Cameron Bats For Money.

Picture borrowed from Politicians are placed into power to act on behalf of their backers. Bankers want war and debt, and the collapse of nations, today just as they did throughout history. Money is the most powerful force in human events. That’s why it is brutally attacked and defended.

Cameron’s rebellion against the EU, is all about who’s running – not Britain, but who’s running the City Of London. The weight of British popular opinion is of no significance in this battle of the titans. This is about who controls the world’s money. Money backed Cameron into power. Money demands he signs Britain into various wars. And now money demands he defends financial interests from bureaucratic control from Brussels.

The happy coincidence of a Conservative backbench rebellion forcing his hand over the issues in question, could be seen as part of the same sum. Where financial interests are concerned, that is the point at which the growth of EU power is checked. The bankers are very happy for country after country to be sent to oblivion in an ocean of unpayable debt, and they backed the growth of the EU all the way – until now.

But bankers have used the endless bailouts to get cashed out, and get ready for the buyback. So what do they do? They do what they always do – when they’re ready they stop bailing and pull the plug, so the boat sinks. Everyone else drowns but not themselves. They’re around with full wallets to buy everything for rock bottom prices. They allowed the EU to believe they would be supported all the way politically, and bailed out with yet more trillions to maintain their empire of impossible debt, and impossible economics. Then at the last minute, they pull.

Clegg can’t believe he’s been had. Neither can Sarkozy. As for Merkel, she probably knew the plan from the beginning. As Hitler’s daughter, she knows the pattern. Bankers fund the growth phase, then destroy all at the end. It’s the age old game, which the bankers win, not the politicians, or the people. Cameron, like Churchill, is the bankers’ man, and Merkel, like her father before her, is also their agent. Bankers can only control us all if they destroy our nations. Germany and Britain are as much the victims as any others, as the elites strive to bring forward world government – government by and on behalf of – money.

Open Europe –

At the latest EU summit, David Cameron used the veto on Franco-German proposals for an EU treaty change aimed at strengthening surveillance over national budgets of eurozone countries. EU leaders refused to include in the treaty a number of safeguards for the single market and financial services proposed by the UK.

The UK’s demands were not only designed to shield the City from regulation – one major demand would have allowed the UK to impose tougher capital requirements on banks than permitted by the EU’s desire for ‘maximum harmonisation’, for example. As a result of Cameron’s veto, EU leaders opted for an inter-governmental agreement outside the EU treaties, which has already raised legal doubts over whether the countries that decide to sign up to the pact will then be allowed to use the EU institutions to enforce it. (Telegraph, 9 December)

Despite numerous media reports of Cameron being isolated in a 26 versus one scenario, it is far from certain that all other EU member states will join the new pact. In fact, the agreement is creating divisions within parliaments and governments in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland and others.

Furthermore, Ireland will make a decision on whether the new euro pact needs to be put to a referendum only when all the details of the deal are finalised, while François Hollande, the Socialist leader who is ahead in the opinion polls for next year’s French presidential elections, said that he would renegotiate the agreement if he were to be elected. (Irish Times Spectator’s Coffee House blog: Mats Persson, 14 December)

The chaos begins here.

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5 Responses to “Cameron Bats For Money.”

  1. Scotty says:

    How can this money-power be broken? It’s as good as impossible, with our politicians loyal to the corporate banking cabal and not to us.

    The global web of central banking power will have to be broken.

    Governments could (1) begin to create and issue money directly, from a specific deadline date, spending it directly in to the economy – governments also defaulting on their national debts at the same time. This debt-money was created out of nothing by the banking cabal anyway.

    (2) All assets held offshore and money in Swiss numbered bank accounts would have to be repatriated – we should know who owns all money & assets, how much there actually is, and it should all be taxed (heavily).

    If governments were to set a specific date for these changes (one month in advance – don’t give them time to respond) all money outside of nation states could be made illegal and worthless overnight, the deal being that owners repatriate money and assets or lose the lot, as from the date of change, old currencies (Sterling?, Euro?) no longer exist.

    Banks would still have a role, lending money in a competative, regulated market. They also lose the right to create money, so they only lend what they have, nothing more.

    If something like this were to happen, it really could lead to war. This cabal have spent the last two centuries working towards complete ownership of everything and total governance (totalitarianism) and the prize is now in sight – we are in the end-game! They will end up with either everything or nothing – and that’s worth fighting for.

