this to be more than a coincidence but rather those in power telling the people to ‘sit down, shut up, and do what we tell you.’

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