Christmas Tweet From Eurosceptic Conservative MP

Heaton Harris (to right) poses during summer with the former leader of the Maastricht rebels, IDS. IDS failed to rebel last month. As a member of the cabinet, he would have had to resign first. But it became known ‘around town’ that he and other cabinet members would resign in any future substantive vote over Britain bailing out the eurozone. That forced Cameron’s hand in the recent negotiations over in Brussels.



I’m not laughing, honest! 😉 What’s the difference between Nic Clegg & Father Christmas? Some people still believe in Father Christmas!

tweeeted by chris heaton harris, a leading member of the 81 tory rebels in last month’s referendum vote, former east midlands mep and member of the Europarl eurosceptic H Block – Helmer, Hannan, Heaton Harris.

Nice tweet, Chris.

Clegg can’t believe he’s been bowled middle stump, now hiding in the pavilion. He thought he had a boycott over scepticism, but your team found the gap between pad and bat. Great play!

Clegg breaks under stress. Can he raise his game, and start scoring once more?
(pavilion in background)

Clegg: ‘That’s the kind of crease I prefer’

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