Will China Bail Out Europe?

Why the Chinese? Well for a start, they have cash! Unlike the US which is overextended times ten. The pressure being put on the Chinese right now must be massive. NATO invades a new country every few months, and the direction of travel is East. What with Afpak, Iraq, Libya and Iran threatening any day, the Chinese must be evaluating things and seeing that they might become another country on the NATO shopping list.

The Chinese don’t want a war. They are peaceable and isolationist by instinct. Even if they decided to put up some resistance to NATO, they aren’t nearly ready to fight them. Or at least that’s what is reported.

Much better to try appeasement, and hope the crocs go and eat someone else. That might involve tranferring all China’s cash to bail out the EU, or, at least playing a part in the daily Euro theatre, being used by Wall St to clean out the hedge funds. They issue news stories each day calculated to send prices of currencies yoyoing in each direction on a more or less controlled basis. By having the news media buttoned up, they can know the market’s direction in advance. Now that must be very profitable. Why save the Euro, when you can use Greece’s discomfort to manoeuvre world markets to order each day.

The crash will come, of course, but it can be played like a fish to empty the pockets of all the financial institutions in the world first. After the end comes, the Euro will be bailed out in a day, but only on condition it is replaced with the one world currency, while the world is subjugated by a one world army.

LONDON. With so much power ranged against them, the 81 Conservative rebels might think hard before attempting to dismantle the One World Government’s power structure in Britain. Cameron is like Blair. The answer’s yes. Only Conservative backbenchers, few in number, can unseat him, and rock the OWG boat. They might, but they’d be advised not have any ringleaders, and move as a pack. The Labour Party is the least of their worries.

I wonder how Gordon’s doing in Beijing. He might have a few ideas to add, if he’s not too bogged down with moving back to the UK.

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