High Winds Strand Thousands (Including Me!)

I set off this morning to fly overseas from the Midlands. The flight was delayed an hour by high winds at Schiphol. That made me miss the connecting flight to the Philippines. I’m now delayed again as the next flight has technical problems, but I should arrive in Hong Kong tomorrow evening if it flies as it is now scheduled. I will finally arrive at my destination, where Shane awaits me, tomorrow night, about twelve hours late. A twenty hour journey has expanded to thirty two or so, assuming the connection works. I don’t want to imagine how long it will take if the next connection is missed as well. Blogging in these circumstances will inevitably be ‘light’.

Gary Speed traffic is still coming in at five thousand a day, after sending Tap Blog to new records this last two weeks. About 20% of the traffic is clicking onto other stories which isn’t bad. Maybe the Blog’s visitor numbers will get a longer term lift from having 250,000 new visitors in ten days.

The Gary Speed thread itself has gone quiet now the information coming in seems to suggest earlier paedophile abuse as a likely component of Gary’s tragic death. The question is, was Gary going to write about this in his autobiography, which he claims in his website was imminent? His co-writer seems to be backing off in the light of events. Most people can’t quite believe such a successful person with everything to live for, would commit suicide. I think they’re right. But most people don’t want to think about how young footballers are frequently exploited by perverts who get into positions of trust inside football clubs. Parents should be on the lookout.

UPDATE – Flight connection missed in Hong Kong! Arrived at 2 am after leaving UK house at 6 AM two days earlier. I make that 36 hours travelling time. It’s wet season here. Cool enough but rain fairly sloshing down. Baby due within a month or so. Lots of things needed. Household well staffed, so not needing me to do the night shift! That’s one reason we’re here, I guess.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Whilst you were in the air, did you notice any chemtrails.
    Had a County Councillor call to see me about my query concerning chemtrails, I gave him photographs and utube video’s.
    He sent a message to say they were contrails. What hope have we.

  2. Tony_opmoc says:


    Whilst I like some of the stuff posted on your blog, and you are right, when I did a search on Gary Speed your blog came up in the first few results. I personally have no evidence about Gary Speed…

    But I thought you might like this post which I first wrote on Alternet earlier tonight.

    I found your interest in Dominicans/Jews/Franciscans et al interesting but I didn’t learn anything new.

    I am not sure if this will fit

    The biggest disease and most dangerous that we are being inflicted with is PROPAGANDA. The brain disease is endemic in our Western Society, and it is coming from all directions and all political viewpoints. The brain disease is destroying us.

    Today, my wife and I visited our daughter in a Beautiful Old Traditional Cathedral Town. She is in her final year, and seemed a bit ashamed of the house she is sharing with her housemates. Last year she shared with mainly Girls. This year she is sharing mainly with Boys. Personally, thought the house would have improved, and the boys would have improved the place. But I understand what is like being a Student. Most of them have never left Mum before…

    Anyway, we had a nice day around the town. We had a coffee in a coffee house. We had a drink and a meal in a Pub built in 1363 very close to the Cathedral…

    And so to end our visit, we took our daughter to a Supermarket half a mile out of town in our car….

    As we were leaving, I went to the toilet in the Superstore.

    In front of me was a boy about 9 years old with his Mum.

    His Mum saw me as he was entering The Gents.

    She shouted at him, I would rather that you go in the Disabled One.

    She might as well as shouted at me. “You Look like a Pervert, and My Son is Not Going Into a Toilet With You….”

    My Beautiful Wife following close behind went into The Ladies.

    I Didn’t React or Say Anything To Anyone.

    Maybe I should cut my hair and wear a pretty dress.

    I did however find it incredibly offensive, but it is not her fault.

    She has been programmed to believe that all men want to rape her son.

    Its a brain disease.

    I however, felt proud of my daughter by

    a) Not Being a Fascist and insisting the 18 Year Old Boys Clean Up Their Mess
    b) Not Acting as Their Mum and cleaning it up for them

    The Boys helped bring in the shopping from the car.

    Tonight She said she is supposed to be going out to an end of Term University do Dressed as an Elf – but she said she had nothing to wear.

    Both my wife and I immediately said just go as you are.

    No one will notice the difference.

    She is just like her Mum

    She is a Heart of Gold and She is Completely Beautiful.

    She Expresses Herself and Makes Friends Just Being The Person She is

    We will be collecting her from her University Town at around 22:15 on Christmas Eve, when she has finished her Shift working in a Local Supermarket.

    If You Want It, You Have Got to Work For It.

    Nothing Comes For Free

    But Us Working Class Will Turn Our World Back To Sanity

    She Will Be Home For Christmas Day


  3. Tony_Opmoc says:


    I wish you the best with what I guess is your wish to bring your Girlfriend/Wife home to the UK, or alternatively spend Christmas with her in The Philipines (sorry I haven’t read all the detail – but I understand intelligent people who travel around the World to find the best there is)

    I can only try and do my best

    I don’t know how or where to write this, but I Think All Us Human Beings are under attack. And It is not a national thing, it is an International thing. And we are all coming under attack.

    I don’t know where it is coming from, but I think I am slowly understanding the Reasons why We are under such Massive Attack.

