Bill Allows Military To Arrest, Permanently Detain, Torture And Kill American Citizens.

Hi Tap,

This video is well worth a watch imo.

I came across it yesterday, 30th Nov. on David Icke’s headlines. Its heading is ‘Bill allows Military to Arrest, Permanently
Detain, Kill American Citizens’ RT interviews Alex Jones about it!

According to Alex Jones, TPTB have tried this out using
actors on the streets in the US and London to gauge the reaction of the people. Poor Alex Jones is looking more stressed
than ever. Particularly during the bits when he isn’t talking.

I’ve been interested and fascinated by recent posts on your site about Hitler/Churchill/Rothschilds/Illuminati. I personally
think AMerkel bears a distinct likeness to AHitler
. The eyes as you say are definitely very similar. As is her overall face shape, I
think. I know the technology is out there to do a scientific comparison. How to access it is the problem though. (TAP – On similar theme, see who was the real father of Stalin.)



Is this the one?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This could be propaganda.

    Someone took the effort to write it though and it’s the sort of thing that might be true.

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