    Governments are the only hope we have of breaking their hold over us, which is effective ownership of us. If governments acted in our interests and not the bankers interests, this might be possible.

    I don’t have all the answers, I’m just getting a few ideas out there…

  2. Anonymous says:


    In my humble opinion, prime ministers with our economy are simply just like, “a wide eyed child” given the driving seat & large round steering wheel of a big red bus, BUT time is too short for them to even have “a clue what to do”!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nassim Taleb Speaks to a Clueless Congress (Part 1 of 2)

    Your thoughts?

  3. Scotty says:

    All crashes are made to look like errors, the results of incompetence, truth is it’s all planned.

    They created the Fed in 1913, by 1929 they’d deliberately crashed the US economy.

    It’s no accident they now own and run nations; Greece, Italy, Ireland.

    I believe Nassim Taleb is being used, to highlight the end of capitalist economies – so that they can crash us in to global socialism, everything owned by them, administered by them. Look out for the term ‘global governance’ (as opposed to government)

    The sham of democracy is ending, our civil rights have been taken away.

    This plan is well documented.

    H G Wells The New World Order (not read yet)
    Eustace Mullins The World Order (half way through)
    William Guy Carr Pawns In The Game (partly read)
    Webb SOVIET COMMUNISM: A NEW CIVILISATION?’ (haven’t read yet)

    Some of these books are available as free PDF’s if you search for them.

  4. wasp says:

    Here is a nice Annotated European Bank Run Guide,Showing you how Goldman’s are Going to Shaft You, or so they Think! They too could end up in the Dock, as Max Keiser says
    “What They Do Is Legalised Fraud”.


    “Nervous investors around the globe are accelerating their exit from the debt of European governments and banks, increasing the risk of a credit squeeze that could set off a downward spiral. Financial institutions are dumping their vast holdings of European government debt and spurning new bond issues by countries like Spain and Italy. And many have decided not to renew short-term loans to European banks, which are needed to finance day-to-day operations. ” So begins an article not in some hyperventilating fringe blog, but a cover article in the venerable New York Times titled “Europe Fears a Credit Squeeze as Investors Sell Bond Holdings.”…………

    The flight from European sovereign debt and banks has spanned the globe. European institutions like the Royal Bank of Scotland and pension funds in the Netherlands have been heavy sellers in recent days. And earlier this month, Kokusai Asset Management in Japan unloaded nearly $1 billion in Italian debt.

    At the same time, American institutions are pulling back on loans to even the sturdiest banks in Europe. When a $300 million certificate of deposit held by Vanguard’s $114 billion Prime Money Market Fund from Rabobank in the Netherlands came due on Nov. 9, Vanguard decided to let the loan expire and move the money out of Europe. Rabobank enjoys a AAA-credit rating and is considered one of the strongest banks in the world………………

    ……Ah, but there is one major difference: last time around, the banks were not all in on the wrong side of the world’s worst poker hand (as described by Kyle Bass earlier). Now they are. And should Europe’s banks begin a domino-like spiral of collapse, there will be nobody to bail out first Europe, then Japan, then China, then the US and finally the world.

    But lest someone suggest this is merely the deranged ramblings of yet another blogger, here is Goldman Sachs with a far more cool, calm and collected explanation for why we should all panic (which comes at the sublime moment: just as Goldman takes over all the key political locus points of the European continent: more on that in the conclusion…)

    …..To summarize: everyone is dumping European paper, except for the ECB and Italian banks, which have no choice and instead have to double down and buy more. In the meantime, the market is going increasingly bidless as liquidity evaporates, confidence has disappeared and virtually everyone now expects a repeat of Lehman brothers. Of course, this means that when the bottom finally out from the market, the implosion of the Italian banking system, and thus economy, will be instantaneous. And when Italy goes, so goes its $2 trillion+ in sovereign debt……….

    ………Incidentally, is it really that surprising that Goldman is now doing its best to precipitate a bank run of Europe’s major financial institutions by “suddenly” exposing the truth that was there all along? During the great financial crisis of 2008, the one biggest winner from the collapse of Bear and Lehman was none other than the squid. This time around, Goldman has set its sights on Europe ……



  5. Tapestry says:

    They will use a financial collapse to accelerate takeover of political power. More Trilateral Commission appointments to run what’s left of the various nations.

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