    I think we should all take a step back and try and work this thing out.

    Because in my experience, nearly everyone I meet is Really Nice.

    I accept that about 4% of the Population are Complete Psychopaths…

    But that leave the 96% of us who are Really Nice To Each Other…

    So what exactly are we going to do about this, except Question Ourselves…

    Have we Really Expressed Ourselves Today in the Best Way we Could, just to try and show the World how much we innocently love each other and care about the future of our village our town our country and our planet

    Surely we need to start this at the most basic local level

    So how do we start?

    Well tomorrow we can go out and smile and talk to our neighbours.

    Say Hi??

    People Respond to a Smile and an Invitation to Talk.

    It might not get you anywhere, but alternatively you may be completely surprised and maybe meet the bass player in the band



  4. Tony_Opmoc says:

    I don’t share my toilet with people like that at Glastonbury. I only went to Glastonbury in the first place in 1985 cos The Thatcher Troops had shut down the mines and Stonehenge…

    Nah I go to the same places that Micheal Eavis goes to where it costs next to nothing to get in (or is completely free)…

    And there are no Fascists going round telling you not to try and “tip a cow”

    In my experience and understanding a cow is completely capable of looking after herself. Not that I have ever have, I am not like that.

    I couldn’t even suck any breast milk out of my wife. It wasn’t mine. It was our Babies. Didn’t stop me trying of course, but I had lost the skills.

    I couldn’t steal from my baby.

    I did however bottle feed him,with his mother’s milk when his mum was working for a bank in the city, and I was on late shift.

    When our second baby was born, I suggested to her this was silly.

    So she got the bank to fire her by being a stupid cow (with full redundancy payment and final salary inflation linked indexed pension)

    Not that she has received it yet, but I reckon we won’t make any more babies together yet (though we keep trying)


  5. Tony_Opmoc says:

    My wife and son have already passed the intelligence tests offerred to people who want to apply for jobs in MI5.

    Maybe they want to improve the intelligence of the stupid ficks who currently work there.

    But my wife is now pouring it on thick to our daughter who will probably would be perfectly qualified.

    She is just like her Mum and that Russian spy? They can all find out absolutely everything about anyone. They don’t need to use Torture. They just make friends with you in such a way that you fall in love with them and they tell you absolutely everything.

    I personally, didn’t take the inteliigence or the aptitude test and I did not go to the interview.

    And I am not working for them, nor ever considered working for such a bunch of stupid cnuts.

    Intelligence? FFS


  6. Tony_Opmoc says:

    And whilst I was trained to be a Roman Catholic priest, and my nephew is currently doing this in one of your ancient Francisican/Benedectine/God ala lal /Jewish/Protestant/Religious load of bollocks

    at one of the Oldest Most Historical Places at Oxford University…

    I have been to one of their do lal lah ceremonies and piss ups afterwards…

    Whist iit is completely possible that none of these boys have actually made love with a completely beautiful sexy woman and tried so hard to make a baby with her…

    I didn’t get the impression that any of them were evil…

    Nor even that they were “Gay” Boys

    Some People Like Your Guru on a Mountain in India Find Their God By Prayer and Meditation and Then They Leave The Monastery or whater it is and Do The ORIGINAL Works and Ideas of Jesus Christ All Over The World With Humility and Love.

    They ain’t trying to kill anyone or rape anyone, they are just trying to give.

    You cannot know this unless you meet such people

    When you do, you can tell.

    If God exists, then these guys have it in their soul.

    Most people think I am an atheist, and maybe I am. But I recognise Goodness when I meet and I see it.

    I personally gave up The Catholic Religion when I was 15 because I wanted to make love to my Girlfriend and The Priest Said I Would Go To Hell

    I Left him wanking in the confessional, when I told him the details of how I did (I made it up of course – I was much to shy. I just told him my very graphic fantasies)


  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Looks like you cannot escape Operation Mock, day or night.

  8. Tim says:

    Hi Tap,

    Here is something that your readers from USA will be interested to read.

    It is about NDAA Section 1031.
    Congress plans to let Mr Obama to sign by December 9 2011.


    Thank You.

  9. Basking Shark says:

    I have done a fair bit of my own research into pedophilia and child abuse over the years, and have been in court in child abuse cases. The general consensus is that about 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys are sexually abused by the age of 16. This is nearly always by someone they know, not a stranger as propaganda would have us believe.
    It is quite common for abuse victims to be very successful… This keeps them busy so they can blot out their memories. They often have low self esteem underneath the success. It is far more rife than most people think, but extremely hidden. It is a very private crime and extremely difficult to bring to justice. I also have had a very strong feeling that there is a power from the top of the hierarchy which condones abuse – I used to put this down to the patriarchal society and a hangover from the days when men legally owned their women and children (less than 50 years ago I think), but now I am starting to think it might be part of the global elite plan as The Tap suggested in a previous blog.

  10. Tapestry says:

    Flight connection missed in Hong Kong! Arrived at 2 am after leaving UK house at 6 AM two days earlier. I make that 36 hours travelling time. It’s wet season here. Cool enough but rain fairly sloshing down. Baby due within a month or so. Lots of things needed. Household well staffed, so not needing me to do the night shift!

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