The Cloud Will Kill The Free Internet


‘Despite the corporate-driven hubbub surrounding the inevitability of “the cloud” replacing personal hard drives as the pre-eminent storage center for all web content, this system represents another dangerous trojan horse for the establishment to complete their agenda to regulate and shut down the free Internet.

Apple, Google and Amazon amongst other tech giants have all jumped on board with “the cloud,” a remote server network that allows users to store their data without using hard drives.

“It’s all part of a generational trend away from owning physical media content and towards renting media content from the computing universal cloud,” reports

However, despite the convenience of having all your files easily accessible in one place wherever you go, the drawbacks are ominous.

The Cloud is basically a YouTube for everything, and the problem with this is that You Tube routinely blocks, censors and deletes content when ordered to by governments. As we reported back in May, YouTube is now following orders from governments to remove videos that show protests, demonstrations and other sensitive information the state doesn’t want others to see’

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Including – “It’s not like putting your data in a desk drawer,” Chris Calabrese of the American Civil Liberties Union told the Washington Post. “Although the government needs a judge’s order to seize a hard drive, a subpoena is often enough authority to obtain cloud data.”

Security is also virtually non-existent on Amazon’s cloud. Amazon writes that “We do not guarantee that Your Files will not be subject to misappropriation, loss or damage and we will not be liable if they are. You’re responsible for maintaining appropriate security, protection and backup of Your Files.”

So if a hacker or Amazon itself deletes your files – tough luck – there’s no recourse.

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  1. wasp says:

    Beware of Google
    There is a lot of information on Warren Mars’ site.
    Multiple convergent devices are an inescapable reality in modern life.

    How do you synchronize all your files so that:

    You can try maintaining multiple versions of your data and institute a rigorous regime of synchronization, but really, that’s got knobs on it.

    The only realistic way to manage the problem is with a single centralized copy of the stuff that is accessible at all times, from all locations. And where is that central location?

    Well, it’s a no brainer: on some internet server, or, as Google like to put it: “on the Cloud”.

    Cloud computing is such a cogent solution to such a pressing problem that everyone is moving their data there. And not only their data. Since the data is online, it makes sense that the applications should be browser based. Link:-

    Google wish to control every piece of software in the world AND all the storage, and through this, to have access to ALL THE INFORMATION IN THE WORLD! …..


  2. wasp says:

    I forgot to include this one in the Links so here it is as an addon.

    Google, your files and the CIA …


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