Benjamin Fulford Kidnapped By the CIA

UPDATE – Fulford found alive and kicking.

Canadian Benjamin Fulford has done much for peoples’ understanding of what is going on in the world. The former financial journalist decided to go freelance when he stumbled across evil goings on, resulting in the death of one of his colleagues. Living in Japan under the protection of secret societies, Fulford has talked more than once of attempts being made on his life. He exposed the HAARP earthquake ‘machine’ being used against Japan and China, and talked of a willingness to hit back against the Illuminati, by the Asian secretive White Dragon Society.

Today in comments someone dropped off this video which states that Ben has been picked up and held incommunicado. His life could well be in danger. Elements within Japan are CIA loyalist, and not all the secretive groups can be trusted. Ben’s a very brave man. Let’s hope he makes it alive and not beaten into submission.

Wasp writes –YEP it does appear that the story is unfortunately correct. Fulford recently received some top secret data regarding new Technologies. Could this have had anything to do with this incident?


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Here are two other heroes of the One World Government resistance movement. Many people are being kidnapped, and removed from society without their families being notified. The Patriot Act in the USA permits the government to arrest people without trial.

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  1. Zheng Yong says:

    Hi Henry,

    Are you angry at me?

    If I sent you irrelevant information, I apologize. I do not what is considered relevant, now after reading this blog, I do. Here is something regarding the Benjamin Fulford arrest.

    Thank You.

  2. wasp says:

    YEP it does appear that the story is unfortunately correct, Fulford recently received some top secret data regarding new Technologies, could this have had anything to do with this incident Link:-

    REGARDS ……….. WASP

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Only Ed Chiarini can know how to save Fulford from a fate worse than death.
    He will know where he is and what he has been upto.
    Let’s hope Ciarini reads this blog, have faith in Jesus.

  4. wasp says:

    Three comments sent in Tap:-

    Bank of England.

    Hitler /Borman.


    Under appropriate headings.


  5. Anonymous says:

    latest “UPDATE” 17-12-2011
    Good source.


    Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe Radio with Sean David Morton – December 15th, 2011

    & see info!!!! at 44.00++ re:-OBAMA


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