Cameron Turning Eurosceptic. What’s His Game?

With 80% of Conservative hearts beating for UKIP, Cameron’s got a sizeable problem. After approaching two years of coalition, the question is becoming not how will he hold the coalition together, but how will he hold his own party together?

With his parliamentary party getting close to open rebellion, Cameron had to move. It was an open secret that next time we were asked to fund the eurozone, there would be front bench resignations, and Cameron’s position would be come untenable. Names were being mentioned by well known friends of the resignation candidates.

The turning away from the eurozone was inevitable if TPTB wanted to keep Cameron in place. He has faithfully supported all their wars, and has acted the perfect patsy over Libya, Syria and Iran. The world’s militarists would surely miss their UK placeman were he to fall from power, and be replaced by left wing idealists.

The only way to hold the Conservative Party together was to offer them another pathway, and the dropping of the pressure to bail out the Euro, was the only card in the pack which would stand a chance of rescuing Cameron and his regime.

The electoral calculations must include the loss of many of the Lib Dems from acting as willing coalition partners,and that must mean UKIP will be heavily targeted now they’re showing 8% in polls and looking set for 10% within a year – up from 3% less than two years ago.

It all sounds great, until you stop and think. Will Sterling really be offered a life boat by the bankers? Our debts are piling up by the minute, government, assumed bank debts and endless future commitments. As is often pointed out we are no better than the PIIGS. At some point the bankers will come knocking on our interest rate door, making demands.

If we’re not, at the last minute, destined to be sucked into the dreaded and doomed Euro, where are we going to be going? The answer will be into the worldwide single currency, after an attack on Sterling at a later stage in the one world currency gameplan. That plan must be first to secure the Conservatives and Cameron a place outside the eurozone, and move onto bagging Britain into economic servitude later.

If the trend to UKIP isn’t stopped, the next place Cameron will have to head for, will be fiscal responsibility, and delivering something approximating to good government across the spectrum.

He could have been forced to save Britain from the Euro, but still fall to rebellion by his own MPs, or voters already determined that they will never support the Conservatives again. Cameron has a long way to run to convince his party’s lost voters he is serious about anything other than saving his own political skin.

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2 Responses to “Cameron Turning Eurosceptic. What’s His Game?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Thing I cannot understand about about UKIP is how did it come about, that election application forms have to be checked over by the Red’s, before it is allowed.
    I know this because I was once in that party.

  2. Tapestry says:

    TPTB penetrate and control all political parties, ensuring only the people they want getto the top.

    That said, occasionally one slips through the net, Margaret Thatcher being a case in point. Farage was used to keep the Conservative Party in check when Blair was being kept in power. Now the elites like to keep cameron in place doing their bidding, they will find ways to stop UKIP getting too big if they can.

    As a second line of defence they will fill the party with placemen. Watch out for recent high profile recruits.

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